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I had learned about this when Ophelia was showing me the anatomy of my body.

“Now we move this like so.”

Ophelia pulls my hand, and suddenly my hand is no longer attached to my body, gone.

“Don’t worry.
It’s built to be disconnected like that.”

Can anyone stay calm having their hand literally taken away? And the lack of pain makes it even scarier.

“All these strings here are like your nerves.
They’re threads made from the silk of a monster called Purple Steel Spider, and are very resilient and good conductors of magic.
If you practice enough, you can control them individually, and maybe even use them as a weapon.”
“Is there enough of them to really be useful though?”
“If you don’t believe me, why don’t you try stretching them out right now?”

I try extending the threads out of my body as much as I can.
And a lot comes out.


Danny hurries to step back while exclaiming in shock.
I’d do the same, seeing my opponent’s fallen arm move by itself to shoot a gun.
Him assuming he had cut my arm was a grave mistake, I had disconnected it on my own.

Still, I took him entirely by surprise, but only two or three shots grazed him, and he evaded the rest.
He really is a strong opponent.
With him increasing the distance between us I had recovered my advantage though, and I wouldn’t let this end like earlier.

“Wh-what the hell are you?!”

He screamed, sounding slightly afraid.
Though I never did anything to deceive him.
But as a maid, I have to keep my Mistress’ name clear, so I better introduce myself properly.

Using only my left hand that’s still attached to my body, I slightly lift the hem of my skirt and bow with a simple curtsy.

“Excuse my late introduction, I’m Natalia, Mistress Ophelia’s loyal Magic Automaton.
I’m a mere infant born two months ago, so I beg you find it in yourself to be gentle with me.”

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“”””No infant ever looks like that!””””

Somehow it was the audience that reacted the most.

“Let’s get back on track and resume our match, shall we?”

My disconnected right arm moves in mid-air, pulling the trigger again.
Muahahahah, fear me! But Danny was expecting that now, so he just evades the bullets coming from a new location.
I could use another hand, literally.
So I disconnect my left forearm, and shoot it ahead while focusing mana into its palm.


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I can control it telepathically too.
I’ve literally turned into a Zeong1! The Purple Steel Spider silk is so thin it’s hard to notice, but it still transmits enough magic for me to move my hand.
To me, it just feels like my limbs got stretched out.
My right hand holds the gun, the left is a powerful fist, both attack him from all directions.

“There’s more.”

I disconnect my left foot from the knee down next.
Now I can perform an all-range attack with my limbs.
Surrounded by so many attacks, Danny focuses on dodging all the bullets, but the attacks from my hand and foot covered in mana get to hit him from time to time.


Unable to stand it any longer, Danny dashes towards my main body, but I won’t fall for the same attack twice.
I instantly constricted all the silk I had strewn around.
The silk is all around Danny, moving irregularly as it wraps around his body and restrains his movements entirely.


Losing his freedom to move, Danny groans.

“So, do you want to keep going?”

I point the gun to his head.

“I-I give up.”

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His voice quivers, but rings clear.

“Danny surrenders, making Natalia the winner!”
“So that maid was a Magic Automaton all along.”
“And she won against Danny, that’s crazy.”
“She’s so pretty too, a shame she’s an automaton.”
“I-I think I might have a new fetish.”

My Mistress declares my victory, and I hear voices of mixed confusion and cheering.
But they had all thought I was a maid, but now they found out I was a Magic Automaton.
I hadn’t deceived them, but I still feel like things can get awkward.

“Good job there, you worked hard.”

Only Ophelia smiled widely while walking towards me.
I guess putting all that effort was worth something at least.

“Natalia, are you okay?”

Mir also runs towards me, looking worried.
Oh right, I don’t care about the rest, but I should at least apologize to her.

“I’m sorry, Mir.
I didn’t tell you I was a Magic Automaton.
I didn’t mean to deceive you, but I should’ve told you earlier.”
“You didn’t do anything to deceive me! And you look really different from the automatons I heard about, you don’t look like a monster or a tool!”

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I bow to her, but Mir shakes her head vigorously.

“Even if you’re a monster or a Magic Automaton, I can tell you’re kind so I’d like to be your friend.”

She says that, knowing I’m not human.
Now that I think about it, she’s the first human I’ve interacted with, aside from Ophelia and Olivia.
I guess that also makes her the first person to really accept me.

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“Heeeey, can you set me free already? I’m not into public bondage and that stuff okayy.”

Ah, I forgot.
That wasn’t my intention or desire.”

I try unraveling the silk.
I try unraveling the silk.


I try unraveling the silk.

“Don’t tell me…”
“I can’t undo it.”

No way!

“How do I get out then! S̲h̲i̲t̲!”

Danny starts twisting his body trying to get free from the silk.

“Wait! If you move-”

The silk threads get pulled, and my body standing on one foot tips over.


With no way to balance myself, I fall flat on my face.


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I feel a cold breeze past my inner thighs, that can only mean one thing.
My skirt has turned over.

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“Oh, now that’s a sight.”
“That’s hot, even though she’s an automaton2.”
“Well, she’s still cute after all.”

I feel my cheeks burning.

“I-I’ll kill you! All of you who looked! And then I’ll kill myself too!”

This is the first time I’ve been humiliated like this! In both my lives!

“Calm down before you go all suicidal on me.
Don’t move, I’ll help you out.”
“I-it’s fine Natalia! You actually look really sexy3!”

After all his aggression, Danny looked earnestly apologetic, while Mir said something I never expected from her, but that only made me feel more ashamed.

“Just kill me! I don’t want to live goddamnit!”



TLN: Gundam reference. Robinxen: Mental cameras click. Robinxen: What is with the girls of this world.

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