The dorm serves food two times, breakfast and dinner, baths are available all day, overall it’s a pretty luxurious dorm.
Though I don’t have all the useful magic devices Ophelia made at home, so sometimes it’s a bit inconvenient too.

The kitchen is always available under the condition that I clean up afterwards, so I can prepare lunch for both of us.
That’s perfect for a maid’s duties.

It was a bit funny how a lot of students began gathering in the kitchen after I started cutting things and the scents spread, so in the end I had to make enough food for everyone.

Luckily that also meant I quickly integrated into life there.

Most of the students in the dorm were common folk, except for the elusive low ranking noble that didn’t have an attendant.

As the biggest Magic Academy in the country, there were higher ranking nobles attending as well, but they all commuted from home, or rented a nearby villa or luxurious inn.
The students that ate with me explained that lower ranking nobles went to the dorm since they didn’t have the money to throw on expensive housing, and sometimes out of consideration for higher ranking ones.

But the academy prohibits the abuse of someone’s title to order others around, so only seldom do higher ranking nobles treat others unjustly.
That’s a relief.
I’d really hate getting into problems with high ranking nobles.

Olivia was also lucky as she got to reunite with her cat demihuman friend Amy.
Amy’s mother and Ophelia had also been friends, and apparently grew up together.

I was also told to be a bit more lax with the polite speech, even though I felt it necessary since I didn’t know who could be a noble.
I was serving the second generation of my household, so I felt I had to behave appropriately, but in the end I had to settle with being less obvious about it.

Some days passed like that, and today is the first school day in the academy.
There won’t be a large ceremony today though.

Everyone is already assigned a classroom, and they’ll just receive some general explanations and a short test before class is dismissed today.
The actual classes start tomorrow.

“What do you say Natalia, do I look good?”

Olivia put on her uniform and twirls in front of me.

“Yes, it fits you splendidly.”
I just wish I could show Mother too…”
“Young Lady…”

Olivia hasn’t been as depressed lately, but the times when she suddenly remembers Ophelia have increased.

No no, I have to collect myself.
I can’t let my mood get dragged down.

“Now sit down, Young Lady.
I’ll comb your hair.”

I practically force Olivia to sit down and begin combing her hair.
Her long black hair was always straight, so my comb moved effortlessly.

“Alright, I’m done.”
“Mm, thanks.”

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Olivia stands up and turns to me.

“Well, let’s go then!”

She had regained her usual cheerfulness.

There were three classrooms, with the suffixes A, B, and C.
Students were assigned to them depending on the entrance exam results, and Olivia was put in the A classroom.

I obviously was not allowed to attend the class itself with Olivia.
As we walk through the school, we cross paths with other maids and butlers, who likely were coming back from accompanying their masters as well.

There are many other students already there when we get to her classroom.
I see Olivia off as she heads to her assigned seat, and I return to the dorm.
During the way back I once again crossed paths with teachers, students, and attendants.

I saw people from all sorts of races, which made sense for a multi-racial country like ours.
There were elves, dark elves, and an assortment of demihumans.
Though there were no dwarves, as they had poor magic affinity.

Ophelia had taught me about this before, different races have different cultures and ways to think.
Olivia had experienced that in her last school as well, but I hope she can understand that better here too.

Not like I know a lot myself though.

When I get to the dorm, I head to the kitchen instead of our room.

There is a cafeteria in the school building, but Olivia said she wants me to bring her lunch I made.
I don’t mind that, but she told me while we were already going to her classroom, so I decided to wait until now to make it, and then carry it to her during her break.

When it came to ingredients, I was free to use what I found in the kitchen, but within limits, not to mention the kitchen was missing many ingredients I wanted.
I’ll need to plan a trip to the city to buy more soon.

I slowly plan something to do within the limited ingredients.
It’s a bit simple, but it’s the best I can make right now.

