gun away.

“It’s not over yet.”

They’ve come back! My warriors, they’ve come back! Wait, I can’t get carried away.
Still, isn’t it unfair that even the Clamp Boar is standing up again? But I already know how to deal with this, so it’s just a repeat from earlier.
I reach out for a magazine to reload Black Hawk, but my hand grabs emptiness.

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It charged at me on a straight path, but it still startled me.

“Oh, what happened? You aren’t going to use incendiary rounds like earlier?”

Ophelia’s voice from overhead still sounded entertained.
Why is she taunting me like that?

“I’m out of ammo! Uwah!”

As simplistic as the Clamp Boar’s movements are, I can’t allow myself to get hit.
I kept tracking it while I replied to Ophelia.

“Just use magic then.”

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“Do you know how bad I am at offensive magic?!”

She’s laughing! I’m suffering but she’s laughing!
Close one!
I can keep dodging, but I can’t attack back.

It’s somewhat refreshing to see you so desperate.
Going out was a good idea.”

Why is she talking like this doesn’t concern her!

“Do you want to keep trying?”
“Uncle! Uncle! I give up! Please help me!”

I scream, and Ophelia laughs even more happily.

“Okay, okay, your beloved Mistress will rescue you.”

As soon as she says that, lightning blinds my eyes as it strikes the Clamp Boar and tears its body apart.

“Thunder Storm is just a middle level spell, but maybe it was a bit overkill.”

The Clamp Boar got turned to cinders.
I’m speechless.

“Also, Natalia, turn sixty degrees to the right and look up.”

Wondering what she’s seeing, I follow her orders and see the monkey with the crest atop a tree, frozen in ice.
It was the same one I had seen while running away from the Meteor Wolf.

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“That’s a Shaman Ape.
They’re a monster that uses necromancy to control dead bodies.”

So he’s the one constantly resurrecting the other monsters.

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“So if I had just one more bullet I could’ve gotten out.”
“Like I said, the Shaman Ape’s necromancy.
If you kill him, the spell stops too.”

Nooo, I hadn’t noticed! I wasted all my bullets and humiliated myself!

“Don’t worry about it.
You fought well against monsters you saw for the first time.”

Ophelia lands again and tries encouraging me, but I still feel disappointed with myself.

I guess it’s not strange having to fight enemies with unknown abilities in this world.
If I just mindlessly shot everything at first sight, this could’ve gone on forever.
But on top of that I had kept shooting without paying attention to my ammo, looking like a complete novice running out of bullets.
My mistakes would’ve spelled my death if Ophelia hadn’t been here.


I look down in self-deprecation when I feel Ophelia’s hand on my head.

“I like how serious you are about everything, but you’re a bit too serious sometimes.
I told you, this is practice.
Take this as a lesson to learn from and do better.”

She gently strokes my hair, and I feel my remorseful heart slowly loosen up.

“Raise your head, you’re my masterpiece.
Or is it that you don’t trust me?”
“I do.”

I shake my head.
I knew that much.
We have lived together since I came to this world, and I’ve seen how powerful she is, and I know what she expects from me too.
But if I keep performing poorly, I’ll end up betraying her trust.

“Well, let’s return home.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“I’ll teach you how to pour your own mana into Black Hawk tomorrow.”
“You will? Thank you very much.”

My footsteps felt light as we headed back home, the sky starting to take red hues.

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