Broken File Record

Dragging his tired body back to the dormitory, the sky was already white, and He Jian Fei immediately dialed his girlfriend Tian Yin Zhen’s number.
Tian Yin Zhen is a psychic mediator and may be helpful in the investigation of this incident.
“Oh, it’s our handsome brother He.
Now there is good news and bad news.
Which one do you want to listen to first?“ Tian Yin Zhen’s silver bell-like laughter and the usual teasing came from the other end of the phone.
He Jian Fei reluctantly thought that he hadn’t heard it.
He thought for a while and sighed: “Anyway, there have been enough bad things these days.
Let’s listen to the bad news first.”

“The bad news is that you left your bankbook and credit cards and they got muddled with mine, so I’ve been accidentally using the wrong ones.”

He Jian Fei said, “That’s not a bad thing, I’m now taking other people’s cards by mistake too.
What about the good things?” Tian Yin Zhen cleared her throat and said in a high octave voice: “You have just been voted as the number one pretty boy in the province’s colleges and universities.” He Jian Fei cried and laughed: “Who in the world is running such a boring campaign?” Tian Yin Zhen was surprised: “Hey, you were voted as the first most beautiful boy-” He Jian Fei quickly interrupted her: “Yinzi, have you sensed anything wrong with my school?” There Tian Yin Zhen mused: “Well, it seems that some beautiful women have a lot of eye-catching radio waves, how is it? Which one do you like?” He Jian Fei rolled his eyes angrily: “Yin Zhen, this isn’t a joke, someone died here.”

Tian Yin Zhen’s laughter continued: “Which beautiful woman is dead? It’s so heartbreaking for our handsome brother He.” He Jian Fei said in a deep voice: “Zhang Chuanxun is dead.
Later, his wronged soul came to my dormitory to avenge my wrongdoing.” The phone fell silent for a long time, and Tian Yin Zhen said: “It’s too far away, I can’t sense anything, your spell is higher than mine, what is the matter of calling me from there?” He Jian Fei said, “I want you to help me see the instant memory, if possible, it is best to look at the instant scene of a place.” (Note: The terms instant scene and instant memory are of Japanese origin.
Instantaneous scene means that it is said that when a person dies in extreme pain, there will be residual thoughts left in the world, repeating the process of tragic death, for example, a person who was burned to death by fire can see from the instantaneous scene that he was burned by fire until he died.
And through the resentful mana magnetic field left by an unjust soul, you can know the situation of the wronged soul at that time, which is an instant memory.
In general, instantaneous scenes can be preserved forever and will not be erased, while instantaneous memories only have a thirty-day period.) Tian Yin Zhen said, “Okay, I don’t have class in the afternoon, I’ll be there at three.”

In the afternoon, Tian Yin Zhen arrived on time, and He Jian Fei told her all the original beginnings and ends of the Haunted Spectre Road.
Tian Yin Zhen saw that He Jian Fei’s face and tone were not as calm as usual, and knowing that the matter was serious, she was startled and asked, “Is that haunted-whatever-road that powerful?” He Jian Fei frowned and said, “I don’t know its strength very well as of now.
Either way, first help me look at the instant memory of the night before.
I wanted to make sure if it was Chuanxun, and what exactly he was trying to say to me.” Tian Yin Zhen took out a basin of water, sprinkled it with medicinal powder, put her hands on the outside of the basin, and began to silently chant the spell.

The water in the basin began to turn black, reflecting the situation in He Jian Fei’s dormitory the night before.
A black air drifted in from the balcony, forming a black shadow about three meters away from He Jian Fei’s bed, and the soul calling bell immediately rang loudly, and then He Jian Fei woke up, and just as he was questioning, the black figure suddenly stretched out a pair of bloody hands.
Against the backdrop of the moonlight, one could clearly see that the black figure’s outstretched hands were completely parallel to his shoulders.
When He Jian Fei lifted the mosquito net, the black shadow suddenly disappeared again.
The picture in the water began to move to the outside of the door, and the black figure was floating around outside the door, sobbing from time to time.
Finally, the English book in the room fell to the ground, and when He Jian Fei turned his head to look, the black figure suddenly stood up behind him: disheveled hair, protruding eyes, bloody face, but it was still clearly seen that it was Chuanxun’s unique Chinese character face.
Tian Yin Zhen was frightened by this terrifying scene, her skills dispersed, and the image in the water immediately disappeared.
She couldn’t help but let out a long breath and said: “Seeing someone I know become like this, even if I was mentally prepared, I would be shocked.” She saw He Jian Fei’s solemn face and said: “Sure enough, his posture is exactly the same as the legendary posture of retribution in the underworld, can it really be said that it is the scourge of the Haunted Spectre Road? But he died on the main school road.”

