I probably have only a few years left to live.
I’ve been trying to find ways to get rid of the curse for a while, but it seems it’s impossible.
I’d be lying if I said I’m not scared of dying, but having to leave my daughter behind worries me even more.

She needs something to support her and help her when I’m no longer here.
I want to leave something more palpable, more than memories and magic.

I know, I should make a magic automaton.
A maid magic automaton that can take care of everything she needs.

I’ll use every material I’ve been stashing up to make her body, and pour all my knowledge into making the most intelligent magic automaton in the world.

I’d like to build a fully autonomous one that can adapt to any situation, rather than a half autonomous one that is more common.
But not even I know how to build a fully autonomous mind like that from scratch.

Usually that is achieved by letting the automaton inherit someone’s soul, or by piling up an enormous amount of experience to complete autonomous control.
The first option would require the death of someone, which I don’t agree with.
I’ll have to do something with the latter option.

I’ll build a half autonomous automaton with high learning capabilities, and then raise and nurture her into what I need.
I just need to start working then.
The names of my family all share the same initial, so for her name I’ll make the ending the same as mine instead.
She’ll be called Natalia.

She’s moving now even though I haven’t inserted the control module, could something like this actually happen? And she’s responding to everything I say like a regular human would too.
At least she’s following my orders though, so maybe I don’t have to worry.

She’s still pretty strange though.
I asked her to help me prepare lunch, and she did way more than I expected without needing explanation, not to mention she had no issues understanding the functionality of all the magic devices in the house.

I was angry when I saw her pick up Black Hawk without permission, the memento I have of Him, yet somehow after no one knew how to use it so far, she seemed adept at shooting with it.

I already planned on giving her a weapon eventually, but I’m sure he and Black Hawk prefer it this way.

Olivia just got back for her vacation from school.
She’s gotten so tall in this half year she was away.
Her nose and lips look like mine, but her eyes are exactly like his.

It seems Natalia is also fond of Olivia now.
I wonder when she learned good manners though?

Olivia’s grades aren’t looking good once again.
I feel like this happens every time she comes home, but I need to give her supplementary lessons.
I have to make sure her general knowledge is good enough so she can be alright even when I’m gone.

I thought Olivia would protest like always, but halfway through she became more willing.
When I asked what happened, apparently Natalia had given her some tips, and explained the importance of studying.

I really wonder how she learned all that.
She’s smart, and skilled, it’s almost like she’s…

Olivia touched Natalia’s ears while we drank tea.

The day before I had explained to her how dog demihumans would touch each other’s ears as a sign to propose, so I guess that’s what she was going for? Natalia is clearly self-aware and sentient, so I don’t mind Olivia feeling attracted to her, but I didn’t think she would attempt to propose like that.

Sadly though, it seems Natalia didn’t understand what that meant.
Olivia will still need to go through some hurdles.

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Olivia went into the forest at the worst time possible.
When I found her, everything was almost over already.

I decided it was best to use magic to tie up the men who still had a chance of resisting.
Natalia lacks combat knowledge so she had let her guard down too soon.
That aside, the result was mostly positive.

Olivia was safe, so I didn’t mind that Natalia had disobeyed orders.
Not to mention that Olivia would feel guilty if I punished Natalia.

“I’ve found my favorite flower.”

That was the first time I saw Olivia smile so happily.
I guess there’s still a lot I’ve yet to learn about her.
Though I did feel slightly jealous as her mother, seeing her be so affectionate towards someone else.

Sadly, it seems Natalia isn’t good at offensive magic.

She can cast the spells themselves, but they’re too weak to be of any use, and even a beginner magician would do it better.
I catch glimpses of her training behind the house when I look out the window sometimes, but I don’t see any signs of her getting better.

Her Sorcery Core is working without any issues, so she should have more than enough mana, so I guess her affinity to it is just bad.
But she can attack from long ranges with Black Hawk already, so I probably don’t have to worry too much.

