What was wrong with him? Was it because she had screamed and pointed her finger at him?

Seo-ah shuddered.
“Ah, thank you for saving me.
I’ll be off now!”

While she did not forget to thank her savior since she grew up in a region where politeness was paramount, she wanted to leave as soon as possible, so she headed straight for the gate.

“You, wait a minute…”

“What?” Seo-ah turned around as she was stepping into the exit.

And saw the monster behind Yoo Ji-an with its mouth wide open.

“There, behind you!”

The hunter stopped talking and whirled around.

“I’m sorry, I will be leaving first! Please come back alive!”

He was at the top of the domestic rankings, so he could take care of himself.

She hurriedly threw herself through the rippling blue gate.
The last thing she saw was Yoo Ji-an pulling his Ruin Blade from the air.


Immediately after she got out, Seo-ah had been caught by an employee from the Hunters’ Guild and was only allowed to leave after answering a few questions.

After that, it had all been a blur.

She couldn’t remember how exactly she got home.
As soon as she had entered her house, she collapsed out of fatigue, as heavy as cotton soaked in water.

Not only had she almost been killed by a monster, but she’d also overused her healing skills.

‘I really don’t have enough practice, even for an E-class with no experience.’

But that was no surprise.

[ Stats: Insignificant and cannot be displayed (Values below 1 are not displayed).
Physical Strength: 3.
Mental Strength: 10.

Now, Seo-ah struggled to avert her eyes from the shamefully small values.
She turned to the other portion of the window.

[ If you don’t activate your capabilities as an S-class supporter within the given time period, you will die! (D-99) ]

She had even washed her face just to make sure it wasn’t just something in her eyes, but nothing changed.

[ Mission 1: Touch the Hunter ]

That too, was the same.

“I must be going crazy.” Seo-ah shook her head and lay flat on the bed again, opening her cellphone.

< Yoo Ji-an clears A-class gate alone! >

< A sudden gate in the middle of Seoul, is this okay as it is? >

< What are the countermeasures for these sudden gates that cause dozens of casualties? >

< (Reporter Kim’s in-depth report) Yoo Ji-an enters an A-class gate as if going for a walk.

“I’m glad he got out safely,” she muttered, only now realizing that she’d been caught in such a high-level gate.

As a total novice, she hadn’t even noticed it before.

Seo-ah clicked on the top article.

[ After Luoran in China, this is the fifth time in the world for an A-class gate to be cleared alone… Isn’t that great? ]

She scrolled down to the comments.

[ Korea! The country with Yoo Ji-an! Don’t take us for fools again! ]

[ I’m so proud of our country! ]

[ He beat the gate that beats anyone and everyone? Yoo Ji-an, where’s your interview? ]

[ As usual, it’s the Sun Guild again.

[ Yoo Ji-an is always busy.
Other hunters get interviewed, but I heard that the Sun Guild doesn’t let any reporters near him.

[ But he’s the fifth in the world, not just anyone.
Come on! ]

[ Baek Eun-hee VS Yoo Ji-an, who will win? ]

[ Of course, it’s Yoo Ji-an.
There’s a reason why he’s No.
1 in Korea.

[ Yoo Ji-an is better at close-range hunting but Baek Eun-hee wins at long-range.

[ Even if you increase the distance,  he can catch up in the tenth of a second! ]

[ I love you, Baek-eonnie! ]

It was the usual reaction in which praise and jealousy coexisted.

Seo-ah’s scrolling fingers suddenly stopped.
She remembered something very important.

“…Oh, Geon-hoo!”

She’d been on her way to the hospital to visit her younger brother when she was sucked into the sudden gate.

“I’m crazy… How could I forget that?” She scrambled to leave the house.


Tick, tick, tic

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