In the study, Jiang Shu frowned, the smoke in his hand was emitting a faint spark, and ashes were scattered all over the ground.

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A few minutes ago, his father Jiang Jianchuan called him.
As soon as he got through, he was full of complaints.
Scolded him for not knowing how to help his brother, turning his elbow out, trying to fly when his wings are hard, and his arrogance will come to an end.

Jiang Shu's expression was indifferent.
He pulled a sneer at the corners of his lips.
He wanted to say that who could have the ability of his own father to turn his elbow outward.
From small to large, he was always biased towards Chen Li.
It seemed that Chen Li had the same blood as him.

The smoke burned into his fingers at the end.
Jiang Shu didn't lift his eyelids and directly put out the cigarette end.
He got up and went up to the third floor and entered the room which had been locked for years.

The furnishings in the room are warm and dreamy, and it is easy to see that they have been carefully arranged.
Jiang Shu was upset and went to the bedside.
He took the picture frame placed on the head cabinet and stared at the picture in a trance.
His expression was more gentle.

The picture was taken like some years ago.
The young man in it was smiling on one side.
He looks like a little ruffian, carrying a young girl full of childishness on his back.
The little girl smiled with curved eyebrows, but her cheeks were bulging and a little swollen with light blue.

Jiang Shu's lips were crooked and his smile was gentle.
He remembered that at that time, the little one lost two teeth and her cheeks were still swollen.
She covered her mouth with a smile and told him not to make her laugh.

He was still young that year.
On the day he left, the little girl did not come to see him.
When he was taken abroad by his mother, he was unable to find her and take her away with him.
Later, he searched in China for many years without any news.

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He doesn't know how much pain that little girl would have suffered alone in these years.
She may even have…
Thinking of this, Jiang Shu unconsciously tightened his palm.
Upset, he put the picture frame back, took a pack of cigarettes and went to the outdoor terrace to breathe.

Wen Ning took a tray of freshly cut fruit and walked around the second floor several times.
She couldn't find the location of the study.
When she got to the stairs, she seemed to hear something on the third floor and went upstairs happily.
The door at the end of the third floor was not closed, and there was a room full of girls' preferences.

The white gauze powder curtain is decorated with crystal beads.
There are all kinds of big brand new products on the ivory carved dressing table.
In the open cloakroom on the right, in the glass windows on three walls, there are all kinds of luxurious and expensive shoe bags and jewelry.
The pink skirts with strong straight male aesthetics are listed one by one according to their size.
A closer look shows that the size and style of these skirts span from seven or eight to eighteen or twenty, which seems to accompany the growth of a young girl.

Although Wen Ning hasn't used any good things and doesn't know much about goods, she knows that these must be valuable, so she stayed where she is and doesn't dare to take another step forward.

The whole style of the room was different from that of other places in the villa.
She knew she must have found the wrong place.
She was uneasy for no reason and forgot her purpose for a while.

Jiang Shu is still in a bad mood after smoking half a pack of cigarettes.
As soon as he turns around and enters the door, he sees Wen Ning standing in the room.
The man's eyebrows and eyes instantly became sulky.
Without half a minute of the ruffian smile when he teased her earlier, it was replaced by the most common coolness and cruelty of this man.

He stepped up to Wen Ning and grabbed her wrist.

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Wen Ning was startled.
The fruit plate in her hand was not held firmly, and all of it fell to the ground in an instant.
The juice dampened the clean light pink carpet.
Jiang Shu lowered his eyes and looked more frightening.
His unique military voice was deep and cold: “who allowed you to come in?”

“I just want to send you some -“

Jiang Shu put the tip of his tongue on his cheek and was very impatient.
He didn't seem to want to listen to her explanation.
He sneered coldly, and his words were full of heartless sarcasm: “Is it that Auntie Xu will treat you as the mistress of the family after giving you a good face for a few days, so now why can you enter all the places?”

“What happened?” Jiang Shu asked coldly.

Wen Ning was so scared that her hands were shaking: “I didn't…”

“I warn you, I am not a man of good temper.” When he finished, he let her go with cold eyes.

The girl's white and slender wrists were red for the most part, and the juice was spilled all over her body, but she didn't care about herself at all.
She squatted down to deal with the scattered fruits, embarrassed and pitiful.

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Jiang Shu didn't feel pity for her.
He turned around and took a document from the drawer.
He had no emotion in his eyes.

Several pieces of paper were thrown in front of Wen Ning.
The treaty was written on it.
Then Jiang Shu said, “I thought you were quite obedient.” He hissed coldly with contempt in his eyes.
“I have signed the divorce agreement.
I have no time to waste time on this matter.
I will provide you with delicious food and drink before the old man recovers from illness, and fulfill your obligations.
After grandpa recovers from illness, you will take the money and leave.”

At the age of 20, Wen Ning left that terrible village for the first time, entered the palace of marriage for the first time, became someone else's wife for the first time, and received a “divorce agreement” for the first time.

She carefully raised her head and looked at Jiang Shu.
The latter didn't even give her half of her eyes.
She only knew that she had made Jiang Shu angry.
He was very angry.
She quickly put the agreement away and folded it.
No matter whether the treaty inside was good or bad for her, he asked her to sign it.
Then she would sign it obediently.
Maybe his anger could be relieved.

The little girl picked up the pen that rolled down at the corner of the cabinet, turned to the last page several times to find the location of the signature, and wrote her name with a little shaking hand.

Jiang Shu lowered his eyes and glanced at the little sign on the end.
Seeing that she had signed the agreement without thinking, the long-awaited relief did not come, but it was more annoying.

After Wen Ning finished writing, she stood up from the carpet and handed the agreement to Jiang Shu in both hands.
Her face was full of careful flattery.

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“I signed it, signed it…
Don't be angry…”

Jiang Shu took it coldly and glanced at the fruit plate on the ground: “Take your things and go away.”

When Wen Ning left, there was only a faint aroma of fruit in the bedroom.
Jiang Shu held the agreement tightly in his hand.
The original flat white paper wrinkled a large area.
He casually scanned the name Wen Ning had just signed.
His unhappiness became more and more intense.
His fingers rubbed the wet ink intentionally or unintentionally, but he suddenly frowned and stopped.
The handwriting seemed familiar, but it was a little similar to his.

The author has something to say:
Awesome young man, he has a big temper.
The fire on my stove has been lit.

Jiang Shu: As for me, I will kowtow to Ning Ning and everyone here.
By the way, get out of here! I'm not Jiang if I don't kill you today!

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