Tian Yin Zhen drained the basin of water and came back: “That posture is very similar, but you are not the messenger of the underworld, and you have nothing to do with the underworld.
It stands to reason that the magic world does not care about the matter of the wronged soul, why did Zhang Chuanxun come to you again to avenge the wrong, it is really strange that a little devil with such a low mana as he was not pulled away by the impermanence of the underworld.
I don’t think the efficiency of the underworld is very good now.”

He Jian Fei’s thoughts drifted to Zhang Chuanxun’s body again, that ordinary woman who was righteous, fearless, and kind, who died without the slightest resentment.
Why could she still not be controlled through the Naihe Bridge? Could it be that the Haunted Spectre Road has the ability to manipulate the power of life and death in the underworld? Thinking in his heart, his face was silent, and he only heard Tian Yin Zhen continue: “Besides, there are many inconsistencies in the legend of the Haunted Spectre Road, and we can’t believe it all”.

He Jian Fei suddenly became interested: “Many inconsistencies? What inconsistencies does it have?” Tian Yin Zhen knew that He Jian Fei’s mentality had always been several times higher than hers, and understood that he wanted to test her, so he didn’t tell the truth, and said with a smile: “The legend is extremely vulgar, and the content of jokes is very heavy.
I won’t talk about it.
From the plot it describes, there are several big loopholes.
First, the origin of Haunted Spectre Road was started by a girl who was misdiagnosed as cancer, and a few years later she had the ability to kill.
Investigating the cause of her death, she was at best an ordinary ghost, how could she have such great ability to provoke such a big disturbance? Unless it is the origin of the ghost path, there are other twists and turns.
Second, the legend has pointed out that after the girl died, crying could be heard every night, so no one dared to leave.
Why did the boy not shy away from taboos but had to pass there, and at the most dreaded time——in the middle of the night? His actions are deduced according to the content of the legend, and must have a great relationship with what he is looking for.
But no matter how great the connection is, there is no reason to bet your life on this unreasonable bet.
Third, it is said in the legend that all people who were murdered by ghosts have the same death conditions, but the boy and the girl who were raped and murdered were also murdered by ghosts.
Why are their death conditions different from others? This may be said…” At this point, Tian Yin Zhen couldn’t help hesitating for a moment, as if thinking about how to sum it up.
He Jian Fei already smiled slightly and said: “The legend of the Haunted Spectre Road actually started after the death of the girl who was raped and killed.
Capable of killing”.
Tian Yin Zhen clapped her hands and laughed, “That’s right, that’s why I said that all doubts are concentrated on those three people.
The years of their deaths are so close to each other, and the legend has been passed down for more than 50 years.
It is inevitable that some people with bad memories will distort and falsify it.
Maybe the truth of the ghost path found out in the end is quite different from the legend.” The more Tian Yin Zhen spoke, the more excited she became.
The element of curiosity has surpassed the original intention of saving the legend’s crisis.
He Jian Fei was only annoyed and funny watching it.

