58 – Dreams and confessions

[Adilun's POV]


The words that came out of my mouth were vulgar insults directed toward Selina.


I hated Selina.
I hated that woman flirting with him.
I hated the other princesses who tried to talk to him…
I just hated every woman who approached him.


The one who hurt me.
The one who insulted me.
The one who crushed my self-esteem to the bottom and made me a coward…


Was now suddenly became the person who healed my wounds, rebuilt my self-esteem, and devoted themselves to me.


He always took care of me even when I was sick with a cold and never complained once.
Unlike other people who gave ugly glances as soon as my appearance changed, he was worried about me.


At first, I despised him and hated him.


But now I knew.
I liked him.


'I like you Physis…'


With that thought in mind, I fell into his arms.


But it didn't smell like him.
It was different.
The refreshing and cool… … scent that I always felt from him, was not there.


My vision was blurry, and it felt like I was dreaming.


Maybe this wasn't reality.
Maybe I was just drunk and delusional, imagining that I went to his room.


It must be true.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to hug him like this.
Yes, this must be a dream.


I want to say it.
That I hate the people who flirt with you.
That I feel jealous when I see those people fawn over you.
that I like you.


I opened my mouth.


* * *

[Physis' POV]


“Damn b*tch.” Adilun said, pointing towards Selina.


“Damn b*tch… who?”


“That one goddamn b*tch, Selina.
In the past, every time we met, she would talk about how disgusting my scales were”


Adilun endlessly vented her dissatisfaction with Selina to me.
It seemed that there had been a lot of frustration built-up in her.


“Yes, she's a really bad woman.
That one…”


Every time she spoke, I agreed with her words and told her that Selina was indeed a bad woman.
From Adilun's perspective, Selina was truly a bad woman.


“Right? right?”


Perhaps she was happy that I agreed with her, she smiled and burrowed deeper into my arms.
Adilun probably wasn’t such a childish person, but in many ways, she seemed to be under a lot of stress lately.




It would have been adorable to see her like this under normal circumstances, but it was a pity that it would not be true.
A person who was not originally like this became even cuter when they acted like a child.


“On top of that, she even wags her tail at you whenever she has a chance! I really hate her!”


What was this again? Of course, it was true that Selina had intentionally tried to seduce me.
But I had no idea that Adilun dislike that.


“You don’t like Selina flirting with me?”


I hate it when she flirts with you and dances with you for no reason.”


“Adilun doesn’t like me dancing with another princess?”


“Yes, I hate it.
It hurts my heart…”


Adilun shook her head and looked up at me.


“I hate it when you dance with other girls.
I hate it when you smile at other girls.
It hurts my heart to see you like that… … .”


“Is that jealousy?”


I'm jealous.
It's unbearable to see other women vying for your attention…That's why I didn't want to participate in the party.
I wanted to dance with you and be by your side.”


At the words she said while looking at me with hazy eyes, my heart started beating like crazy.


In other words, Adilun had clearly started to treat me as a man, and not just any man, but a man she was attracted to.
For a moment, joy filled my heart.


I had a crush on her, and she was so kind to me.
I couldn’t believe it for a moment, so I asked Adilun.


“That’s… … Does that mean you like me?”


“Likes… …Yes.
I like you.”


Heat rushed to my head at her open confession.
Even without looking at it, I could guess what my face was like right now.
It would be red and ripped as if it had never been like that before.


In response to her bold confession, I also wanted to say that I liked her.


“… …”


But my mouth didn’t open.
Even though I was able to say embarrassing things in front of her, I couldn’t say the simple word that I really liked her.


When I couldn't say anything, she made a sullen face.


I didn't want to fall for you.
But ever since I caught a cold, the way you took care of me every day, the way you treated me kindly every day, kept catching my eye, and eventually, I found myself pursuing you.”


She said as if dreaming in her sullen expression.
Looking at it, I realized.


At some point, Adilun had mistaken reality for a dream.
That was why she could confess to me so boldly.


“So please answer me…
Do you…
Do you like me?”


If she believed this was a dream, maybe I could answer.
Even though I once insulted her and shattered her self-esteem, maybe I could confess to her.


Guilt and various emotions overwhelmed me, and confusion engulfed me.


“This… … Is it a dream?”


I asked her for the final confirmation.
Did she think this situation was a dream?


“… …I don’t know.
But it seems like a dream.
Because there is no way that I in real life could act so possessively toward you.
So it must be a dream.
A dream that would gradually fade in my head when I woke up, and I won’t even remember it if I don’t try to recall it.
So I guess I can say I like you.
Even if it’s a dream, it’s fine, so please answer me.
Do you like me?”


In an instant, the dream I had before passed by.
I didn't know anything about her, how dare I could say I liked her.


'If I say I like her, can I continue to avoid hurting her?'


'I'm not sure.
Will I be able to make Adilun happy?'


'I don't know.'


But one thing…
was certain


That I already loved her.


I pushed away distracting thoughts from my mind and decided to focus on my momentary feelings.


I don't like you.”


Her expression instantly turned into despair.


“Ah… …”


Her despair was even greater than when she was insulted directly by me.
However, her despair disappeared as if washed away by my following words.


“I Love You.
Adilun Rodenov.”


“Ah? What did you just say now… …”


“I love you.
I just don’t like you.
I want to be with you, and I want to be by your side.
When other guys look at you with dirty eyes, I want to dig them out… … I love you.”


“This… … Is it a dream?”


It’s a dream.
Physis in reality is a coward, so he can’t say such things.”


I deliberately said that this situation was a dream because I was still not sure about myself.


I could only confidently say I love her but I was sure that I won't hurt her.


“I'm fine with it being a dream.
Just hearing that you love me is the best dream I've ever had in my life.
…I'll give you a gift.”




A gift.”


Then suddenly, she grabbed my collar and started getting closer.
Her face approached mine.
The scent of wine she had drunk was transmitted from her mouth, and the joy that couldn't be hidden was revealed in her dreamy eyes.


And the next moment… 


A soft sensation touched my lips.
A fiery heat spread from the spot where it touched.
Our lips met in a gentle kiss.


But just as if she didn’t want to stop there, she started sending her tongue between my lips.
I couldn't stand it either… …I entwined my tongue with hers.


I caressed her gums, mixed our tongues again, and surrendered to the ecstasy.


All sorts of thoughts existed in my head, but the electrifying and ecstatic kiss wiped them away in an instant.
Even I felt like this situation was a dream rather than a reality.


We entangled our tongues and gently kissed for a while.


Finally, her tongue, as if reluctantly, withdrew and an iridescent transparent thread rested for a moment before dispersing…
Her eyes closed.


She succumbed to the effects of the alcohol and fell asleep.


I carefully picked her up.
Like when she was drunk before.
I couldn't bear to put her to bed in my room.
If she fell asleep in my bed, I felt like I would reveal my low and shady feelings to her body.


So I went straight… … I looked out of the terrace, made sure no one was there, and then threw myself onto the terrace of her room.
The cold night wind tried to cool off the heat that stayed in my body, but the heat did not cool down easily.


I landed on the terrace without making any noise and fortunately confirmed that the door to the terrace was open.
I slipped into it and carefully put her on the bed… … covered her with the blanket.


And after looking at her sleeping for a while, I kissed her on the forehead and returned to my room.


It was a night when I couldn't easily fall asleep due to too many things happening inside me.

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