Seo-ah shook off her melancholy.
“Do you know what a supporter position is?”

“Supporters? This is the first time I’ve heard of them.
It’s said that sometimes there are very rare positions.
Are you a supporter? Aren’t you a healer?”

“Oh, no.
It’s not… I was just curious since I saw it on the forums,” she lied.

If being a supporter truly was a very rare occurrence, she would surely get much attention if she revealed her status.

She didn’t want that.

“It’s possible that there could be such a thing, but it’s still better to take the stuff on the forum with a grain of salt.
There’s a lot of nonsense there so you have to filter it out to some extent.”

“That makes sense… Anyway, is there anything an E-class healer can do?”

Seo-ah couldn’t focus on the locked position forever.
She had to earn money right away.

“In fact, E-class hunters do a lot of things other than raids.
But your stats are a bit…”

Even E-class hunters were slightly stronger than ordinary people, and they were often dispatched during rescue missions and other tasks that required much strength.

However, Park Seo-ah’s average stats were just like an average person’s—perhaps even inferior to those who trained their body well.

“How would you like to try this out?” Oh Hyun-soo offered worriedly.

< Super-strong special lecture for new hunters taught by active hunters themselves! >

[ 1.
The secret of strength training that increases your stamina by 5.
One-on-one special lecture for each position.
Practical raid training.

[ All of this for only 9.99 million won! ]

Seo-ah hurriedly flipped over the leaflet in shock.
“No, I want something that I can do right away.
Anything is fine.”

“Then, would you fill out this form here?” Oh Hyun-soo’s face was skeptical.

She filled in the blanks in the document wordlessly.
As long as she started working as a hunter, she would also be able to fulfill her mission to ‘touch’ them.

“I wish you well.”

When they shook hands again, Seo-ah checked her mission progress.

‘Ah, repeating is not allowed.’

She left the office, grumbling, and saw a flood of guards.

“Get out! Stop the reporters from coming in!”

Seo-ah stood in the middle of the lobby, staring blankly at the walkway to the entrance.
Several people were walking, following a woman in a purple suit.

Eighth in the world, second in Korea, the guild leader of the Royal Guild, the S-class hunter Baek Eun-hee.

‘Wow, she’s cool.’

She admired her for a moment, then tried to escape quietly so as not to grab attention.

Baek Eun-hee! Are you challenging Mr.
Yoo Ji-an this time?”

“I heard that you also finished an A-class gate alone.
With this, you’re the same as Mr.
Yoo Ji-an…”

The guards intercepted the reporters before they passed the doors.
“You can’t enter the building!”

“Ouch!” Seo-ah was pushed aside violently in the process.
She was prepared to land painfully on her butt, but the impact never came.

Instead, a beautiful face and a gentle voice met her senses.

“Are you okay?”

Park Seo-ah looked up with a puzzled expression, then her face turned bright red.
Baek Eun-hee had lifted her, princess-style.

“Yes, I’m fine.
Put me down, please.
Thanks for catching me.”

She was back on her feet so quickly that it felt like nothing had happened.

“What’s your name? Are you a hunter too?”

“Oh, I’m Park Seo-ah, an E-class healer.”

Baek Eun-hee yelled at the guards, “Hey, you ignorant bastards! She almost got hurt because of you! Be careful around vulnerable E-class hunters!”

The reporters stared at each other, gaping.

All hunters had superior physical capabilities to ordinary people.
What did she mean by ‘vulnerable’?

But no one was able to refute her, so they simply took pictures.

“Take care, okay? If a strange person speaks to you, slap them and run away, understand? Watch out!”

“Yes, yes, thank you again.”

As if Seo-ah were a child, Baek Eun-hee opened the door and called out to her a few more times as she was running out.

When Baek Eun-hee turned back to the reporters, she suddenly tilted her head.

“What is it? Something…”

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