“Oh!” Tian Yin Zhen exclaimed, as if he had discovered something wrong, and said, “If, as I said, the information has long disappeared after more than fifty years, and this kind of major event that ruins the face of the school has always been strictly blocked, wouldn’t it…?” Thinking that the Haunted Spectre Road might be a death case that could never be solved, Tian Yin Zhen’s interest immediately diminished, and her speech became soft.
He Jian Fei stood up and stretched his waist and said, “You’re right, but not completely.
After half a century of evolution, all the most precious first-hand information has either disappeared or been destroyed by the school, but it is only official.
What about the folk ones?” Tian Yin Zhen was stunned: “Folk?” He Jian Fei said, “The name change of the Haunted Spectre Road has caused fierce debate in the student union, can it be that the student union in front or behind has no action? Dying a few people a year is a big deal, and no matter how the school is blocked, there will always be people who will find ways to leave a message that will one day be able to eliminate the mystery of the legends.
I don’t want to read those high-sounding words from the school, but I want to see the real situation left by the righteous students at that time about the turmoil and the change of people talking about that moment.” Tian Yin Zhen said, “As you said, the students who learned the truth at that time must be in their seventies and eighties now, where can they still be found?” He Jian Fei said with a smile: “That’s why I said you were careless.
Have you forgotten what I said when I first showed you around the school?” Tian Yin Zhen was reminded by him like this, and then remembered that when He Jian Fei introduced this prestigious ancient school to her, he once proudly mentioned the biggest difference between this school and other colleges and universities – it was established by the president of the student union in the early days of the school, in order to fight the autocracy and monopoly of the school, the president of the previous student union publicly handed over the key to the next student union president at the change ceremony, bypassing all the institutions of the school, and striving to leave the most detailed work records of the student union archives.
Tian Yin Zhen suddenly realized, and said with a smile: “So it is.
As the number one horror legend in the school, how can the student union not have the slightest record left? The truth of the legend of the Haunted Spectre Road will soon be known.

In order to distinguish it from the school archives, the archives of the student union are not located in the school history building, but in a large room covering an area of more than 90 square meters on the top floor of the library.
Tian Yin Zhen was coming to the top floor of the library for the first time.
As soon as she got out of the elevator door, she saw an old wooden door with only one crack, the red paint was almost completely gone, the big hole was eaten by termites, the air conditioner on the side is blowing “whoop”, the door is occasionally blown, and “squeaks”, as if trying to show its thick wood and precious value.
The walls on both sides are very white, and they seem to have been painted recently, which is a sharp contrast to the door.
Tian Yin Zhen was stunned, “This… This is your student union archive? Will students be so poor?” According to her imagination, even if it is not as luxurious as a five-star hotel, after all, there must be red carpet floor-to-ceiling windows, glazed walls and French chandeliers, etc.
But the appearance of this slum house in the twenties and thirties in front of her poured a large basin of cold water on her.
He Jian Fei, who was afraid that she would be cold, took off his trench coat and was putting it on her, laughed when he heard this: “It is said that it is to respect the hard work and efforts made by the predecessors of the student union, so the future generations of the student union do not dare to move, they just work outside the wall”.
Look at the iron plate next to you, and it will surprise you even more”.
Only then did Tian Yin Zhen notice that there was still a small iron plate standing next to the wooden door, because it had turned brass over time, and the words engraved on it were blurry and could only barely be recognized.
Tian Yin Zhen read: “Article 1 of the regulations on the management of the archives of the student union, retired and current employees and teachers of the school are strictly prohibited from entering this room, and the rest of the personnel are not allowed to enter unless they have been signed by the president and vice president of the previous and current student unions.
Students who are not members of the Student Union are required to apply for special approval slips from the current Student Union President and Vice President with their student ID cards to enter the Students’ Union.
Those who do not comply shall request the current student union to draw up a punishment plan in accordance with Article 97 of these Regulations.” Tian Yin Zhen couldn’t help but marvel: “It’s amazing, it can even restrict the school.
It’s not like the student union in our school.
It blows whatever the school says, and follows it.
Is your school convinced and won’t resist?” He Jian Fei said: “It just wants to, and there is no way.
The most important thing in our school is tradition, especially this kind of conventional rule, if anyone wants to touch it, even if the current student union and students agree, the previous dozens of old alumni will not do it.
The school is so shrewd that it will not do such a brazen thing.” He Jian Fei glanced at Tian Yin Zhen, who was listening with relish, and then said with a smile: “The most interesting thing is not this.
When you see this iron plate, do you think of any allusions?” Tian Yin Zhen laughed: “I guessed it earlier.
You are imitating the story of the Ming Emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang, who put up an iron plate to prohibit eunuchs from interfering in imperial politics.” He Jian Fei shook his head and said, “Not exactly.
You are too poisonous and compared the school to a eunuch.
We are following the Kangxi Dynasty, an iron plaque was erected outside the military aircraft to point out the allusion that outsiders are not allowed to enter without special orders.” While saying that, he took out the special approval slip from the student union from his arms and prepared to enter.

