Heaven’s raid

Shift in hell

Clean air, no diseases, no suffering is something many humans want. They crave peace when they create war. Whats going on right now is just another way to that peace but you and your kind fought us.

But look at you now, bloodied and beaten. You were the strongest of your kind and even I have to attempt that you were stronger than us. Especially since you obtain that power from the old man. You
e not only powerful, but you
e also beautiful and if it wasn for this war Id make you my bride. I feel like Im doing all the talking here sweetheart

This angelic being was standing on top of a woman chest. She was dark skin and her hair was long and curly. Her eyes could pierce straight through you, her body was curvy and a medium bust. Blood trickled down her head but it wasn red, It was two different colours. One colour is black and the other was golden

She looked up at him with vicious intent, a face tormented with pain, hatred and guilt. The heavens were on fire, hell frozen and earth in shambles. Everything in the universe is being erased.

With some of her strength grabbed his ankle and crushes it. The golden blood of the angle splattered everywhere. He backed up quickly falling over but in seconds the wound is healed, he looked up at her.

”You know this wound is easy to heal right, ” The angelic said

The woman didn answer but turned her back and looked into the sky. She stretched her black and white wings then flew into the atmosphere. While everything is being erased the stars remained untouched. Comets and shooting stars shoot by, her aura spread throughout the universe giving it a new shine.

The angelic being rose behind her but didn attack her, didn disturb her one bit. She turned to him looked with a smile. It wasn one of happiness it was a means of an end and he knew it.

He didn feel fulfilled by it, getting rid of an enemy that had been a thorn in his side for years. So why does he feel so uneasy about getting rid of her?

”What have you done to me?. Answer me, woman!! ” He screamed

She looked at him and laughed then immediately got serious. With one hand covered in the purest light and the other covered with the blackest darkness. As calmly and softly as she could have told him

”Im going to kill you and fix everything even if I disappear ”

[ Fifteen years ago ]

Up to her neck in tar and about to drown a hand reaches out to her. Fingertips away she could hear the person calling to her. Even though she could hear her name being called, it was in a completely different language.

It sounded almost inhuman, the tar is now going in her mouth and the sense of urgency kicks in even more. She tries grabbing the hand but then her hands go limp as she begins to drown then the tar suddenly turns into water.

As oxygen leaves her lungs and bubbles float to the surfaces, a being of pure light gently pushes her to the top. A couple of moments passed before she took in a breathe spitting out the water. The ocean beneath her seemed to get shallow, she opened her eyes to see a pink sky mixed with oranges.

Different constructs of light flew down to her touching her face. She usually doesn like people touching her face but this time it was comforting to her. To the very back, she saw a construct made of darkness.

Its presence shook her soul because it was the only one with facial features. It had hazel eyes, a slender nose and pearly white teeth. It smiles at her as it inches closer, the feeling of dread set in again. The light constructs moved out of its way, the dark construct knelt next to her and tried placing its hand on her.

She wakes up

Feeling disorientated she reach to turn on the lights but fell out of bed. The fall gave her a new headache to deal with as well. She got up and stumble towards the light switch holding her head, once the lights were on she sat down on the bed. Each breath she took came out frosty, the room felt like it was in a middle of a crazy blizzard.

Which was insane because it was currently in the middle of the summer. Also, they were in the middle of a heatwave so this cold made no sense. Shivering out of her room to escape the cold but the cold followed her.

It wasn as bad as before at least it was bearable- It was 6:30 in the morning and the city of new york was also waking up. She walked into the living room and lay on the couch to comfort her headache then was interrupted by a knock on the door.

”Whyyyy ” She groaned while heading over. The bell kept ringing over and over again, each time sounding louder and louder. This irritated her even more, she grabbed the door and flung it open almost knocking over the old woman behind it. But after seeing the lady her expression softens

”Oh, Seila did catch you in a bad time? ” The old woman asked

”You didn Mrs Coleman, why are you here anyway, ” She asked with the gentlest of tones

”I just wanted to check up on you darling. You should come over more Seila, I miss you a lot you know ” Mrs Coleman said

”Im Deanna remember. Seila.. ” Deanna stumbling through her words ”Seila died earlier this year remember ”

”What are you talking about?. Wait are you going through another phase again, remember I told you its ok to find yourself but every month can be a new thing ” Mrs Coleman firmly

”No, no Im not your daughter, she died ” Deanna trying to remind her

Mrs Coleman was a caucasian woman in her late seventies and she was the landlord. Miss Coleman wrinkled and had long white hair. She smelt like hot chocolate and mint also had a warm welcoming smile but that smile soon fade as she remembers what happened.

