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There aren’t that many people moving around, but it’s still the most I’ve seen since I arrived in this world.
Elves and demi-humans are around too, stirring my adventurous heart.
I saw a demi-human with a sword accompanied with an elf holding a staff, they’re probably adventurers.

“Natalia, I understand that you’re curious, but try to not wander off.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

We had left the forest and went to the town of Bamel, which was the nearest to us.
Due to its proximity to the Valhen Woods, Bamel has a tall wall surrounding it, but across it lies a fantastical town.

We’re here so Ophelia can register me in the guild as a monster under her supervision.
Monsters that are registered that way get known as Servants, and are treated as the property of whoever is supervising them, which gives us some benefits.
At least as long as we follow our supervisor’s orders, and don’t go around hurting other people indiscriminately.

“This is Bamel’s branch of the adventurer’s guild.”

Ophelia took me to a large three storey building.
As we step inside, I feel countless gazes focused on me.
What’s up with these people? They haven’t seen a maid before? I guess we’re a rare sight.

“Hey, isn’t that the Ebony Witch?”
“It’s been a while since she’s come here.”
“Who do you think is with her? She’s really cute.”

It’s hard walking with so many eyes on me.
But Ophelia did not seem to be bothered at all, heading straight to the reception desk and talking with the clerk there.
They spoke in a very casual manner, I guess they knew each other.

This is all because of me so I lean forward trying to listen to their conversation, but all they talk about are guild regulations and a bunch of jargon, so it just sounds like gibberish to me.

It’s boring listening to a conversation I don’t understand, so I take a look around instead, and spot a bulletin board with requests on a nearby wall.
I guess it’s not really all that far away.

I leave the reception desk and go check out the bulletin board.
There’s post after post there, requesting all sorts of things like certain materials or the hunt of monsters.
One of them wants some herbs that grow in our garden.
Another one looking for a Clamp Boar bone.
Many are like that, pretty much demanding the hunt of a given monster first.

Distracted by the bulletin board, I accidentally bump into the person next to me.
She appears to be around the same age as Olivia.
She’s wearing armor made of thin metal plates, and her petite body gives off a naive aura.

“My apologies.”
“No no, it was my fault for not paying attention.”

I apologize and bow almost instinctively, and she does the same.

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“Umm, are you an adventurer?”

The girl looks me up and down and asks timidly.
I can see why she would hesitate, while I do have some leather armor, there’s still a maid uniform underneath.

“I’m not.
I came here with my Mistress.
I presume you’re starting off as one though?”
“Yes, I guess it’s easy to tell.”

Her armor looks really beaten up, but she herself still looks like a novice, she reminds me a lot of freshmen who barely started school.
She probably bought her equipment second hand.
But saying that would be rather rude, so instead I decide to point out that her armor doesn’t match her size instead.

“Yes, I know.
This is just a leftover from our store.
I actually wanted a new one, but we don’t really have enough money.”

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She said while smiling gingerly.

“Oh sorry, I almost forgot.
I’m Mir.”
“I’m Natalia.”

I also introduce myself and turn back to look at the requests.

“There’s so many requests it’s fun just looking at them.”
“I know.”

My voice sounded indifferent, but I shared the same sentiment.
Just reading their description and imaging it is fun.

“Ah, this request might just be perfect for me.”

The request she picked was one procuring the crest from a Shaman Ape.
That triggers memories from the other day.
Everyone accepts requests individually, so whatever happens to her is unrelated to me.
Not like I have enough experience to give advice to others.
But still…

“Do you happen to know how to use attack magic? If you can’t, you might be better off choosing a different request.”

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I couldn’t allow such a young and inexperienced girl to throw herself into danger.

“Err, have you fought a Shaman Ape before then, Natalia”
“Yes, it was quite a struggle.
Though I don’t think it was the Shaman Ape that gave me the most issues.”
“Hey girls, why don’t you group up with me then?”

Before I get to explain the Shaman Ape’s necromancy, a guy barges between us.
He looked idiotic, quite stupid actually1.