Tian Yin Zhen, who was on the side, was aroused by the inconspicuous iron plate, and squinted down to find Article 97: “Article 97, if there is violation of Article 1, Article 4 and Article 28,  if the situation arises, please call the current student union to launch a school-wide demonstration or strike after emergency consultation.
If the situation is serious or the school insists on not complying, please call the chairman and vice-chairman of more than ten sessions of the student union to hold an emergency meeting and issue an announcement in the name of the school’s previous student unions, and take all legal means of protest throughout the society, including exposure to the media and prosecution to the court…” He Jian Fei grabbed Tian Yin Zhen and said: “Don’t read it, it’s important to find out the truth.
I have the printed copy, you just take it home and read it.”

“Is there a slip?” Entering the door, before she had time to look around, a low and trembling voice had already startled Tian Yin Zhen.
After entering the door, before he had time to look around, Tian Yin Zhen was startled by a deep and trembling voice.
On the side of the door, beside a low and uneven old table, was a bald old man.
With two rows of loose yellow teeth showing and panting, and a pair of small eyes crowded by spots that almost turned into thin lines, He Jian Fei hurriedly handed over the special approval slip along with his student ID card.The old man held the special approval slip and looked at it over and over again, as if it was a fake.
After a while, he raised his head and glanced at He Jian Fei and said, “What are you looking for?” He Jian Fei said with a smile: “The management regulations do not say that students have to explain the reason if they want to go in.” The old man gritted his teeth and said, “I’m just curious, few people are interested in these yellow files now, let alone the files from more than 50 years ago when the two of you checked it.
You go in.” 

Tian Yin Zhen pulled He Jian Fei aside and whispered in his ear: “Your student union does things weirdly.
You put up a sign and didn’t mention it.
You even invited such an old fellow to interrogate you, making this place like a Yamen”.
Speaking of this, he glanced at the thief-eyed old man and couldn’t help but smile.
He Jian Fei said in a low voice, “Don’t talk nonsense.
This old man has been the caretaker here from the beginning, he is always old, he is very loyal, and the people in the school do not know how afraid he is.” The two whispered and came in front of a pile of dusty files.
He Jian Fei stepped forward and carefully blew off the dust on the surface, looked at the time on the surface of the bag, and said to Tian Yin Zhen: “Zhang Qingfang shouldn’t lie to us, since she said that the Haunted Spectre Road originated in 1949, we will start to check from the files in 1949.
Let’s get up.” Tian Yin Zhen smiled and said, “Okay, you check the 49-year-old, and I’ll check the 50-year-old.” The file room became quiet again, and only the thick and hard paper could be heard quickly flipping. 

He Jian Fei felt something was wrong when he opened the first page of the file in 1949.
Although he had never been in the student union, he also knew that “report worries first and good news later” is the rule passed down from the beginning.
In the later period, it became a little awkward.
Not to mention the singing and dancing, even the words became more and more precise, and the bureaucratic flavor became stronger and stronger, as if trying to cover up something.
As a taboo in student union records, it has always been strictly prohibited by the student union.
Why was it unblocked in 1949? He Jian Fei became more and more convinced that something unusual must have happened in 1949, perhaps it was the shocking mystery that directly led to the Wronged Ghost Path.
Thinking of this, his speed of turning the pages could not help but increase.
“Ah!” He Jian Fei exclaimed, completely cutting through the silence that lasted about an hour.
The answer was clearly revealed on the white paper in front of him.

Tian Yin Zhen was searching on the other side of the cabinet in a boring way, and when she heard He Jian Fei exclaimed, she knew that something was wrong, so she hurried forward and asked, “What did you find?” The work arrangement of the campus art festival was suddenly interrupted, and a blank sheet of paper was inserted, on which was an unsigned four-character poem:

Dancing cherry blossoms, road grass barriers,

The top of the pagoda is broken, it is intentional,

Beloved God, have mercy on me in this life,

Goddess Luo of West Lake, King Xiang loves deeply.

