-Mr. Rang, please tell us, is what appeared in your video true?

Please stop taking pictures.

He walks with cameras hovering all around him, puts on his sunglasses and walks with his hands in his pockets,

as if everything didn matter to him, got into his

car and left out of sight.

He sat quietly in one of the luxurious cafes

, a waiter came and asked him.

Welcome, sir? What do you want to ask?

He bent down and Rang looked at him from top to bottom, then Rang said indifferently as he looked out the window.

Medium power.

– As you order, sir.

The waiter bowed a little and then left quietly and Rang kept looking around as if he was waiting for someone and when he saw a man come to sit in front of him he was also wearing glasses.

– why are you late?

I had some work to do, how about you?

– Ezel, listen, its true that the video got 25 million views in a week, but that doesn mean youll get 60 percent of the money!

You know that I can

easily expose you, so why do you say all these things?

The waiter interrupted them by bringing the coffee with a smile, put it quietly and smiled, and then left, the two looking at him calmly.

Rang took one sip and then looked at Azel with malicious eyes and said.

-You know your reputation will be ruined too, Ezel.

– What do you mean by this?

Remember your position, Ezel.

Ezel clenched his hand tightly and gritted his teeth

– don be angry Ezel, things just get straight.

Ezel rose calmly from the chair, stood up, and tidied his white shirt. ”

Youve got to be careful, Rang, its not always going to be in your favour. ”

– What do you think, Aisel? Now I think I should reconsider dating your sister.

He didn slow down but quickly lifted Rang by the collar off the chair and snapped his head to whisper close to him.

– If you think of touching Gilan, Ill crush that damn head of yours!

• • •「◆」• • •

A week ago

Welcome to my humble channel, always and forever

. In fact, I want to tell you his story today.

-Its the story of the young man standing behind me, do you see him?

That tall man moved away from the camera recording a video,

to appear behind him a cute boy, feeling light brown and green eyes, wearing a long hoodie covering his thighs and intertwining his fingers quietly

, feeling shy.

e embarrassing me, I didn have to show up with you.

He approached and grabbed his hands and then kissed both of his hands and said.

Dear, there is no need to say this, we should show our love for each other to be accepted by all, right?

Im sorry, folks, but I love this guy standing next to me.

– I hope you understand this, it is true that I hid it from you for a long time, but now I must confess.

– I hope to receive strong support from you and not be bullied by groups opposed to homosexuality, as you know we are all human and we want to live the life we ​​want as long as we do not harm anyone…

Now I hope I haven bothered you and Ive reached the end of the video. Wish me luck with my boyfriend.

The camera was turned off and one of them looked at the other, then Al-Latif kicked that tall man on the stomach with his knee in a fighting move.

– Thank you in advance for the money.

-You foolish bastard!!

His friend coughed hard and fell to the ground. The tone of speech of that short man also changed, and he raised his hair up and looked at him with sarcasm while he was on the ground.

He said in a clear tone of disdain

– Isn that what you wanted? And now this video will hit millions of views, since you have two million, wait until you get three soon

He turned and took off his wide hoodie, showing his broad back, then his split stomach, after throwing him on the ground

and reaching out to pull a cigarette from his pants pocket and smoked as he circled the person who was still lying on the floor

– forget about dating my sister, Rang.

• • •「◆」• • •

– Sir.. ahh… this excites me more, please more..

He raises his blond hair with his left hand and pushes the fingers of his right hand into the back of the one who sleeps on his face with his butt up, asking for more pleasure.

The proportion of his three fingers to Cassius is enough to be the size of a normal penis.

As for Cassius, he did not stop, but his fingers were deep inside his buttocks and the smile was on his face, and the one lying on his face was smiling with ecstasy and his saliva dripping as if he was about to die.

Sir, please hack me. I want you completely.

– Please put it on me.

Cassius pulled him back by the neck and clasped his fingers tightly into his buttocks and his fingers had widened the butt of that whore who was not even comparable in size to Cassius.

-This is driving me crazy! Ahh…

Cassius pulled the knife beside the bed on the table and cut his neck, and he fell writhing like a slaughtered animal, and Cassius looked at him with a cold smile, as if he was playing with a doll


”When Im having sex, no one talks to the other person, thats right, its surprising to you.

Any dominant you might see likes to hear their victims voice but me. ”

”These words bother me, I don want to hear them

speak or say anything, I just want to see their red faces suffocate and to see their merciful features. ”

This is my way, this is my way.

Cassius walked away and reclosed his pants but also left his shirt open and his belt open.

He quietly pulled a cigarette from the table and lit it, while the lifeless corpse behind him did not pay any attention to it, and sat on the edge of the bed with cold features.

It didn take long for his phone to ring.

He looked at the phone on the edge of the bed and picked it up and put it to his ear

. – Yeah?

– Sir, that… that… the port was attacked!

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