Two weeks after Ophelia’s passing everything changed around me.

First Olivia registered as an adventurer in the guild, and renewed my Servant permit.
Ophelia had transferred my ownership to Olivia before her death, which made Olivia my new mistress.

Olivia is going to enter a higher level Magic Academy in a city away from Bamel, and I’ll go with her.
Apparently there’s nobles that attend that school, so having a maid wouldn’t be out of place there.

It feels a bit sad having to leave this house and town after being here for so long, but I want to work for Olivia.
I’m hoping to repay Ophelia for creating me doing that.

Before leaving I went to tell Mir about that, and she was extremely saddened, but also really angry.
‘Why did you wait so long to tell me about something so important!’ she yelled at me, I don’t think I ever saw her so mad, and I didn’t expect her to throw the finished gauntlets at me.

I tried to explain that I had no time to come to town when Ophelia fell ill, but that didn’t calm her down.
At least I got to convince her to forgive me when I told her I’d visit when the school term ends.

Jane knew about Ophelia’s curse, so she tried to laugh about it, but her voice sounded dry and it was clear she was just trying to look strong.
It wasn’t my place to say anything about it though, so I just bowed and left.

When going through everything Ophelia left, I couldn’t take as much as I wanted to, but I stuffed my magic storage with at least the bare minimum.

Aria did not become Olivia’s Servant, and chose to return to the wilderness.
I guess she’s still dealing with things her own way.
I went to visit her before leaving, and she gave me a large amount of Steel Silk and Iron Silk as a farewell gift.

“Look Natalia, over there.”

Hearing Olivia, I look up from the book I’m reading.
A large city, more than twice the size of Bamel, is coming into view through the carriage’s window.

We had taken a highway away from Bamel, which followed along the Valhen Woods for a few days.
This was the city with the biggest Magic Academy in the country, Ingralowe.

We pass through the city gates without issue, and head straight for the Ingralowe Magic Academy.

The entrance exam consists of a written test and a skill test, which happen at a scheduled date.
The results are published that same day, and those who pass get access to the dorm right away.

We could easily afford an independent place with the money Ophelia left, but it’s better to save whenever possible.

The streets are way bigger than Bamel’s, and we walk through them with the help of maps, and asking other people for directions every so often, and somehow make it to the Magic Academy.

We head to their offices right away to talk with the receptionist there.

“Yes, everything seems to be in order.
I’ll take you to the exam hall.
To protect against foul play your escort will have to wait in the room over there though.”
“Well, I’ll be going then, Natalia.”
“Good luck, Young Lady.”

I watch as Olivia is guided through the building, and then remember something just as I was entering the waiting room.

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I should check that while I can.

“Excuse me…”
“I think I saw this academy’s dorm allows attendants to stay in the same room?”

According to the entrance guidebook, there are two dorms, for boys and girls, each having two buildings.
That much made sense for the biggest Magic Academy in the country.

“Ah yes, it does add an extra cost to tuition, but it’s possible to arrange that.”
“Are monsters allowed as well?”
“Huh, monsters?”
“Yes, I happen to be a magic automaton.”

Her eyes keep darting around aimlessly in confusion, so I pull up my sleeve, showing the joints in my elbows.
That should be enough to show I’m not human but a magic automaton.

“Oh… Please wait a moment.”

Saying that, she vanishes inside the building.
After some time, a middle-aged woman comes out.

“We’d like to discuss your case a bit more, please follow me.”

I follow her, and she leads me to the principal’s office.

“Excuse me.”

I try resisting a nervous feeling as I enter the office with a soft greeting.
Inside, a man whose hair had started turning white was waiting for me, he looks gentle-mannered, but also has an air of dignity.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Morgan, the principal.”

It was obvious considering the office he was in, but he’s the principal.

“Now, you wanted to know whether monsters could be considered attendants in the dorm, correct?”
“I was told you’re a magic automaton, could you verify that for me again?”

I roll up my sleeve like I did earlier with the receptionist.

“Hmm, yes, these joints are certainly…”

Morgan sounded impressed as he examined my elbow joint.
Ophelia really was incredible, her work making even the Magic Academy’s principal fascinated.

“I can also disconnect it.”
“How’s that possible?!”

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I disconnect my arm to show him, and Morgan shouts in shock.

“The exterior construction is elaborate, and the internal threads are top notch as well.
I didn’t know there was someone skilled enough to build such a magic automaton.”
“My creator was Ophelia Eto Gardeland.”
“Ophelia?! Gardeland?!”

His face changes the moment I mention Ophelia’s name.

“I see, if she made you, it all makes sense.”
“Did you know her?”
“Yes, she graduated from this academy, I also taught her.”

That’s quite a coincidence.
Or maybe not really.
I probably just didn’t know that, and Ophelia had chosen this academy for Olivia.

“I still remember those days, her skills were always extraordinary compared to everyone else here…”

I can imagine that.

Morgan looked up into the air.
It didn’t seem like he saw those days with nostalgia, but more as a time of hardship that he had endured.

“Regardless, would I be allowed into the dorm?”
“Ahh right, that’s why you came here.
From our conversation I’ve determined you’re self-aware1, so I’ll allow it.”
“Thank you very much.”

I bow to him and turn around to leave the office.


I stopped hearing a powerful explosion somewhat far from here.

“That sounds like the testing grounds.
It seems there’s an excellent candidate amongst the applicants.”

Morgan says that with a pleased smile.

I don’t know what they’re doing there, but that sounded like a pretty large spell was used.
Maybe it’s someone with the potential of getting borderline cheat skills like Ophelia?

“I did it Natalia! I passed!”
“Congratulations, Young Lady.”

Olivia returned to the waiting room, running towards me with her face beaming a happy smile.
I catch her into a hug and gently pat her head.

Ever since Ophelia passed, Olivia has gotten into the habit of hugging me at every occasion possible.
She’s still at a pretty young age when she wants her parents’ attention, so I’ll have to take a more nurturing role.

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“Congratulations on passing.
Shall I show you into the dormitory?”
“Ah, yes please.”

One of the office workers leads us towards two large four-storey buildings, this is the girls’ dorm.
We were allocated a room in the second building’s second floor.

“Ahhh, I’m so tired.” Olivia practically throws herself on a bed.

“I’ll prepare some tea.” I take out a pot and tea leaves from my magic storage, and begin heating them with magic.

“Your magic storage is really so big.
I can’t even fit one bag in mine.”

Sometimes even Olivia would comment on that.
I’m not an overpowered sorceress like Ophelia, and two closets worth of space doesn’t sound like a lot.



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