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“Let’s leave it at that, Ophelia.
I think they’ve learned their lesson.
But mo~re importantly, I’ve prepared what you requested.”

As Aria said that, one of the little spiders descended from the ceiling, a thread of silk supporting its rear.
It held a pale yarn ball between its legs.
Near the ground, it lets go, and the yarn ball falls with a heavy thud.
Apparently it’s far heavier than a regular yarn ball.

“You need Steel Spider Silk, ye~s? Will this be enough?”
“Woah, this is a really high quality one!”
“Of course, it was made by my cute children after all~”

The small spiders began scratching their heads as if embarrassed hearing that.

“Also~ this is from me.”

Saying that, she produces a purple yarn ball in her hand.

“You should practice using the threads more, okay Natalia? Otherwise it’s a waste of my precious silk.”

That reminds me, Ophelia had told me before that my nerve threads were made with Purple Steel Spider Silk.

“So my nerves are…your silk?”
“Yes~, I gave some to Ophelia when she requested it.
You’ve still got ways to learn before you master them, though.
You won’t get far as Ophelia’s maid at this rate.”
“I’m trying to learn whenever possible.
But I have one question, how did you make my limbs lose control when I used them earlier?”
“I just let so~me magic power flow through my silk, and when you touched them they disturbed the magic in your nerves.
Both threads were made by me, so the effect was immediate.”

My body moves with magic coursing through my nerves, and that connection was broken by Aria.

“Anyway~, where’s today’s reward, hmm?”

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Reward? What’s she talking about?

“Natalia, bring one out.”
“Right away, Mistress.”

I finally understand what Aria wants, and I take out a few wine bottles which Ophelia asked me to store before leaving.

“Yayy, you brought them~”

Aria happily embraces the bottles and rubs her cheeks against them.
Ah, maybe that explains her red eyes.

“Say, Ophelia~, stay for a drink, will you? It’s been so long since the last time~”
“Hmm, let’s have lunch and drink a bit afterwards then.”

Even though Aria is a spider, she has a really soft and mellow voice, which makes Ophelia give in.
Is that really a good idea though? I take out a basket with lunch and some wine glasses.

“I’ve only prepared human food for lunch, is that alright, Aria?”
“Yes, that’s fine~.
Still, I was told about it, but you really do have a lot of storage capacity.”
“Not at all.
Anyone can do this if they practice daily.”
“No, they won’t.”
“It’s only you.”

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Ophelia and Mir deny it instantly.
I spread out a sheet on the ground and sit on top, then hand out the glasses.

“Well then, cheers!”

I don’t know what we cheered for, but I’m not rude enough to point it out.
I did enjoy drinking in my past life, but it’s been a while since I last drank, so it felt even more delicious.

“Mmmm, this the best~”

Aria holds her palm against her cheek, her eyes filled with ecstasy as she looks at the empty glass.
She then uses her silk to lift the bottle and refills her glass.
Now that’s an impressive skill.

“Natalia’s food is also really good.”
“Really, let me try.
Mmm! Yes, that’s amazing!”

Her eyes twinkle as she tastes my food.

“To be honest, after eating Natalia’s food last time we went hunting, I feel like my mom’s cooking is lacking…”
“That’s a shame.”

Mir looked miserable as she said that, and Ophelia could only force a pitiful smile.

“I can understand what you mean~ This is incredibly tasty.”

Even if I lack combat experience, I’m still confident in my cooking.
Though it was slightly uncomfortable being praised this much.

“Ahh~ Maybe I should move in with you.”
“Oh, you’re always welcome.”
“Hahah, just kidding~ I can’t leave my poor children alone here.”

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Saying that, she looks up to the countless little spiders watching from the ceiling.
Ah, Mir is getting pale.

“Aria, is it fine to not share food with them?”
“There wouldn’t be enough for everyone.
I’ll go hunt later, so it’s fine~”

Apparently she’s more attentive than I thought.
But at least I don’t have to worry about eating too much then.
I’m still carrying some of the monster meat we got yesterday, frozen as emergency rations.
I can always make dinner with those if we don’t eat them until then.

The meat I did take out finished thawing though.
I take some pieces of it, and throw them a distance away from the sheet.

“Aria, the small spiders can eat those.”
“Aww, that’s so sweet of you~”

Aria looks up and claps her hands.

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“Children, it’s lunch time!”

At the behest of their mother, the spiderlings rush to the meat.
Watching that was slightly…y’know, Mir’s face was twitching in discomfort too.

“Thank you, Natalia.”
“Don’t mention it.”

We have a lot more food at home, so I didn’t mind giving some away.

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“Ah, I almost forgot, I was also promised a reward from Natalia~”
“From me? Well, I don’t mind if there’s anything I can do.”
“Don’t worry~ I’ll be gentle since you fed my children.”

Saying that, Aria scuttles closer to me with a swift movement.

“Huh, Aria-”

She interrupts my words with her lips.

“Oh my, we’ll have to keep this secret from Olivia.”
“Hwha- Hwha-?!”

I feel her tongue invade my mouth next, wriggling around and sucking on me.
It felt like she was drawing from my physical strength together with my saliva.

That was delicious~”

I finally get released, and I fall back, unable to properly support myself.

“I just took some of her magic power~ No need to worry~”

Ah, I see.
My body runs on magic, so this is what happens when I lose some of that power.

“Still, you’ve always looked so confident but you’re surprisingly innocent, Natalia.
You cutie~”

Hahahah, it’s not like she really took that much magic power from me, but I really don’t feel like getting up though.
Somehow my view is completely black too.
Oh I see, it’s my own hand covering my eyes.
Don’t think about it, me.
That was just your First Kiss (past life included).
Oh nooo!

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