During actual practice, she was able to deal with evolved monsters that beginner adventurers would struggle against, and she even took down a Clamp Boar.
Though it was a bit unexpected that she didn’t notice the Shaman Ape.
According to her specs, she should’ve been able to notice it from that distance.

I’ve tried assigning her many various tasks, and she always fulfills them with ease.
I made her fight stronger adventurers and monsters, and she dealt with them pretty well.
And as an unexpected bonus she even made a really good friend.

Another unexpected development was that she easily learned to store large items in alternate spaces with magic, and how to manifest mana physically.

She exceeded all my expectations, and seemed to remain calm in most situations.
I also enjoy seeing her rely on me when she needs help, though sometimes I feel like teasing her a bit, I hope she can forgive that.

It’s not all fun and perfect either though.
After she learned I could repair her, she let her arm get mingled to protect Mir.
Wanting to help one’s friends isn’t inherently a bad thing, but in Natalia’s case it’s a bit strange.

“Ah, but I’m an automaton that can’t feel pain.”

She said that as if she actually knew what pain feels like, even though as a magic automaton she can’t experience it.

I still wish she was more careful with her own body though.
Maybe because all her fights went well, her sense of danger is getting dull?

I think I’ll let Aria take her hand at it, and knock Natalia’s pride down a notch.

Aria used to be his Servant, and almost a rival in love for me.
We used to live together, but after he passed, she moved into a nearby cave, saying, “I don’t want to leave, but I can’t bear being close either.”

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Either way, after encountering Aria, Natalia once again prioritized keeping Mir safe.
I started to wonder if Natalia had some attachment to Mir then, but as far as I could see they were just normal friends.

The issue really seems to stem from Natalia’s personality and her priorities.
If my theory is right, she must have led a terrible life to end like this.

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to teach her alchemy.
With that knowledge she should be able to repair herself, so she’ll be okay even if I’m not with her in the future.

I still feel uneasy though.
Natalia seems to constantly belittle herself, and sees her body as something with little importance.
If she reaches the point where she can repair herself, I fear she’ll become even more reckless.

Then again, she’s already heading out on her own nowadays, and it’ll be a long time before she’s skilled enough to work on herself, so I’ll just have to make sure she behaves better by then.

After destroying the golems wreaking havoc in the city, I dashed to the forest only to see Natalia had already defeated the golem there.
But she wasn’t the same Natalia as always.

She was stiff and inorganic…just like a regular magic automaton.
The golems in the city were rank B, so assuming this one was the same kind, Natalia’s current skills wouldn’t have been enough to defeat it.

Or well, her specs did outclass the golem.
In other words, that was only possible because Natalia exposed her true nature and raw instinct.
That of an inhuman and emotionless magic automaton.

I had never expected my theory to be proven right like this.
But no one wants to see you this way, not me, nor Olivia.
I use a master command to put Natalia to sleep.
You should rest now.
Once you wake up, I’m sure you’ll be back to your usual self.

After the incident with Mir’s family was resolved, there seemed to be something on Natalia’s mind still, so whenever she was free she would visit Aria’s cave and train there.

Aria later told me in secret that Natalia was fighting in the dark without the help of any light.

She can’t remember much of the fight against the golem, but her body seems to have kept that experience.
If she works on it slowly, I’m sure she’ll be able to use all her abilities without losing her personality.

Her friendship with Mir is still ongoing as well, and I was glad to see she formed a connection with a blacksmith’s shop thanks to that.

Working on Natalia’s personality will take time, so in the meantime I decide to design a new magic gun, using Black Hawk’s mechanism as reference.
That should improve her combat abilities too.

That was my plan at least, but every day was so much fun I forgot about it.
The whole reason why I created her was because I didn’t know how much longer I had left to live.

And who would’ve thought the curse would activate so suddenly.
I thought I had killed him after he put the curse on me, so why?

I don’t know what caused this, but it’s too soon.
I just need a little more time, I still have things to tell my daughters.
Just a bit of time, that’s all I need, just a little more…

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