?While everyone was looking through the window from the plane with excitement and loud voices, Matilda was looking cold and calm on the other side of the helicopter.

”She must have been tired yesterday, and this would cause a scandal for us if everyone knew that Josephine is not normal, and in this way her father would know and prevent her from leaving the house for a whole year as he did last… ”

”I must find a solution. ”

Vineet interrupted her after placing her hand on Matildas thigh and said in a serious and loud voice

– Why are you so distracted, Matty? I think Josephine is going to make trouble today ,

replied Matilda in the same tone and with earnest eyes.

Vineets eyes widened, ”

But we don know what Josephine will get out with this time! ” Do you suggest that we go back before useless things happen?!

-I think so.

Matilda answered in all seriousness and then sighed in annoyance, as if she was tired of such things as they were not.

After all, Matilda has been with Josephine constantly from childhood until this time, she knows everything Josephine does and is anticipating her actions as well.

She is the one who got her out of strong situations many times in the past before she was imprisoned in her mothers house two years ago for a whole year…

All Matilda was thinking at that moment was that she wanted to get to Josephine as soon as possible so that Josephine would not commit the misfortunes she used to do when she was tired.

Or thats what Matilda used to say, ”When you
e tired. ”

And in the other place at the same time

– who the hell are you, blond?

He smiled and raised his head up, then looked back at her and said while holding the chair from above with his wide hand, which caught Josephines attention, and she raised her eyebrow nervously, then got up from the chair and stood in front of him, raising her feet once and again looking at his feet.

She scratched her head and said in a sullen, reckless voice

, ”Oh, my God… you
e not wearing high heels, and you
e not standing on anything tall either? ” How much is your tall? two metres? three? Four?

I didn expect Miss Josephine to be really like this.

– Josephine? E A A of? Who is this dumb?

Cassius entered into a dialogue between himself and himself this time and his astonishing features appeared for the first time as he looked at the girl he had seen through the sniper last night and the girl he sees now in front of him.

– For a moment…

Josephine came close to him and took his jacket off from the side, but he grabbed her hand and lifted her up and pressed her hand until she screamed and then fell to the ground and almost broke her hand because of the pressure.

Josephine fell to the ground after screaming and grabbed her wrist, which had turned red.

– what is happening?

Cassius turned and looked strangely, but this time his looks were serious and he didn think that Josephine was imitating him and everyone sitting in the restaurant.

Their faces were frightened and shocked at the same time at

first, for fear of Cassius unpredictable actions.

And secondly, from Josephines unexpected behavior.

But Cassius looked at her, and then sat on his knees again, and raised her face with his two fingers, and looked with cold eyes

a little shocked, and said when he saw the tears in her eyes

– What are you doing with this cheap acting?

– acting…?

Shocked, she opened her lips, then put her other hand over her mouth, as if she knew what it was

”I must have swallowed a problem here, but wait… who is this guy? ”

She removed her hand from her mouth and lowered her head as if she already knew the answer to her question

-W… who are you, sir?

He straightened up, stood on his long legs, took off his heavy jacket, put his hands in his pockets, and said coldly

– Im Cassius Le Verta.

For Josephine, those were not words, but arrows piercing her heart, which began to pound and her breathing increased, which Lee Verta noticed, and her eyes widened with which she looked at the ground without being able to say anything.


Cassius turned when he heard the voice coming from behind, in addition to Josephine, who raised her head towards the source of the sound, and Matilda and the girls ran towards Josephine hurriedly, so that Matilda sat in front of her, passing Cassius, who began to stare at them with a confident look and a slight smile without interest.

– Are you well?

Matilda was so anxious that she lifted her off the floor and grabbed her hand, put her hand on her back, and picked her up, to get her out of the hotel restaurant and to the elevator, and Vignette and Gillan followed them to the elevator.

– Gentlemen, nothing happened. You can continue your meals, it was just a simple misunderstanding, right, Mr. Lee Verta?

With those words and a smile on her red lips, Seninta approached Li Verta, who smiled and responded naturally and unblemished, and said calmly.

– Of course there is no problem, there was a matter and it was resolved, please finish your meal and don worry about it, as Mrs. Sinenta said.

– Would you be so kind as to let me chat a little, Mr. Lee Verta?

– Ah, sure we can.

Cassius started spreading smiles to everyone until he left, walking calmly, smiling, behind Sinenta.

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