Tian Yin Zhen said inexplicably: “What does this mean? Not only does it not rhyme, but the sentences also make no sense.” He Jian Fei shook his head and said, “It’s probably a riddle.
Don’t be too busy solving the riddle, don’t you think this poem is played strangely? I took a look at the thread, and it seems that it was inserted later, deliberately interrupting the recording, that is to say, the person who put this blank paper seems to be trying to attract our attention.
Now the matter is difficult to solve.” He said, sighing.
Tian Yin Zhen glanced at him strangely and said, “What’s the problem? Since someone left the clue, you should be happy.
Even…” He Jian Fei suddenly pointed his finger at the wall.
Tian Yin Zhen looked up and saw that there was a A plaque reading “Student Union Archives.”

Absolutely rejecting the involvement of school forces is to establish a democratic mechanism independent of autocracy and monopoly.
The student union archives have always been covered with a sacred cloak in the eyes of students.
In this small space tightly protected by the system, students can speak freely and reveal all the truth, which is known as the “little iron box”.
Why in this small iron box, did someone intentionally create a mysterious and strange poem? He Jian Fei and Tian Yin Zhen glanced at each other, and a word popped out in their hearts at the same time: “Broken record!” This term was created by the student unions of other colleges and universities.
Since they could not obtain the same superior environment as this school, they had to avoid the school’s censorship by interrupting the archives, so as to leave a few sentences to warn future generations, but the archives are broken.
Records have never appeared in this school because of the establishment of the small tin box, and there is no reason and space for its existence.
Knowing the seriousness of the matter, He Jian Fei left the file and walked to another cabinet, saying, “I want to see who the asshole who was the president of the student union in 1949 is, and why he does things so unconventionally?” He opened the cabinet as he spoke.
In the personnel record sheet, there was another louder exclamation in an instant.
The old man at the door roared: “Kids inside, don’t bark, or you will be kicked out!”

Tian Yin Zhen hurriedly responded: “Got it.” She lowered his voice and asked, “What’s the matter?” He Jian Fei’s extremely disbelieving eyes moved from his watch to Tian Yin Zhen’s face, and Tian Yin Zhen’s whole body was shivering: ” You won’t believe it, the president and vice-chairman of the student union in 1949 turned out to be the ‘twin heroes on campus’!” Tian Yin Zhen’s eyes widened instantly, but she managed to control herself from screaming again.

“Campus duo” is the biggest myth on this campus.
It is said that the former president of the student union was unreasonably expelled for opposing the school’s policies, and all cadres were punished in different ways.
The student union was facing the tragic situation of being disintegrated and taken over by the school.
Only a freshman student stepped in and became the youngest and longest-serving student council president and vice-chairman in school history.
One month after taking over as the chairman, a large-scale fire broke out in the whole school, affecting 50% of the campus.
With their extraordinary courage and extraordinary calmness, the two chairmen controlled the panic in only three days.
In the end, there was a miracle that no one was killed or injured.
Afterwards, he drastically reformed the student union system, took the lead in openly raising the banner of opposing school autocracy, established the iron box system, and gave himself the power to fight against the school through the student representative assembly.
It has created the most prosperous and most democratic campus public opinion environment since the establishment of the school.
It has also become customary to swear to follow the example of the “campus duo” at the inauguration ceremony of the president of the student union.

According to the management regulations, every file of the student union must be put in here after the chairman and vice chairman have read the whole article, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of cadres playing tricks.
The “campus duo” has set a record for this broken file! A thief shouting “Catch a thief?” He Jian Fei’s mind couldn’t turn the corner, and he just stood there blankly until Tian Yin Zhen’s words woke him up: “How come you don’t know which year the campus duo served in the student union?” He Jian Fei said helplessly: “That’s none of my business, the legend of the two heroes on campus doesn’t mention the year at all…” Before he finished speaking, he thought about it.
The excellent student union president always talked about it for the students, and other things were mentioned.
Why didn’t the most famous campus duo not? Tian Yin Zhen said: “It’s useless to be surprised now.
Let’s assume that the two heroes on campus left it on purpose, then there must be more than one broken record.
Let’s look for it again.”