I put everything inside a basket and leave the dorm.
It’s a bit early for lunch break, but I could stay in the waiting room until then.

As I cross the main gates, I notice a group of students.
They were conducting magic practice.

An older man, probably their teacher, stood in front of a stone slab, and every time he touched it a dirt mount appeared.
I guess it’s similar to the device we have at home.

The students took turns to launch spells at that target.

I can see Olivia amongst the students waiting.
I guess this means this is class A.
I don’t see Amy though, so I guess she was assigned a different one.

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The target is quite far away, and also pretty small.

Class A was for those with the best results, and it showed.
They’re quick to launch their spells, and they travel at high speed.
But they lack accuracy, and usually only one spell out of a barrage hits the target.

Once they were done, all the students hunched their backs disappointed.

Well, that’s alright, they shouldn’t think about it too much.
It’s not like I would be able to hit it in the first place.
I thought that even though it was of no comfort to them.
It’s a male student’s turn now, he landed three hits with ice magic.

I see yellow ears with black stripes poking out from his blonde hair.
He’s a mix of demihuman and human, usually called half-beast.

He got the highest hit rate so far, so everyone else shot envious stares at him.
His face still looks slightly childish, but his features are pretty well-defined, so I’m sure he’ll grow to be quite handsome.

Or rather, he’s already handsome.

Next a squirrel demihuman girl landed two hits.
She’s pretty amazing too.
It’s not like I would be able to hit…

Finally it’s Olivia’s turn.
And this reminds me, I’ve never seen her use magic before.
But well, she’s Ophelia’s daughter, and she mentioned Ophelia taught her before, so I’m sure she’s good.

Five swirling flames appear at the same time around her.
They’re far larger than those I saw before.
The other students also look taken aback.

Olivia points her finger at the target, and the five flames explode.
Without moving an inch.
It’s not like I… I actually would’ve been able to make that fly at least one meter.
That’s odd?

Even though Olivia used fire magic, everyone was frozen in place with their eyes open wide.


She slouches her shoulders and turns around, coincidentally looking at me at the same time.


I awkwardly try to smile and wave my hand a little.


Olivia yells something in the distance before she covers her face.
Did…did I make things worse?

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“The hell happened to her?”

That was Amy’s first reaction.
The students only had a short test for their first day of class in the morning, and the results were published in their classroom.

Olivia’s results were, to put it bluntly, the worst.

Yep, I already guessed as much.

In a way she had brought that upon herself, but the shock was so strong all life vanished from her eyes.
I managed to drag her all the way to the cafeteria, but the moment she sat down her face fell flat on the table.

“Hmm, I guess class A students have it rough.”
“How did it go on your side?”
“I just feel like I didn’t fail but didn’t exactly win getting into class B.
Though I didn’t necessarily come here to study magic in the first place, I’m just a merchant’s daughter trying to gain more knowledge and make some connections.
And oh yeah, if you know of anything that could help me make money please tell me.”

Amy’s reason to attend is completely different to what I imagined, though considering how many people gather in the academy it makes sense.
Being in class B, not the best nor the worst, also seems perfect for that.

That’s still a really cunning plan though.

“Anyway, Olivia, you aren’t going to eat? You made Natalia go through the trouble of making it for you, yeah?”
“Ughh… I know, I just don’t have any appetite.”

Olivia didn’t move at all, simply groaning into the table to reply.
Amy shrugged hearing that.

“Young Lady, you need to eat if you want to get strong.”
“Feed me then.”

Olivia lifts her head and opens her mouth looking at me.
I really feel like she’s getting too spoiled now.

“I guess I have no choice, but just this time.
Straighten your back please.”
“Yayy, I love you Nataliaa!”

Oh look, her mood just turned itself over.

“Alright open wide.”
“Ahhhh…mm, yeah, your food is always really tasty.”

Oh man, I was ready to take a nurturing role for her, but I never thought that would extend to hand feeding her.

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