The Fake Princess of the Separate Palace (1)

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“No way! No!”

Erita raised her voice sharply.
Lenoff was just sitting aslant while feeling offended by the voice before he narrowed his forehead.

“Erita, don’t mistake me for being fond of you that I will even tolerate you crossing that line.”

“He, but brother, no—Your Highness! I really can’t marry that monster.
I don’t even want to!”

Erita tried entreating her brother, Lenoff, but she soon fell on her knees and started begging instead.

As he had said, “fondness” was clearly there between them.
For Lenoff—the King of Rakain—what honor would it be appealing to him by upholding his own authority rather than merely preserving his blood and flesh?

“Your Highness, please have some pity on me……”

“Becoming the Empress.
Wouldn’t it be better for you this way than to just marry a Rakain aristocrat instead?”

“What will I do when I become the Empress anyway? Becoming the Empress of that savage and uncivilized country, which makes you live with such monsters? I can’t even survive a single day at all.
I’d rather bite my tongue and die.”

“Erita! But still… how could you even say that? Did you forget that your mother and brother are together with you?”

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As soon as Erita uttered those extreme words in delirium, her mother—the Dowager Queen Carolina, who had been silent until then—stood a stern retort.

Then, Erita retaliated with her blue eyes that were brimming with tears.

“Then, what am I supposed to do! Do you want me to become the monster’s wife forever? Why would I? Why would I even!”

“Erita, stop being so immature.
You can’t really be refusing Emperor Seroif’s proposal now?”

Lenoff pressed on his temples as he felt an incoming headache.
Erita chewed away her lips and soon came up with something else, making her eyes gleam.

“Ah! We can just send her away then!”


“The fake of that Separate Palace.
Why don’t you send her away—instead of me?”

“The Separate Palace…… Say something that makes actual sense, Erita.”

Lenoff shook his head and frowned.
However, Erita still didn’t give up and continued.

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“Why doesn’t it make any sense? We look identical anyway.
So, it’s not something that they could actually recognize.”

“Erita, stop……”

“In addition, it’s not a bad idea to take this opportunity to clean up that sinister twin of mine.
Isn’t that right, Mother?”

Erita turned her head and looked at Carolina instead.

“Both mother and our late father have been trying hard to hide her presence.
Having a set of twins born, which never existed before, she’s been enduring such hard times once again.”


Carolina hardened her face as she listened to her daughter.
She was extremely sensitive about

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