Sure enough, as expected, Tian Yin Zhen discovered that a few words were crookedly written next to a program list of a cultural performance in 1951: Three days, the king died, because of unknown reasons, we will prepare the ceremony and go to make a sacrifice.
See the words , know it, all scattered.
On the seventh day, Ting died, as expected. “Literally, it should mean that after the boy’s unknown death, his classmates went to visit the grave, did not know what words they saw, knew something, and stopped the grave sweeping activities and went back.
On the seventh, another girl named Ting died, but why is it “expected”?” Over there, He Jian Fei also found this article in the 53rd year student union record: “If you know today, why bother? Remorse is irreparable.
After the end of the year, the wind is clear.
“There is no front or back, no beginning and no end, a few sentences, sandwiched in many complicated transcripts, and it stands out alone.

If those inexplicable words really have no real basis and have any connection with the Haunted Spectre Road, then another article that He Jian Fei found is really very clear and relevant information.
It was mentioned in a working note by the president of the student union in 1954: “The change of the name of the road is a last resort, and its effect may not be as we expected.
The cause of this is found in the third document of the 49th record; the twentieth document of the 1951 year record, and the fifth file of the 1953 year are the remarks and notes.
I hope that the next president will take this as his top priority, and don’t forget it! It is remembered after the second meeting of the Student Council in March 1954”.

It gradually became clear that the Haunted Spectre Road did originate in 1949, the third year of the campus duo’s tenure – it was in the most prosperous year that the Haunted Spectre Road was no longer the same.
However, how the campus duo, who are the best student union cadres, dealt with the suicide incident and what clues they left behind miraculously disappeared from the files.
On the contrary, what is even more strange is that in the last half year, only the comments of the vice chairman can be seen on the file, but the name of the chairman has never appeared again.
The following student unions seemed to avoid this very much, and never mentioned it.
Are there any twists and turns hidden behind the prosperity that the world does not know? Just as he was thinking about it, Tian Yin Zhen raised the record and said: “I still don’t understand.
To set up the iron box system, one should lead by example.
Besides, the system is already perfect, and the two heroes on campus don’t need to make any broken records.
In the next few sessions, the student union actually followed the suit.
It is really confusing.” He Jian Fei just looked at the ground quietly without speaking, then suddenly raised his head after a long while and said, “No, the campus duo is worthy of being a campus duo, so it’s perfectly appropriate to deal with it like this.” Tian Yin Zhen was taken aback and said, “What?!”

“Things that do not conform to common sense can no longer be measured by common sense.
We are all overwhelmed by the reputation of the two heroes on campus.
In fact, if you think about it from the content of the legend, you can understand the mystery of all broken records.
The girl was diagnosed with cancer during the medical examination, and the physical examination program was fully taken over by the student union from the third year of the school’s establishment, and the school never interfered, they just looked at the results.
Then, the broken file record that appears to avoid school censorship is completely inapplicable to the Haunted Spectre Road incident.
There can only be two reasons why the campus duo did this: one is that the school’s interference was one of the factors that caused the girl’s death; As you said, the protection of the iron box is enough, so I am more inclined to speculate on the second point.” Tian Yin Zhen frowned and said, “No longer means broken records? It’s so profound, can you speak more straightforwardly?” He Jian Fei looked at the other side of the door and lowered his voice: “Can’t you see it yet?” Campus twins do this not to avoid the school, but to avoid the students.
Tian Yin Zhen’s eyes jumped, and she hurriedly asked, “Why? There has always been only avoidance of schools, where can students be avoided?” He Jian Fei said: “There is only one possibility, once the truth of the Haunted Spectre Road is revealed, I am afraid that people will be in turmoil and will not be able to control the overall situation of the whole school.
The latter student unions are just using the same technique to show that they are targeting the same thing.
This is probably the true meaning of the broken record.”

