“Poof, keep your voice down…”

He Cheng looked up at Wen Ning in the middle of the auditorium.
The little girl clenched her wedding dress skirt with her hands and was helpless alone.
Old man Jiang covered his heart and blushed: “find this beast Jiang Shu right away!”

He Cheng’s hands trembled as he sent messages in the group.

[Brother Shu, are you fucking human? If you don’t come to the wedding, you will leave the bride alone?]

He Cheng has seen countless rebellious acts of Jiang Shu in the past 20 years, but he has never dared to think about this scene in his life.


High above the sky, a private plane is sailing to the other side of the ocean.
The temperature inside is almost as low as freezing point.

On the leather seat, the man’s slender fingers intentionally or unintentionally pinched the bridge of his nose, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and his angular side face was full of cold.

The people around Jiang Shu have always been well-trained and are most adept at observing what he says and what he does.
The prince’s arrogance and ruthlessness are unforgettable.
No one dares to hit the muzzle of a gun when he is in a bad mood.

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Today is his wedding day.
However, Prince of Hancheng has been reckless all his life and has never been constrained by anyone.
Naturally, he is not satisfied with the engagement made by his family in his early years.

Everyone in the cabin kept silent on the principle that breathing was wrong, but could not bear the constant ringing of the phone.
Assistant Ren Tiangao is on his toes, as he glances at the face of the king from time to time, and silently drafts an 800 word essay on his resignation application.

Half a minute later, the man said lazily, “Take it.”

Ren Tiangao dared not delay for a second: “It’s the old man.”

Jiang Shu casually lifted his lip and hissed, “Is it a heart attack or a cerebral thrombosis?”

Ren Tiangao: “….”

One side is the ancestor, the other side is the prince.
Ren Tiangao is silent.
He only looks at the clouds outside the window, thinking that it might be better to jump down than stay here.

Jiang Shu’s voice was slow and deep, and every word clearly entered the ears of old man Jiang at the end of the inside line.

The old man was so angry that he lost all his dignity in front of his grandson.
“Jiang Shu! You son of a bitch! If your wings are hard, you will know to fly? If you dare not come back today, you will lose half of Jiang’s shares!”

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“Dare.” The man still hissed.

Jiang knew that this matter could not bind Jiang Shu.
He was really not rare.
Over the years, this grandson has been known for his skills overseas, and his family is no longer comparable to Jiang Shu.

“If I’m son of a bitch.
Then what are you, grandfather of a son of a bitch? Hmm?” Jiang Shu changed his posture lazily.
His suit was exquisite, straight and well dressed.
That is, his words were not like human words.
“I don’t want you to criticize yourself like this.”

Ren Tiangao: “….”

Jiang Shu still looks the same, and without saying more, he puts down the phone.

The wechat group in the mobile phone kept shaking.
He opened it at will.
His originally careless eyes suddenly glanced at the white and bright butterfly bone back of the girl in the picture on the screen.
His Adam’s apple unconsciously slid up and down, and clicked to save it.
Then he frowned and glanced at the wedding dress with its back wide open, and silently scolded: “fuck.”


Summer Cherry Blossoms:
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I will post the part 2 tomorrow.
I was planning to post it together but the entire chapter 1 was so lengthy that I decided to cut it in half.

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