I’m not confident we’d be able to win if I help her, and this is her fight so it wouldn’t really have a point.
Mir has to overcome this challenge on her own.
All I can offer is cheering her on.

“Oh right, Mir, we ran into a Clamp Boar on our way back home, would you like some of the meat?”
“Huh, is that alright?”
It’s too much for us to finish, and I don’t want it to get spoiled.”
“I’ll gladly take it then.”
“And ah, there’s some for you too Aria.”
“Oh, I’m truly sorry to impose on you like this, but do you mind if I take it right away?”
“Of course not, it’s all raw though.”
“As long as my children can eat it’s alright.
And knowing you I’m sure you’re carrying cooking utensils and other food too, right? Why don’t we all eat together?”

For some bizarre reason, Aria is asking me to cook right here, right now.
All under the assumption that I’m always ready to cook.

“Well, I did bring stuff like that.
But it’ll have to be something rather simple, is that alright?”

I take out a chopping board, a knife, a pan, and other ingredients from my magic storage.
This much is required for a maid.

“I’ll cut everything here, so could you make a simple stove with stones and light it?”

I let the rest handle the fire while I start cutting up the pork and other ingredients.
Some time later the food is done.

“There’s Clamp Boar roasted with fragrant herbs, grilled with breadcrumbs, and roasted with garlic.
There’s also two choices of sauces, so feel free to choose whichever you like best.”

The sauces weren’t freshly made, but those I kept in reserve.
Overall it’s a really simplistic meal, but I was limited on time and ingredients so it’s the best I could do.
I look around, the three are standing silently.

“Umm, it isn’t to your liking?”
“No, it’s just…this feels a bit excessive for what I asked…”

I ask, slightly fearful, and Aria holds her forehead saying that, while Olivia and Mir nod.

“Natalia, did your cooking improve even more?”

Yes, I can say that is the case.
I already had experience from my past life, but I’ve been studying this world’s cooking as well.
Living in the Magic Academy’s second dorm means being around the daughters of nobles, even if they’re lower rank ones, so I feel obligated to learn how to make food suitable for them.
Thanks to that, my cooking skill levelled up.

“Oh well… Let’s eat before it gets cold.”

The three sit down to eat.
Before I start eating myself, I take some finely cut meat and distribute it amongst the spiderlings, who eat it frantically.

“So Olivia, how’s school going?”
“Huh? Oh…studying is hard, but I’m managing somehow with the help of my friends.”

Aria was once Ophelia’s Servant, so she’s curious about Olivia’s studies.
Olivia’s response sounded somewhat awkward and lifeless.
She’s usually really energetic and bright, so I wonder what happened to her.

“Natalia, how do you like the gauntlets so far?”
“I like them, they’re strong and conduct mana well.
They also fit me very comfortably, so I’m happy with them.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”

I praise the gauntlets, which makes Mir happy as their creator.
Her gauntlets make a day and night difference compared to the leather gloves I used before.
They almost feel like an extension of my body.

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“There’s actually another piece of equipment I’d like you to make for me.”
“Yes, anything for you Natalia.”

Some days ago I felt like another piece of my equipment could be improved, so I decided I’d ask her to make it while I’m back home.
That reminded me of something else.

“By the way Mir, do you have any Mana Crystals for sale in your shop?”

Mana Crystals are a type of mineral with the property to gather and store mana.

My magic blade is also a physical manifestation of mana, but once I stop imbuing them with mana they vanish.
Mana Crystals can retain it, making them something similar to rechargeable batteries for mana.

I was looking for them since they’re an important component of my guns’ magazines.
One of my magazines had been crushed under an ogre’s feet, but according to the blueprints Ophelia left they’re pretty easy to make, so I want to try making some myself.

“Mana Crystals? Blacksmiths don’t really use those, so we don’t have any.
Maybe you can try ordering them in the guild?”
“Hmm, okay, so about the equipment-”
“You know, you can gather Mana Crystals further inside my cave.”

I try to bring up my request to Mir, but Aria interrupts me.
I feel like what she said made it worth interrupting me though.

“Are you sure about that, Aria?”
If you keep going into the cave you’ll eventually encounter a vein of Mana Crystals.”

I hardly have to think about what to do next.

“I’m going mining for a bit.
I’ll clean up the cookware later, so just leave it as is.”
“Huh, Natalia? I’m going with you then!”
“Ah, me too!”

I stand up to go further into the cave, but then Olivia and Mir quickly follow behind me.
This is something I’m doing for myself though, there’s no need for them to come along.

“Okay, this child will show you the way then.”

Under Aria’s command, a spiderling descends in front of me.
It’s another brown spiderling like the one we met at the entrance.

“That’s a Copper Spider, a rare species of evolved Steel Spider1.
Their abilities and magic are superior to Steel Spiders2, so I’m sure this child will help with a lot more than just telling you where to go.”

The Copper Spider waves its front leg like before.

“Nice to meet you then, Copper Spider.”

And so, the Copper Spider took us further into the cave, where we had never gone before.

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