“I can tell you two are just starting out, yeah? Then just rely on someone with experience like the great Rank D Danny from the Soaring Dragon clan, so basically me!”

He probably isn’t necessarily lying, but I can’t see him as a trustworthy person.
His over-familiar attitude is rubbing me the wrong way too.

“Have you fought a Shaman Ape before?”
“I have no clue what that is2! But it sounds like a monkey, right? I’m too awesome to be beat by a monkey.”

At least that means he doesn’t know the Shaman Ape uses necromancy then.

“There weren’t enough monsters where I worked before, so I came here.
The Beastly Forest is the only place where I belong! You really got lucky, girls, you’re witnessing the start of a legend.”

We didn’t say anything, but he started talking about himself anyway.
But I can tell he doesn’t actually want to talk to us.
All his words and his eyes have been directed at my chest.

All my limbs have been carefully built and molded by Ophelia, making them much more charming and pretty than those of girls nearby.
My chest is rather bountiful too, without being sleazy, and it’s easy to tell it’s well formed even through my clothes.
I can understand why people would stare.

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But having an idiot be so obvious about it is creepy.
I wonder if I had stared like this at women in my past life too, I’m afraid of knowing the answer.
Not like it matters anymore.

I’m still a monster, so if possible I want to end things peacefully without making a mess inside the guild.
Mir looks worried too, her eyes rapidly moving between me and Danny.

“Anyway, that’s settled so let’s hurry on.”

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He tries to hold my hand.


But just in time, I hear Ophelia call my name from behind.
I brush away Danny’s hand and turn around.

“Here’s your registration card, be careful not to lose it.”
“Thank you very much, Mistress.”

Ophelia gets closer and affixes a brooch with a red gemstone to the knot of my tie.
Ah, somehow this feels like a newly married wife fixing the husband’s tie.
Not like I know how that feels though.

“Ohh, the mistress of a cute maid always has to be beautiful too.”

You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! Don’t look at my Mistress with those dirty eyes of yours.
Even I know to avert my gaze.

“You’ve already made friends, Natalia?”

Nope, how does someone arrive at that conclusion?!

“I can tell these two are beginners, so I want to be a gentleman and teach them everything I know.”

He still isn’t listening and just blabbering on his own.
It’s really getting to my head.

“No one asked you to do that.
Having my Mistress is enough for me3.”

Did I just say something weird? Why is Mir holding her cheeks while her face gets red?

“Err, umm, okay.
How about we demonstrate that you’re unnecessary then?”
“Huh? What do you mean?”

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Even Ophelia seemed to get slightly red, though I’m not sure, and I don’t really care anymore.Danny crosses his arms in confusion, but then Ophelia says something outrageous.

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“It’s easy.
Just fight against Natalia.
If you win, I’ll let you have her in your party.
But if she wins, you better forget you even saw us.”
“Hahah, that’s funny.
Then how about you join the party too?”
Let those be our stakes.”

Having decided that in an instant, Ophelia and Danny walk out and I hurry to follow them.

“Err, Mistress, are you serious about that?”
I’ve been wanting to let you gain experience fighting other people too, so this is perfect.”
“No way…”

Even if we form a party just once, I doubt that guy will stand down afterwards.
Not to mention that having to carry out a request while feeling his constant gaze is worse than death.
Now Ophelia got dragged into this too, I’m really a failure as a maid.

“It’s fine, you’ve been training more than enough.
If you do your best, I’m sure you’ll win.
I’ll repair you if you get injured, so just go wild.”

I really want to retreat, but Ophelia shows no intention of allowing that.
She’s actually confident I’m going to win.
I guess I’ll have to try if she’s so sure.
No choice but to resign myself and fight.
But then I notice Mir following us too.

“Mir, this is my problem to deal with, there’s no need for you to follow me.
You should run away while that guy is focusing on me.”
“No can do, I was the one who chose that request, so I can’t give it up so easily.
If you end up forming a party with him, I’ll join you too.
I don’t know if I’ll be of much help though.”

She said while clenching her little fists.
Now I have more reasons not to lose.



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