The duel two days after the school year started was a major event, so Olivia went to bed early so she would be well-rested for the next day.
I wait until I hear her deep and rhythmical breathing, and then I get up.

I make sure to not make any noise as I stand up, and open Olivia’s bag next to her desk.
I find the textbook she’s using at school inside and take it out.
I bring it with me to my desk and begin leafing through it.

The moon is bright tonight, which makes things easier, though my night vision has also improved enough that I could’ve read it without issue in the dark though.

The only person Olivia feels comfortable around at school is probably Amy, but she’s in the B classroom, so she’s probably not the best tutor Olivia would need to stay in the A classroom.

Then does she have any option left? I’m the only one who can help her now.

Somehow I only realized recently that magic automatons don’t need to sleep.
I can pull as many all-nighters in a row as I want.
That does have an effect on my mental state though, so I still need to take a rest every once in a while, but it’s also only an emotional issue.

I remember pulling all-nighters the day games released to beat them in one go, but sleepiness is no longer my enemy.

So let’s just focus and study magic all night long.

“Young Lady, I’ll give you extra lessons once you’re back from school today.”

I tell her that while she gets ready to go to school.
She seems a bit taken aback, blinking a few times looking at me.

“I thought you also struggled with magic though?”
“It is true that I can’t use any offensive spells, but that doesn’t stop me from studying and understanding the theory.
It should be enough to supplement your lessons.”

Olivia is right, I have next to no talent when it comes to offensive spells.
I can just barely cast low level magic.

But the theory and logic behind it is different.
Even if I can’t put it into practice, I can understand the textbooks, and I can even draw some analogies to knowledge from my past life.

“It might not be the same as receiving help from your mother, but I’ll do my best to teach you.”
“Thanks, Natalia.”

I see Olivia off after that, and get to work planning my lessons as soon as I’m free.

An hour has passed since her classes ended.
She should’ve been back by now, but I wonder what’s holding her? Hmm, maybe the duel from yesterday made her stand out a bit and she made new friends.

Studying is important, but social relationships are also part of life.
Let’s wait a little longer.

Another hour has passed.
She’s really late now.
I’m really getting worried.
But Olivia is at that age where she’ll prefer hanging out with friends.

“Ahhh, what should I do?”

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I’m starting to lose my mind staying in the room, like this, so I’ll just go take a walk and ease my worries.
I leave the dorm and head towards the school building.
When I get closer I notice a small crowd in the school yard, I wonder if something happened.

“That’s where they fought the duel yesterday too.”

I got curious so I walked into the crowd.

“Flame Tower!”
“Too slow! Sparkling Lightning Discharge!”

Olivia’s fist clad with lightning blew the pillar of fire and her opponent away.
Seriously, what’s she doing?

“That’s a match, Olivia wins.”

Damuel announces her victory, just like yesterday, his voice sounds somewhat emotionless.

“Olivia won, so that’s a 2.3x return for those betting in her favor! Try to recoup your losses in the next match everyone!”

Amy was happily placing bets with the crowd of students, or rather, she was the main organizer.
Seriously, what are they doing?

“Alright, who’s next? I’ll face anyone!”
“Oh, I’ll try next then.”

Olivia punches the air energetically and I speak to her from behind.

“Geh, Natalia?!”
“What do you mean, ‘geh’? What are you doing?”

Olivia recoils back and looks around nervously.

“Oh, no, it’s just that a buncha guys kept challenging me to a duel all-day long, and I kinda got dragged with the flow…”

“My apologies.
It seems the event yesterday made the rounds amongst the students, and some of the more rowdy ones decided to challenge her.
As I explained before, I can’t really oppose a duel, though they’ve never been used for such childish challenges before…”

Damuel looks downcast saying that, massaging his temples.
Considering his position, the most he can do is make sure no one gets seriously hurt.
He even seems embarrassed he had to watch over such an event.

Amy…I can’t see her anymore.
That girl really is quick on her feet.

“I see.
How’s the score looking now?”
“Nine wins! One more and I’ll reach ten!”

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Olivia answers proudly.
That is impressive, but I can’t allow myself to praise her now.
This is not the time for that.

“Young Lady, we’re going back.”
“Eh, but I’m about to reach-”
“We’re going back.”

She finally seems to accept what I’m saying, slouching her shoulders as she walks towards me.

“Wait! I still haven’t fought her!”
“No, it’s my turn now! I bet your Magical Arts are nothing compared to my magic!”

I thought I had finally convinced Olivia to work on her academic life, but the students don’t want to let her go yet.

“Everyone, the Young Lady is busy, this will be all for today.”
“Are you running away?”
“Why is an automaton getting in the way of our-”



Feeling my magic blade on their neck, and Black Hawk’s muzzle on their forehead, the two loud students finally shut up.

“I won’t repeat myself.
We’re leaving.”

I speak as calmly as I want, but I still glare at them.
I notice sweat beading up on their faces as they suddenly turn meek and nod, practically running away.

Seriously, Mir and Danny would’ve dodged that really easily and counterattacked, and from what I saw Olivia was capable of that too.
None of these students are a match for her.

I let Damuel take care of the rest and head back to the dorm with Olivia.

We reach our room and I get ready to teach her.

“Natalia, umm…”

I hear Olivia speak behind me, so I stop and turn around.

“Are you mad?”

That’s what she says.
I let out a tired sigh.

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“Young Lady, before concerning yourself with my feelings, how about you look back at your own actions?”
“My own actions?”
Everything you did today until I decided to check on you in the school yard.
Please think about it.”

After a bit she hangs her head down and her shoulders start trembling.

“You were really worried about my grades, but I didn’t think about coming back… I did something really horrible.”
“If you understand that much, you should know what to do next as well.
What I think or feel is irrelevant to that.”

She wanted to apologize because I was mad.
Does that mean she wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t look mad? That’s not how this works.

“…You did so much for me but I forgot about you…I’m sorry.”
“Good, I forgive you.
Let’s stop worrying about that now.”

I smile a little and pat her head.

She’s gotten taller than when I first met her, but she’s still a child.
I could’ve let her go more easily, but then she might cause more issues to other people.
No one needs to be liked by everyone in the world, but I don’t want her to feel ashamed of herself either.

Though still, I don’t feel good scolding her either.

Every time I have to deal with her I end up going easy on her, like she’s my little sister.

“Now that those feelings are out of the way, let’s study to make your future grades better.
You still want to go on adventures with me, right?”

I didn’t want to continue that conversation either.

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.”

Olivia lifts her head with a smile, looking even cuter than before.
Though I’m no lo-… Hmm, I guess Olivia isn’t really in that category anymore now that she’s grown.

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