But she had to do something first.

“Come here, Soo-jung.
You’re hurt too.”

Choi Tae-hyun yelled at her, “Hey, healer! Don’t waste your energy on her.”

“Yeah, you’re an E-class healer, so you must not have a lot of mana.
Don’t use it on E-class damage dealers,” Lee So-ri, a ranged dealer from Team 1 who had been treated for a back wound, added.

Seo-ah glared at them and silently used ‘Recovery’ on Kang Soo-jung.
She could still hear the grumbling from the first team, but she ignored it as best as she could.

“Eonnie, you may be angry, but they’re right.
You must conserve your strength.”

“No, you are my priority.”

Kang Soo-jung stared at Seo-ah tearfully.
It was the first time in her life that someone took care of her like that.

After the girl’s treatment, Park Seo-ah wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Someone handed her a bottle of blue liquid.

It was Ahn Ji-yoo, who opened his mouth at her stare, “Drink.”

“…Thank you.” Not knowing what sort of expression to make, she lowered her gaze and drank.

After she emptied the bottle, her mana levels returned to maximum.
She was thankful, but she felt a little uncomfortable.

“No matter how much I think of it, I don’t know where the boss could be! Even though we’re in an open space, I can’t see anything,” Lee So-ri exclaimed.

Kim Dae-hoon, who was a melee damage dealer, stood up.
“Well, we’ll have to split up and look for it, then,” he said stiffly.
“Hong Jae-woo is hurt, so he should stay here.
The rest of us will spread out and search.
Whoever sees the boss must shoot a signal into the sky.

The party distributed firecracker-looking things amongst themselves.

“It’ll be dangerous to go alone, so I’ll go with you—”

Seo Hee-eun interrupted Soo-jung, “What will you do with an E-class dealer? She couldn’t even defeat the bear.
I’ll go with you and make sure you’re safe from mobs.”

Ahn Ji-yoo also whispered, raising his eyebrows, “I’m the one who slew the bear, so I’m the one coming with you.”

“Eonnie, I called you first! You’re coming with me, aren’t you?”

“I mean, um…”

Park Seo-ah remained in the middle as the three squabbled.

Kim Dae-hoon barged in on the conversation.
Park, are you completely unable to defend yourself?”

“Indeed, I don’t have any attack skills.”

A bewildering look of disbelief.
“Even healers know basic offense… Well, I suppose that’s why you’re E-class.”

Seo Hee-eun savagely countered the words, laughing mockingly.
“Blaming healers for their lack of damage, typical scumbag behavior.
Tell me, who was struggling without our E-class healer earlier?”

“Hey, Seo Hee-eun!”

“What? Do you want to try me?”

Kim Dae-hoon raised his weapon.
Seo Hee-eun snorted and looked him up and down appraisingly.

She was a D-class tank, so it wasn’t totally a lost cause.
However, for some reason, her eyes made him feel like shrinking.

It felt a lot like when he had encountered a B-class hunter before.

“Come at me.
Why aren’t you moving?”

“Kim Dae-hoon, stop it.
Let’s not fight here.” Lee So-ri grabbed him by the shoulder.

He put down his weapon, pretending like he hadn’t lost his composure all along.

Seo Hee-eun smiled widely and turned away as the two hunters from Team 1 whispered to each other.

“Kang Soo-jung and Park Seo-ah will head south together.
Ahn Ji-yoo and Seo Hee-eun, to the northeast and northwest respectively.
Go unless you want to be kicked out of the party.”

Ahn Ji-yoo and Seo Hee-eun looked displeased, but they closed their mouths for now.

As soon as they set off and were no longer within earshot, Park Seo-ah asked, “What happens if you get kicked out?”

“It’s literally just that.
You have to leave without experience points or the items you’ve already collected.
You won’t even be able to participate in the boss fight.”

“I see.”

It seemed like the two other members of their team didn’t care about any of that.

‘I wonder why they came all the way here.’

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