Homosexual but…

slit his throat

She sits quietly in one of the quiet bars on the streets of California, USA, San Francisco in particular

, or the so-called capital of gays.

May I have another cup, waiter?

As you command, madam.

She smiled softly at him and returned to her sullen face as soon as he turned his back on her.

She put her head on the large table in front of her and felt a jolt on her back from behind, so she turned quietly and not paying attention.

– Whos there?

Her eyes changed when she saw her friend, raised an eyebrow and said coldly, ”

What do you want? ” Is there such a silly game as you always do to me?

I sat down and asked for a glass from the waiter, and he put two glasses for them

. The friend who had just arrived smiled maliciously and moved the glass in a round way, smiling and looking at her friend.

I told a new friend I met a few days ago that I have a very nice friend after he asked me several times to introduce him to the boxes of some of my cute friends.

Just think about it, Matty.

He turned his eyes towards that silly smile in her eyes, as if she knew what she meant.

You mean you brought me a good meal again, huh?

– Yes, my sweet beauty.

The drunk got up from the chair and was reeling and smiling.

-Where is that beautiful, handsome and wonderful man, I want to meet him.

A gentle-looking man entered the bar, interlaced fingers in front of him hesitantly and cautiously, with black eyes and gentle semi-brown hair with rosy lips.

As for Matilda, she was smiling at him and her saliva was almost drooping, so she changed her look and went to him gently and calmly.

-Hello, how are you

She smiled and extended her hand to greet him as he exchanged the greetings of peace in a place where they smiled at each other.

– Why don you have a drink with us.

She smiled as she tilted her head a little and then pulled him by the hand to sit with them and the two girls started talking to him.

My name is Matilda Stone, you can call me Matty.

– Uh… ah? truly? Can I call you that?

– You sure can.

”Not for long, kid. ”

Vineet told me you wanted her to introduce you to a nice friend, and Im really happy about that.

I am glad to have met a respectable and understanding man like you.

Matilda took him in with the talk and the smiles and that kind

, deceptive face as she used to do in all her crimes.

– Matty, my dear, it seems that the gentleman here has reached his limits in drunkenness.

– I know this, Finn.

Matilda got up and took him on

her back outside the building, put him in her car, which was open from above, and climbed up beside him.

”I used to deal with drink problems, because it always caused me problems, but now I think everything is easy for me. ”

”Especially after that accident… ”

”So when we get back to the original topic, Ive trained myself well to handle the drink and even the hypnotic… ”

”You know… men are looking for just one chance to get you down. ”

Matilda turned towards the boy next to her and reached one of the alleys to get a small needle out of her bag and she was equipped so she put it in his neck while he was already unconscious.

She came back and leaned back and sighed, then a quarter of an hour passed, and she smiled and turned at him, then approached and opened his pants quietly and easily and pulled him from under him quietly.

– I think this will be fun.

– What is that penis?

– Its not even that useful…

– You disappointed me like that, you little handsome, but its not your fault.

Matilda quietly pulled a large knife out of the car in the back seats and placed it over his penis and tilted her head right.

– Whos ever here? Or go down a little?

No, I think I should go up, just in case.

• • •「◆」• • •

– You say she competes in the genital trade in black robbery?

Yes, sir, and there are some reports that they are getting a lot of money doing this.

What about my little boy?


– He… is not in the palace at the moment, he must have gone out like he used to and don care about anything.

– Although you warned him beforehand, sir, he does not seem to comply.

He puffed smoke from between his lips after he put away his cigarette and looked at the man standing in front of him with a frightening smile that made the man swallow his saliva and ask to leave immediately.

– Q.. Sir.. I can go now, right?

He did not answer him, but got up to make the man look up, as if he were looking at a tall building.

He turned with slow steps towards that man who was cuddling the iPad with fear and anxiety, feeling that he was going to be eaten.

– Sir, is there something?

– Both.

He approached him and began to look at his face and bent

down to the level of his face and said after rubbing his chin lightly.

– Never been so lucky and handsome before.

The man was dumbfounded and ran back quickly to leave, leaving the door open, and he heard no sound other than the mans quick steps, which showed him as if he was actually running away.

– Thats nice.

• • •「◆」• • •

Josephine, Matilda has sent the new merchandise, and she also says that we don have enough time, we have debts to spend.

– Yes, I know that, but these days there are not many young people on the streets.

– Their number has decreased significantly after the abduction and sterilization of those bastards began.

She brushed her hair back and sighed tiredly and said after resting her back on the big wide chair and that quiet girl whose voice can only be heard rarely stands and

said softly

What do you think of school trips?

– Do you think school students will have long penises?

I don know, that might be true.

Gillan put her hand on her ear

and listened to what was happening in the headphones.

– Hey! What is going on with you? Are you okay?

Contact was lost and Josephine and Gillan became tense with her.

– The hidden headquarters in which the members are located… It was broken into by people I did not know.





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