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Ophelia and Danny lead me to a training area behind the building.
There’s a fence surrounding it, and inside I can see other adventurers training and sparring with each other.
There’s an empty spot we can use, so we head there.

“I’ll heal1 any wounds unless they’re an instant death, so fight to your heart’s content.
The match ends when one side is neutralized or gives up.
Any questions?”
“Let’s just get this started already.”

Ophelia remained outside the fence as referee, while Danny and I shook our heads.
There’s a considerable distance between us as we face each other.
Danny was armed with a regular size sword, which could not reach me from that distance.
The fight is leaning in my favor already.

“Then… Start!”

As soon as Ophelia announces that, I draw Black Hawk and shoot.
Sorry bud, but I don’t want to drag this out.
I’ll just shoot both your legs and be done with this.
But my expectations didn’t get met.

“Wow, what’s that weapon?”

No way.
This was his first time seeing black hawk, yet he instantly moved out of the bullet’s path.
I shoot again.
Danny jumps away again, except that I had anticipated that.
There’s no way he can dodge while still in mid-air from his jump.

Clink clink!

But he deflected the bullets with his sword this time.

“Tsk! That’s some power already.
My hand feels funny.”

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Oh, I see.
Then there’s more where that came from.
I continue shooting as fast as I can, hoping I can break his defense.
But he evades all the bullets.
Either by moving out of the way of the bullet’s paths, or with his sword.
I’m too busy shooting continuously and stopping him from getting closer to do anything else too.

Luckily Black Hawk has a way to be infused with mana to replenish its bullets, and Ophelia had taught me how to do it.
Without that, I would have an opening while I change magazines, giving Danny enough time to close in, and losing any chance at winning this match.

“Is someone fighting?”
“It’s Danny and the Witch’s maid.”
“Danny? That dude that came from the country-side and took the highest rank of the area around here? He’s really annoying but he’s got some skill.”
“That maid is using a weird weapon too.”
“Didn’t you lose barely a moment after your duel with him started?”
“Shut up.”

A crowd gathered quickly.
And the fight is in a stalemate.
Danny refuses to come closer, and I have no way of gaining the upper hand.
At this point whoever is more impatient will make the next move.
If Danny is an orthodox swordsman, his choices are rather limited.

“Tsk, that’s a really annoying weapon, y’know.”

Danny lowered his stance a bit.
He’s going to come.

The moment I think that, Danny kicks off the ground and dashes towards me.
Using mana to reload is faster than switching magazines, but isn’t instantaneous either.
He aimed at exactly that moment of pause to attack.
But I had already anticipated that.

The magazine had only refilled a little with mana, but I turned it into an incendiary round and shot it.
A magic explosion covers Danny’s body.

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But he crosses through the flames without issue.
The incendiary round lacked magic power, so it barely did any damage to him.
I jump back as I infuse mana into Black Hawk again.

He swings his sword up after me, the blade hitting against Black Hawk.
A loud metallic clink resounds as my beloved gun is swept away from my hand.
My palm shone softly as the mana lost its destination.

Dammit! What can I do without a gun? Would my beginner-level magic help in any way? I should get away from him.
I instantly punch down with my now-empty hand.
He raises his forearm to block my punch.
He recoils down slightly, and his gauntlet gets dented, but that’s all the damage I cause.

An instant later he counterattacks.
I somehow manage to dodge two strokes from his sword, but I doubt I can repeat that a third time.
Things had turned around, now it was me who was pushed to defend myself.

“The maid should just give up.
There’s no way for her to win anymore.”
“Well, no harm in trying I guess?”
“Well yeah.
Though Danny is still stronger.”

The people in the audience already consider this my loss.
But I don’t want to give up yet, for Ophelia’s sake.

“Come through and burn, Fire Arrow!”

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Even if I can’t maintain the spell for too long, I’m close enough that it won’t matter.
But his iron sword easily scattered the flaming arrow.

“Oh, you can even use magic.
That’s amazing.”

Being able to use such simple magic was nothing to be praised for.
And hearing it from that guy made it even worse.
I try using a thunder spell, but he dodges that.

What should I do? Think! Ophelia said I can win if I use everything I have at my disposal.
I have to remember everything I’ve learned so far, everything I’ve practiced.
Oh right, when I punched him earlier while still having mana on my hand, I dented his armor.

Maybe just having mana and not turning it into a spell can be used to attack too.
But I doubt that’ll be powerful enough to decide the match.
I really have to go all out.
As I concentrate mana in my hand, I chant.

“Jump out…”
“Isn’t it about time you surrender?”
“Thunder Spark!”

In response, I step forwards and unleash a spell to say no.
I swing my fist at the same time, my fist covered in lightning as it nears on Danny.


He hadn’t been expecting that.
His disorderly sword movements quickly changed course in reaction.
And my arm from the elbow down was sent flying away2.

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I wobbled onto my knees, pressing the spot where my forearm used to be attached.
That’s too muchhhhhhh! My aaaaaaarmmmmmmmmm!

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“I-It’s not my fault! You just ran towards me like that so I reacted and-!”

Danny is utterly confused, the audience gets even louder, and Mir looks like she’s about to cry.
Ah, I’m sorry.
Only Ophelia is grinning calmly at me.

“Huh? Why isn’t she bleeding?”

Crap, I have to act before they notice3.



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