Seo-ah had been staying in the accommodations on the fifth floor of the building for a few days.
Most of the people there were the lower-level hunters of the Sun Guild.

In fact, hunters had their own homes, but they trained and had to provide support often, so they chose to stay there.

To reduce the time she spent traveling back and forth, she also decided to settle down in the guild’s building for the time being.
The room wasn’t big, but it was well-furnished, like a standard business hotel unit.

“Rest and come back to the gym around seven in the evening.”

“Thank you, sir.”

After Cheol-doo closed the door and left, Seo-ah flopped onto the bed.

“Everyone’s so kind…”

Both Han Seok-hyun and Kim Cheol-doo had intimidating appearances, but they were kind in their own way.
Yoon Doo-hee was a little cranky, but he was still okay.

Not used to being treated so nicely, Seo-ah felt a little guilty.

“No, this should be fine.
They said they would help me.”

She opened her status window again to erase her negative thoughts.

[ Park Seo-ah (21).
Position: Healer (E-class), Supporter(!) (S-class/Locked).
Title: None.
Stats: Muscle Strength: 15.
Mana Recovery: 8.
Agility: 10.
Defense: 11.
Physical Strength: 14.
Mental Strength: 20.
Active Skills: Recovery (Lv.
2), Breakthrough (Lv.
1), Inspiration (Lv.
Passive Skills: Brain.

She opened her eyes to disperse the window.

‘That time when I was barely conscious, there seemed to be a lot more hidden skills.
It would be nice to know how to activate them.’

Considering that ‘Brain’ was activated during the training process, it was likely that passive skills became operational when certain conditions were satisfied.

‘Isn’t this something I can turn on and off at will?’

Also, she noticed that her stat values were mostly over 10 now.

‘Should I use ‘Inspiration’ again later?’

It was not that she wanted to beat Yoon Doo-hee; she was simply curious about how the skill worked during a battle, especially because she could apply it to herself.

‘Next time I see Yoo Ji-an, I’ll have to ask him for more details… Although, I haven’t seen him these days…’

She drifted off with those thoughts.

And when she woke up, it was ten minutes to seven.

In the end, she couldn’t even eat dinner before she started training again.
Her stomach was grumbling, but not unbearably so.

‘When I was still working part-time, I was so busy that I often starved.’

Rather, it was more difficult to move around with a full stomach.

Still, the nap was quite helpful, and her body felt lighter than expected.

As it was already evening, all of the other hunters had disappeared.
Yoon Doo-hee stood alone in the space, swinging a wooden sword.

“What about Instructor Kim?”

“Someone asked for a consultation, so I think he’ll come after that finishes.”

“I see.”

Was it just her, or was Yoon Doo-hee’s tone much harder this time around?

Seo-ah started warming up with twists and stretches.

“Shall we go ahead and start?” Doo-hee suggested.

“Can we? Shouldn’t we wait for Instructor…”

“We don’t know when he’ll be back.
He’s only supervising anyway, and I have plans for tonight too.”

Well, Seo-ah couldn’t make the busy hunter waste more of his time on troublesome things, and they were only going to do what they had already tried earlier.

I’ll attack first and you’ll only counterattack when necessary, right?”

Let’s set a time limit for this session—if you succeed within an hour, you will win.”

“An hour? Sure.”

The previous duel took about two hours, including an intermission.
Half that time might be enough because her skills had improved.

Even though it was a sparring match, winning was less important than improving her stats.
In the first place, she wouldn’t be able to win if not for Yoon Doo-hee’s imposed handicap.

“Then pick up that wooden sword.”

Doo-hee spoke, strangely hurried, but Seo-ah chalked it up to his busy schedule and bent down to grab the sword.

She faced her opponent with the proper stance.
It was definitely because her stats had gone up that she felt subtly different from their first match.
The wooden sword felt lighter, and she could point out Yoon Doo-hee’s habits that she hadn’t noticed before.

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