Homosexual but…

frightening beginnings

Where do we put the body, Mr. Cassius?

He washes his hands calmly and coldly as he bends his back because of his height towards the sink, while one of the men stands in the back straight, looking down.

Even looking at him was terrifying to them.

As for Cassius, he finished washing his hands, then washed his face, and raised his hair with his hand up in front of the mirror, with a cold smile on his sides, and said softly.

They burned his body, for we took what we needed from his body while he was conscious that his organs were 100% intact.

So we burn the body.

The man answered him calmly, looking down.

Cassius approached him to raise his chin with his finger to meet Cassius smiling face.

Cassius passed his other wide hand over his arm and said,

– Do you have another opinion?

The man turned his face away and quietly looked to the right side as he tried to contain himself.

– No sir, obey your orders.

He took three steps back, then turned and left the room with all his speed of walking.

He entered the bathroom quietly, then collapsed on the floor, breathing quickly and cutting himself from time to time, so he lifted himself from the floor with difficulty and held on to the sink, and he was sweating a lot as he looked in the mirror.

– To… If he knew… What would I do… Oh my God…

– He got me involved in this too!

– Damn it!!

He washed his face and his hands were trembling as they touched his face, then patted his shirt and tie, which he had loosened the first time he entered the bathroom and he was trying to collect his soul.

He sighed and said.

-No… he is dead now, there will be nothing to speak to Mr. Cassius.

It was my fault that I was an idiot.

– I swear I will not do anything that might harm Mr. Cassius, I have been an idiot!!

He hit his head with the palm of his hand twice, sighed, closed his eyes

, then opened his eyes, full of insistence.

I must correct my mistake and go confess this to Mr. Cassius.

– I think hes tough, but hell understand that I came to him and admitted it, come on!!

He headed towards the door with determination and strength, and opened the door, and a large cloud erupted in front of him.

-I..S..C.. Sir!

– Mister Cassius.

Cassius entered, closed the door, then put his hand under his chin, resting it on his other wide arm, and said with a smile.

I think you
e regretting something big, right?

That little young man threw himself on the ground kneeling before Cassius pleading

– sir!! I swear I was forced!! I was even about to come to you and confess everything!!

– Its okay, its okay. I have heard everything.

The young man raised his head, his eyes filled with tears , and

said in a frightened, trembling tone.

– K.. How did you know this? And what did you know?

Cassius approached, grabbed him by the shoulders, made him rise and turned toward the mirror on the right side.


When Cassius ran his hand over his arm the previous time and told him he had a different opinion, he had put an audio listening device on his shoulder from behind.

Cassius redirected the young mans features toward the mirror after he put away the bugging device.

– Look at your face

While the boy is standing in front of the mirror with teary red eyes, behind him is the blond beast whose eyes are shining in the woman and he is holding that little boys chin with one hand and the other hand is wrapped around his stomach.

It was a terrifying sight, and even more terrifying when Cassius approached, whispering all cold tones in his ear.

There is no other solution than death, since your intention to admit your mistake was sincere.

The little boy replied with a terrified voice and a trembling body -M

.. What is this thing?

”Actually I was sure what he was going to say, but I really wished it was something else, even if it was more than a hundred lashes or a life sentence. But… ”

Cassius approached his neck to bite him

so hard that the blood from his neck ran

– Oh, your body seems to be the sensitive type?

Do you consider yourself a man?

Cassius ran his hands across his chest from behind as he made him watch everything in front of the mirror.

He grabbed the shirt in his hands, tore all the buttons, and groped that boy, who was biting his lips, unable to do or say anything.


”No, I can say anything, I should just keep quiet…Otherwise this time my dead body will come out of the bathroom after Ive been taking other bodies out of his office, his room, his private bathroom, and even the blood-stained pool blows their heads off. ”

”I don want to die… because I don believe in the afterlife…! I just want to live, I have to get over this… ”

Cassius pushed him hard towards the sink and pulled his ass back to pull his pants and underwear together and hit his backside hard with both hands. .

Cassius approached, grabbed his hair back and pulled it hard and whispered in his ear as he pierced his backside.

You seem smart, and I like smart people.

– You have to endure, wait how long let me remember?

– Oh well..

He left his hair and put his hand under his chin.

Maybe four to five hours, since its late now.

He looked at his golden watch and said

– Its eleven oclock at night now.

He tilted his head, smiling madly, and said

, ”Can we spend these five hours in the bathroom? ”





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