The mysteries gradually dissipated.
The most terrifying legend on campus, the Haunted Spectre Road, really has extremely deep roots.
Even the invincible campus duo can only use this obscure method to warn, you can imagine how violent waves were set off in the school that year.
Thinking of this, He Jian Fei’s mood suddenly became very heavy.
He originally thought that this road was at most just a slightly more powerful evil spirit.
It didn’t take much effort to subdue and suppress it.
It would be fine to avenge Zhang Chuanxun.
Who would have expected.
It has been involved for more than 50 years, and the twists and turns are hidden and unspeakable.
I am afraid it is not as simple as an unjust death.

He Jian Fei took over the file from 1951 and looked at it carefully.
Tian Yin Zhen said: “In my opinion, the two of ‘Jun’ and ‘Ting’ should be the boy who died later and the girl who was raped and murdered.
There is also a secret, but the sentence is too vague, and there is very little explanation, so it is difficult to solve the mystery.” He Jian Fei nodded and said: “However, it can still be seen that the truth is quite different from the legend, and Ting’s death may be due to other reasons.
If it was raped and murdered, how could it be an ‘unexpected thing’? It’s hard to say what happened to the emperor.
But what I’m most confused about is not this.
One of the broken records mentioned that ‘protecting the stone and protecting the seat’ should be the top priority.
, it seems to be some kind of treasure that restrains evil ghosts, where are the ‘stones’ and ‘seats’ hidden in the campus now?” The two carefully studied, but felt that the clues were confusing, and the reasons were intricate, and they couldn’t find it anymore.
No conclusions can be drawn, but it is getting more and more chaotic.
However, one fact is already evident.
Haunted Spectre Road started in 1949 and changed in 1951.
Until 54 years ago, people in the student union still held the secret, but it was not known whether it was due to human negligence or other reasons.
After 54 years, the secret gradually disappeared, and even distorted the truth at that time by false rumors.
To find out the truth, the only way is to find out the student union officials from 54 years ago and inquire.

54 years ago? Tian Yin Zhen secretly twisted her fingers calculated in her heart.
Those cadres are now at least more than seventy years old.
After more than fifty years of changes, it is difficult to say where those people are now.
Even if we find them, half a century has passed, can those people still remember the original situation? Although she felt that this road was not feasible and learned the truth of the Haunted Spectre Road, she had always known He Jian Fei’s temper.  Even if he knew that it was a dead end, he had to go back to confirm, so she was silent and listened to He Jian Fei: “It’s late, I’ll send you back first.
We’ll go to the student union tomorrow and bring up the address book to see.
As long as you find someone who knows, things will be much easier.”

At seven o’clock the next morning, He Jian Fei and Tian Yin Zhen came to the student union office.
Tian Yin Zhen looked around curiously, but this office was not as shabby as the file room.
The clear window sills, tall beams and huge golden plaques seem to remind people all the time that this is the soul place of the students of this school.
An exquisite student union emblem is hung on the door to symbolize the bestowed by the student representative assembly of the whole school.
Supreme power.
Tian Yin Zhen smiled, and said to He Jian Fei: “Your office is quite decent, why don’t you also put up an iron sign outside the door, saying, ‘All civil and military officials must dismount and enter the Forbidden City on foot’?” He Jian Fei was about to answer, suddenly a tall man walked out of the door.
He was wearing a plaid shirt and a snow-white T-shirt inside.
He had a very happy expression on his face.
When He Jian Fei saw this person, he shrank back, and that person had already caught up with him quickly.
He grabbed He Jian Fei’s hand and shook it violently, as if he had learned about Taiwan’s reunification: “Jian Fei, I will say that sincerity is where the gold and stone are open.
You finally figured it out, are you willing to join our student union?!” He Jian Fei hurriedly pulled out his hand and said, “Chairman He, don’t guess.
Which side of my face has ‘Join’ written on it? I’m here this time to borrow and take a look at the address book, and also have something to ask you.” It turned out to be the chairman of the student union, and Tian Yin Zhen was secretly taken aback.
Chairman He said disappointedly: “Are you still unwilling to join? I value your ability so much, and I plan to ask you to join and let you be the chairman.
You might as well think about it again.
Although being a chairman is a bit tiring, the benefits are great.
Quite a lot, I’ll give you money and beauties…” He Jian Fei hastily grabbed Chairman He’s clothes and told him not to talk nonsense, but it was too late, “Ouch!” He Jian Fei bent down in pain, Tian Yin Zhen, who was full of anger, just said nothing.
Without hesitation, he stomped on his foot.
Seeing that the trick was successful, Chairman He quickly suppressed his smile and said, “Hey, Jian Fei, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay? You’re tired from standing outside, so let’s sit inside.
Xiao Zhang, bring the address book here.” Hastily withdrew to go in, only to hear He Jian Fei muttering something like “a gentleman’s revenge” behind him.

