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I curse to myself as I keep pulling the trigger, but she’s closing in too fast.

“Come on!”

I barely manage to stop her dagger with my magic blade.
But that was not her only attack.
My magic blade lights up two more times from impacts.

I try to fire Black Hawk while I block with my magic blade, but she dodges everything.
I see her left dagger swinging up from below, which I dodge twisting my body to the side, but then her right dagger closes in on me.

Both her daggers are swift.
I can’t block both with just one magic blade.
I leap back and stash Black Hawk into its holster, forming a second magic blade on my empty hand.

“Hmmm, mana materialization huh, and in both arms.”

Mishella mutters with a grin, but she doesn’t stop moving at all.
The distance from my jump gets closed in an instant, her two daggers swinging against me almost instantly.

“Alright, Speed Up, and Twister Edge!”

She starts spinning her body like a tornado, her daggers slipping through my defenses and cutting all over me.
I was too naive, thinking I could match her by fighting with two magic blades.

She hadn’t killed all those adventurers by getting lucky, her skills with her daggers are far superior than mine.
All I can do is to desperately try to avoid her attacks.

“You talk all high and mighty and this is what you do? So you can’t do anything without your magic device?”

I’m like Giese was against me earlier, cornered and forced to focus on defending.
Even if I try to get away, she’ll use that opening to charge at me.
She’s so fast I can’t really buy any time for myself.

My only option is to find some way to counterattack, or I’ll lose.
White Viper is out of ammo.
She can predict Black Hawk.
Her close-quarter combat skills are superior to mine.

What can I do then? Do I have a way out? No, I can’t give up even if it feels hopeless.
My only option now is to rely on magic.


I stop defending for an instant, dashing in and swinging my magic blades down on her.
Mishella quickly raises her daggers, but then my body vanishes.

I knew it!

Leaving an illusion to blind her while I go behind her to strike her back was a good idea.
But I don’t feel anything as I strike.

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Mishella had squatted down, my magic blade passing above her.

“Too bad.”

Mishella twirls around, her feet swiping off mine.
My arm is still struck forward from the failed hit, so I get pushed off balance and fall forwards.

“Illusory Magic only works on children.”

Mishella stands up and stabs my wrist, hitting right where my gauntlet ended.

“Now it’s over!”

Her other dagger swings down trying to deal the final blow.
This is bad.
I leave my arm pinned on the ground as I roll over to dodge, and use the momentum to push myself onto my feet again.

“W-what’s this?!”

Mishella was in shock.
I’m on my feet, nerve threads extending from my arm.

“Even if you noticed I was a woman, I guess you didn’t notice this.”

This is me.
I’m a different species and class, and am the masterpiece of the most powerful sorceress.

“Is this your first time meeting a magic automaton3?”

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