She looked at the hand that was still holding the glass door’s handle.
The iron handle was bent.

“Oh! The handle…!”

“I’m full of energy.” Baek Eun-hee’s face was filled with indescribable joy.
She pulled the door wide open and ran straight through the wall of reporters.

However, Seo-ah had already boarded the bus that had arrived a few moments ago.

“What was her name again? Kim Soo-ah?”

“Park Seo-ah, Guild Leader.”

“Ask around for her, find her!”


When Han Seok-hyun came back, Yoo Ji-an was lying on the sofa, watching the television.

No, rather than ‘watching’, it was more accurate to say that the television was talking to an indifferent audience.

Onscreen were the reports that Baek Eun-hee had cleared an A-class gate alone today.
The panelists were excited to compare yesterday’s Yoo Ji-an with today’s Baek Eun-hee.

“This is her.
The one you’ve been looking for.
Her name’s Park Seo-ah.” Han Seok-hyun put a sheet of paper down on the table.

Yoo Ji-an reached out and skimmed through the contents, his mood worsening.
“E-class healer? Is this really her?”

“There’s a picture there, so you should know.
She must have been the last person out of that gate.”

“The face is right, but…” Yoo Ji-an muttered incredulously.
“She can’t be just an E-class healer.”

“Yes, she is.
The other survivors said as much.
They also mentioned that they were able to live because of her treatment.”

She obviously wasn’t a strong hunter, given that she had been beaten by a toad monster, but the instincts honed by the memories of his past life fiercely rejected that fact.

“Didn’t you meet her… before? Wasn’t she an E-class healer then?”

“I don’t know.”

“So why are you so sure she can’t be one?”


Han Seok-hyun grumbled at his silence.

Yoo Ji-an murmured to himself, “I died in the second life because of her.”

Most of his memories of that dungeon were blurred, but he clearly remembered the face of the woman he saw in his last moments.
An unidentified shadow had attacked him, and at the same time, she used a certain skill.
His consciousness went out at that moment.

Then he returned.

“Huh? What did you say?” Han Seok-hyun asked, focused on the television.

“Bring her to me anyway.
Even if she’s an E-class hunter.”

“I can do that, but what would be the point?”

“Haven’t thought about it yet.”

‘What should I do? Should I avenge my past life? She might be an obstacle in the future, so wouldn’t it be better if I handle her in advance?’

But if she really was an E-class healer, how could it have been possible for her to kill him?

Just as he was now, Yoo Ji-an had also been a top-ranking hunter in his second life.
Anything she could have done normally would not hurt him.

So how? He was very curious about it.

It must have been fate that they met earlier in this life.

Yoo Ji-an, who was lost in thought, inadvertently looked at the television screen.

“So as soon as Baek Eun-hee cleared the A-class gate, she went straight to the Hunters’ Guild.
What happened next?”

“I’m not sure, but who is she holding there?”

“It looks like she caught that woman before she fell.”

“Haha, Baek Eun-hee has long been rumored to be generous to women.” Han Seok-hyun went behind Yoo Ji-an.
“Ji-an, if you want to find Park Seo-ah…”

Yoo Ji-an quietly raised his hand.
“I found her.”


Seo-ah checked the figure once again as she got on the bus.

[ Mission 1: Touch the Hunter (2/10 ]

‘Oh, it went up again.’

It was all thanks to Baek Eun-hee that she had an unexpected harvest.

‘Where will I find the eight other hunters?’

She wished she had made contact with a few more people at the guild.
At least the hunters there were regular employees, sort of like civil servants, so they wouldn’t get angry from a few handshakes.

In general, active hunters were perceived as eccentric.
Meeting them was difficult, touching even more so.

“This won’t be easy.”

Her situation was urgent, and she didn’t know if the guild would contact her soon.

Seo-ah pursued the Hunter Community the whole time she was on the bus, checking if there was anything she could do.

She saw a promising post and commented briefly.

And then her phone rang.

“What? There’s already a job? Oh, yes, I’ll be back! It’ll take me about an hour…” Seo-ah got up and rang the bell to get off the bus.

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