The address book and personnel records of the cadres of the student union have already been brought over.
Tian Yin Zhen just flipped through them.
As she expected, the correspondence addresses and contact information of those cadres since the 1960s are basically blank.
He Jian Fei leaned over to take a look, and said to Chairman He: “Why do you have no address here 60 years ago? How did you become the chairman of the student union? You want me to join you with such low efficiency!” Chairman He looked.
Without even lifting it, a file folder just finished reading came over with the sound of “huhu”: “I am the chairman of the student union, not a neighborhood committee that engages in family planning.
It has been so many years.
You think those people just stay and die in one place and refuse to go out, where can you find out? But then again, what are you doing? Could it be that there is your long-lost relative here…” Before he finished speaking, He Jian Fei had already flown the folder back with his eyes: “Is my life so tragic?” ”

Seeing that the address book didn’t work at all, He Jian Fei thought about what to pick up to have a look.
Tian Yin Zhen exclaimed from there: “Ah! So the head of the Propaganda Department in 1956 is so handsome!” Chairman He couldn’t bear it any longer.
He couldn’t help laughing, and He Jian Fei sighed, everything is really not going well, and he hits everywhere.
Suddenly he remembered the matter of “protecting the stone and protecting the seat”, and hurriedly approached Chairman He mysteriously: “Did the senior brother pass you any treasures? For example, the stone throne or something.” Chairman He called: ” Hey, Brother Jian Fei, I am here for the Student Union, not the Qinglong Gang.
By the way, he left me a bill of 1,000 yuan.
Since you are interested, I will give it to you.” He Jian Fei said: “Then do you have a list of students who dropped out of school or died…?” Chairman He waved his hand: “Go to the funeral home to check.”

The last clue was broken, and He Jian Fei was disappointed and wanted to leave the office.
Chairman He seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly raised his head and said, “Why do you keep asking some strange questions today? Strangely enough, I remembered that there seemed to be a yellowing unknown record in that cabinet, and if you had so much time, you would help me study it.” He Jian Fei’s spirits lifted, and he hurriedly took the piece of paper to look at it, only to see that there were some strange times and things recorded on it:

It was decided the plan would commence on the 3rd

4th – success

5th – the expected effect was not achieved, hence it was carried out in depth

6th – failure

18th – continuation

19th – it went

23rd – it was seen; three passed

28th – graduation

Among them, “it went” was circled in red, and then the following is the comment of the president of the student union: “This is a matter of great importance, don’t take it lightly.” Chairman He said, “Look, what kind of mess is this? I also want to say that it is important, so that I dare not lose it.” He Jian Fei shook his head, but secretly wondered, the key to the whole piece of paper lies in that “it”, what does “it” refer to ? What happened again? Although this piece of paper is weird, it may not have anything to do with the Haunted Spectre Road.
So He Jian Fei didn’t intend to go any further, and said to Chairman He, “Do you have any ideas for me to find those student union cadres from 54 years ago?” Chairman He thought about it.
After a while, he said: “There is a way.
One month from now will be our 100th anniversary.
At that time, advertisements will be posted everywhere to invite old alumni to participate.
You can go and see, but I can’t guarantee that they will definitely come.” He Jian Fei’s eyes lit up: “That’s right, why did I forget about the school celebration? The student union is full of talents, and you can pick any one at random.
What do you need me, a waste?” When he turned around, he saw that Tian Yin Zhen was still stunned by the photo, and said angrily: “You and him are in a relationship with each other, I am leaving.” Suddenly, a loud burst of laughter erupted in the office.

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