Her daughter committed suicide two months ago and Mrs Coleman never really accepted since then. Tears raced down her face, placing her face in her hands and balling. Deanna pulled her in close trying to calm her down.

”Im sorry for the trouble I caused you ” Mrs Coleman apologizing

”Its fine ” Deanna smiling

”You guys are so alike. That I think you
e her most times, I can believe shes gone, she was my everything since my husband died from cancer. Seila last words were that hes waiting for her ” Mrs Cole said

”What ” Deanna feeling a little scared

”Yeah she suddenly turned super religious, she even tried taking me to church with her since Im not a religious type Id refuse. Right before she died, she told me that he was calling to her, begging her to join him. He waiting for her and she should hurry ” Mrs Coleman said

”Who was that, Her dad? ” Deanna asked

”No God himself ” Mrs Coleman

Suddenly everything wasn there more. Deanna saw a woman with hazel hair on a crucifix with thousand of other people behind her in the same position. Her sight suddenly shifted onto something else. She could only make out the wings before being pulled back into reality.

Deanna grabbed her chest trying to slow her breathing, the headache from this morning returned as well as the extreme cold.

She got flashes of nausea every twenty seconds, the feeling of vomiting toyed with her until her legs gave out. Mrs Coleman made sure she was okay with tears in her eyes- this feeling of fright was familiar to her.

”Deanna are you okay, Do I need to call an ambulance ” Mrs Coleman panicking

Deanna struggled to get her bearings. She never felt anything like that before and those images were what were they about.

”You shouldn go to work today, ” Mrs Coleman told her

”Thats not even a question, ” Deanna said

”Come on now this ridiculous ” Mrs Coleman touched her arm. She realized how cold Deanna was almost getting frostbite in the process.

”Im fine okay, I hope you have a good day and feel better, ” Deanna said before closing the door.

Mrs Coleman lay her hand on the door and softly muttered the words ”I won lose you too ”

On the inside, Deanna felt something running down her face- she touches it and sees red on her fingers. She rushes to the mirror to see blood pouring from her eyes but it wasn hurting her. It eventually stopped but the fear stayed, she contemplated actually staying home but Deanna already skipped work too many times.

She got dressed and left the house

Headset plugged in to ignore every else she blasted music at full volume. Imagines from this morning kept flashing in her mind. Deanna walked down the street confused and afraid, she stop at a traffic light.

While waiting for the light to turn green, Deanna felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She immediately felt annoyed.

Against her better judgement, Deanna turned to see a woman who was about twenty-three years old, had ginger hair with freckles on her face. The only thought that could come to Deanna mind is ”Not this bitch ”

”Hey DD, Hows your morning going, ” She asked

”Only friends and family could call me DD, ” Deanna said

”Im your friend ” The woman answer

”Kira, I don like you ” Deanna rubbing her forehead

”But you walk to work with me every day ” Kira surprised

Deanna started ignoring her after that. She started to understand what she saw in that vision earlier, it could be heaven she saw but that still doesn make any sense. Those people were crucified so wouldn that make it hell.

The light turned green and she headed off to work.

In a realm separated from our own was a kingdom of silver. As you approach it you come upon pearly gates. If you get past them, youll enter heaven, a realm of the righteous and the good-willed.

Well, that is what it was before. All the souls are now gone and every new soul that enters is taken somewhere else. There are only a couple thousand angels left there, the others left the silver city.

Three angels were heading towards a room talking to each other.

”I can wait for this ” One of them said

”This going to be amazing ” The second smiling happily

”This was in the works for millennia ” The third one agreeing

They entered a room with another angel but this one was different from the other. He stood on a platform with his back turned to them

The others knelt before him.

”Congratulation on your promotion brother, ” One of the Angels said

”Are the preparation finished yet? ” He asked without facing them

”Almost we just need one more ” they answered

The on the platform angel sprouted ten wings and a bright light filled the area.

On earth all around the planet little portals sprouted, they
e were unnoticeable by humans. They were signalling the beginning of something

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