circle for so many years, largely because Jiang Shu's means are cruel.


At first, she just wanted to take advantage of the fact that there was no one at home and pour her anger on Wen Ning, a little lady who was easy to bully at first sight.
She didn't know that he seemed to have installed monitoring on Wen Ning and came back in such a timely manner.

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Wang Fan stood up and walked in the same place in embarrassment, neither staying nor staying.


Jiang Shu took Wen Ning's hand, bowed his head as if there were no one else, and asked, 


“Have you eaten?”


“What?” She didn't react.


“What would you like for breakfast?”


“No, don't bother -“


Jiang Shu was biased, but his tone was light, she could not refuse: “Would Mrs.
Chen please make some famous snacks in the Hancheng city for Wen Ning to eat? I remember that you used to be a hotel waiter, so it should not be difficult to do some rough things?”


Wang Fan was so angry that the hyaluronic acid on her face was almost deformed, but it happened that the other party was Jiang Shu.
She dared not complain at all.
She could only watch the little sparrow in the countryside being escorted away by Jiang Shu.


Jiang Shu leads Wen Ning, his thin lips tight and silent all the way.
Wenning peeps at him and dares not speak first.


Where there was no outsider, the atmosphere between the two returned to the previous state.

“Does it still hurt?” Jiang Shu suddenly asked.

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Wen Ning was stunned for a moment, thinking about what he was referring to was when she hit the dining chair, she shook her head and replied.
“It doesn't hurt.
I didn't hit it.”


Jiang Shu said, “I was talking about last night.”


Wen Ning's white face turned red and she wanted to disappear: “….”


The man coughed a little and didn't continue the topic: “How did you get to the side hall?”


Chen Li's family usually go in and out of that place.
Jiang Shu seldom sets foot in it.
It's unlucky.


Wen Ning: “I got lost.
It's too big here.”


Jiang Shu almost laughed angrily.
Is she a smart little fox or a fool?


“How can you be so stupid? That you can be bullied by others as soon as I'm away.”


Wen Ning: “I’m sorry for troubling you.”


Jiang Shu was really angry and laughed this time.
He held her hand in his palm and kneaded it: “…
It's a small trouble.”


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“You don't have to be so honest to be bullied in the future.
You can talk back as you like.
Someone will always give it to you.”


Who? You?


Wen Ning hung her head and her palm was hot.
Did he just say this to protect her? She didn't dare to think about it.
She remembered what Wang Fan had just said and asked: “Is Grandpa better?”


“It’s better.” Jiang Shu's tone was casual.

“He has been pretending to be ill for a day or two.
He always uses this method.
The doctors in my family are all under my control.
I know it well.
I can hang the glucose nutrient solution for fun.
If I'm not angry with him, it's no big deal.”


Wen Ning nodded reassuringly, “Where are you going later?”


Jiang Shu's step of going upstairs suddenly stopped.
He turned his head and raised his eyebrows.
He looked a little smug: “What? Are you worried about me?”


The author has something to say:

Jiang Shu: Is it still painful?

Ning Ning: It doesn't hurt much.

Jiang Shu:??? Seems like I didn't work hard enough….

Ning Ning:???!!! Don't come here!!!! Summer Cherry Blossom:

Early update! If there are error mistakes, or typos please don't hesitate to reach out to me at


I also picked up a new story from the same author which is about the high school life of two childhood sweathearts who both secretly like each other (except everyone around them knows even before they do hahahahha) See you~

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