“Casual, right? So just the perfect thing to wear when out of work!”

Now I’m wearing a white dress with many frills and ribbons.
A hat of the same color rests on my head.
She has a point, a maid would never wear princess-like dresses like this during work hours.
And I can see a girl who wears this kind of clothes considering them casual.

“Ohh, you look so pretty! And cute!”
“Umm, I feel like it’ll be really awkward to wear this whenever I’m free.”

This isn’t something I want at all.

“I’d prefer something that makes it easier to move.”
“I see, I see! Just wait a moment please!”

The employee’s eyes shine brightly before she runs away.
I wonder what is riling her up so much.
Somehow thinking about it sends chills down my spine.

“Mir, maybe you could help me find something too? I don’t feel like I can trust that employee too much.”
“You’ll wear whatever I pick?!”


“Okay! I’m not worthy of this role, but I swear I’ll find you some cute clothes!”

She stops listening to me, and she runs away just like the employee did.
Did I just make a terrible mistake?

“Sorry for the wait!”

The employee returns with the vigor of a storm, and pushes me and the clothes into the changing room.

“These clothes are a bit-”
“You look incredibly well! And you seem familiar with it too, only pulling the zipper halfway up and not wearing a bra!”

My chest doesn’t feel constricted, and it matches my body nicely making it easy to move.
It’s entirely black, with red lines accentuating my shoulders and legs.

“It does accomplish what I want, but still, a riding suit… I don’t have anything to ride, in the first place.”
“Hm, I see.
I’ll look for something else then.”

“Natalia, I found something!”
“Ah, okay.”

The moment the employee leaves, Mir enters in her place.
I close the changing room curtains and wear the clothes Mir just pushed onto me.

“Are you done?”
“Yes, somehow.”

I reply while I slide the curtains open.

“Ohh, you look good!”

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And I can move well.
It’s a leather bikini and knee-high socks, covered with a pareo and stole of a deep indigo color.
It has a wild and charming adventurous look.
I do like it, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for today.

“Mir, I’d prefer something that’s worn more commonly.”
“Oh? Alright, I’ll go look.”
“Sorry for the wait.”

I’m starting to suspect these two girls are exchanging secret signals somehow.
Their timing is uncanny.

“I-I don’t know how to feel about this.”

This next outfit was a small tank top that barely covered my chest, and tight shorts that left most of my butt exposed.
The fabric is soft and fluffy, so I can see it being warm, though it covers so little I doubt there’s any point to it.
That isn’t the main issue though.

“Miss, you have to add meow to the end of your sentences.”
“That sounds too embarrassing.”
“I-it’s embarrassing…meow…”

I was also wearing a headband with cat ears, and a tail affixed behind me.

“Those cat ears are a garment that perfectly encapsulates the cuteness of a kitty.
It enhances both cuteness and sexyness, and nothing can top it.”

“Cat ears are a garment? Meow.”

A headband with cat ears sounds more like an accessory to me, but the employee looks really shocked.

“T-that’s true.
They’re fake cat ears, just an imitation of the real thing.”


“Thank you so much! You’ve made me realize the errors of my ways! Cat ears should only refer to those of a natural cat girl! It was rude and disrespectful of me to talk about fake cat ears like that!”

She holds my hands while bawling her eyes out.

“No, that’s not what I meant at all! Please, you’re looking too deeply into it!”
“I’m back.
Wait, what happened?”
“Nothing, nothing at all! Just give me the next outfit!”

I shake off the employee’s hands, snatch the clothes Mir brought from her hands and shelter myself in the changing room.

“I’ll look for something else then.”
“Yes, please do so.”

I wait until the employee is gone, and open the curtains.

“Mir, are these clothes from this country?”

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This dress has no sleeves, and a slit on the skirt, making it easy to move in it.
There’s also a hole on the top of the chest, so it doesn’t feel asphyxiating either.

“Yes, it’s a traditional dress from a region in this country.”

So they exist here too…cheongsams.

“I’m sorry, this isn’t exactly it either.”
“Really? I’ll look again then.”
“I found something else.”

I don’t know what to think anymore.
I changed into the clothes the employee just gave me.

“What is this?”

The black glossy fabric has a strong contrast with my white skin.
It’s very revealing, but the important parts are covered even if they don’t seem so.
It seems like it would attract a lot of sexual attention, but the whip in my hand would keep it at bay.

“What do you think?”

Think? There’s nothing to think about.

“Even if you work as a maid by day, you can unleash your inner queen out of work! Maybe if you have a maso-employer you could entertain him too! Or go hunting outside!”

I don’t like the sound of any of that.

“I have no interest in things like that.”
“No worries.
You can easily reverse the roles while wearing that and-”


“Ahii! Thank you, my quee- dear customer!”

I crack the whip in frustration, and she enjoys it.
I hate it here now1.

Eventually I get released from dress-up doll duty, and Mir takes me to a sidewalk cafe.
I plop down on a chair tired, and lay on the table while I wait for the tea I ordered.

That’s not proper behavior for a maid? Who cares? It’s my free time, and I’m not wearing my uniform anymore.

“I know I’ve said it before, but you look really good in that dress.”

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Mir is sitting in front of me.
Yes, like she mentioned, I’m wearing a dress I just bought.
I had bought some other things too, but I’m keeping them in my magic storage like usual.

“Thank you.
I didn’t expect it would take so long though.”
“Really? I feel like usually it takes much longer to decide on things like that.”

All Mir’s words are doing is to terrify me even more.
I knew women took long shopping, but I never thought my experience would be considered fast.

“By the way, how are your preparations to go hunt a Shaman Ape?”

I don’t want to think about shopping anymore, so I change the topic, fully aware that it’s a bit forceful.
Our plan is to go tomorrow night, since it’s a full moon.
Shaman Apes are usually solitary monsters, but on nights like that they gather to perform some sort of ritual, so Ophelia said it’s the best moment to attack.

“Pretty much done, my sword and armor are ready to go.
How about you?”
“My Mistress taught me some alchemy, so I prepared some healing potions.”
“Your almighty skills really know no bounds, huh.”

I can’t see how that would imply my skills are almighty, but I know she’ll deny anything I say in response, so I better keep it to myself.
Either way, our strategy to hunt the Shaman Ape takes priority.

If we don’t plan on how to deal with their necromancy, we’ll end up fighting an endlessly resurrecting army of monsters.
Ophelia told me about that after my first encounter with them.
If the dead bodies suffer a certain amount of damage, they can’t be resurrected anymore.
Decapitating them is usually good enough.

With Mir’s sword, and my incendiary rounds and magic blade, I think we have the means secured.
But we still have to be careful.
If a large monster like a Clamp Boar gets resurrected, it could get tricky.
Cutting through a massive neck like that isn’t so easy.

Ophelia won’t get too involved with the fight too, so we can’t rely on her from the start, and will have to take care of everything ourselves.
Though we can’t forget what Ophelia just told us about finding ways to run away too.
Adventurers are only fun when you come back alive.

I raise my head and take a sip of tea.
It’s been sitting there for a while, so it’s just lukewarm now.

“I’ll meet up with my Mistress at the guild later, do you have any plans?”
“Ah, maybe I’ll go greet her with you then.”

Mir decides to accompany me to the guild, so after I finish my tea we leave the cafe.



Silva: Me too, will not come again a 2nd time, but since Natalia goes along with them so easily I’ll bet she actually enjoy this secretly.

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