In early August, the Jiang family of Hancheng, the richest along the coast, held a grand wedding.

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Countless upper class people in the cold city cut their heads to get together for this wedding, it is called the wedding.
But in the eyes of most dignitaries, master Jiang gave the prince a big wedding, which is a great opportunity to have a good relationship with the Jiang family.

On the wedding day, Wen Ning was too nervous to control her trembling.

Mother Xu followed her, reminding her again and again of the process of entering the place later, and from time to time helping sort out the gorgeous and heavy skirt for her.
During this time, Jiang Shu has been abroad and did not come back until the day she tried on the wedding dress.
Wen Ning bowed her head and blushed.
She kept thinking about how Jiang Shu would look when he saw her wearing the wedding dress.

At the official entrance, Wen Ning took a deep breath, but her heart beat faster.
Her white veil hung in front of her.
The fine diamond pendant outlined the perfect clavicle line.
Her body could hold a thin waist without any fat, which immediately attracted the attention of the public.
Suddenly, a soft wind lifted her veil slightly for a moment.
The girl’s face was so delicate that people around her took a breathe, stopped chattering, and then the whole hall was silent.

After the silence, there was lots of whispering.
The third young master of Jiang family is worthy of being the richest prince in the coastal area.
The celebrities in the upper class circle he don’t want any of them.
Outside, there is a real golden beauty.
The little girl looks very young.
Seeing her beautiful skin, it is estimated to be more powerful than anyone else.

He Cheng, the young master of the He family, had a good relationship with Jiang Shu since childhood.
They grew up together.
Yesterday, he learned from his father that his brother Shu was going to get married.
Today, he hurried early in the morning and sat in the front row.

Just now while everyone was amazed.
He immediately took out his mobile phone in a hurry to take a picture of Wen Ning.
The white veil only lifted up for a moment.
The picture was taken in a hazy way, but Wen Ning’s charming temperament could not be concealed.

He presented two photos to his friends’ wechat group.
First of all and mentioned, Jiang Shu.

[picture.jpg, picture.jpg @ Jiang Shu]

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[Excuse me, brother!! you’re so mean! You didn’t tell me that you are getting married?! My father said it.
Did we grow up together?]

[but brother Shu, you’re hiding so deeply.
My sister-in-law is so wonderful.
No wonder you’re hiding it.
When will you bring it her out to introduce to us?!]

Jiang Shu didn’t return.
He followed his brothers back in a row.

Apart from He Cheng, the other few have never even heard of Jiang Shu’s wedding today.

What’s more absurd is that Jiang Shu, the groom, never came to the wedding scene.

As soon as He Chengcai just shouted a few words in the group chat, there was a strange commotion in the auditorium.
The wedding march stopped suddenly and the guests whispered everywhere.

“Why hasn’t the bridegroom come yet?”

“It’s impossible for the Jiang family to make such a mistake…”

“Lying in the trough, you can see that old Jiang’s face is black.
The third young master of the Jiang family must have really stood us up!”

“It’s too crazy.
I’ve heard that Prince of Hancheng is naturally arrogant.
I didn’t expect that he could put on such a big show No one would give face…”

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“My God, I was just envious and jealous of the bride.
She just lost face.
If I were her, I would jump down from the 28th floor immediately.”

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