llected and compressed into ‘supporters’.
When this is released… >

When Seo-ah clicked on the link, it turned out that the post had already been deleted.

“That’s enough for today.” She lay flat on her bed.

For an E-class hunter with low stamina, it had been a pretty tiring day.
She hoped that her stats would improve once she unlocked her status.

Maybe she’d get better at using ‘Recovery’.

“The forecast said tomorrow would be rainy, so I’ll have to time when to go to the hospital, then come back…”

It would be reassuring to see her brother’s face before her first raid.

Idle thoughts circling through her head.
Seo-ah slowly sank into unconsciousness.


“This is Park Seo-ah, whom I contacted before.”

“Oh, you’re here.
I’m Kim Dae-hoon, the leader of the party.
I’m a D-class melee damage dealer.” He reached out his hand to shake hers, but the man next to Seo-ah grabbed it first.

“My name is Ahn Ji-yoo.”

Kim Dae-hoon, mildly confused, smiled and accepted the awkward greeting.
“You were one of the last two to join.
I was in trouble because two people suddenly couldn’t be contacted yesterday.
How did you find us?” He glanced at Seo-ah.
“Thank you for being here as well, Ms.
Park Seo-ah.
Healers are precious, even if they’re E-class.”

“Ah, yes.”

Seo-ah was about to go for a handshake again, but this time a woman snatched Kim Dae-hoon’s hand and shook it vigorously.

“How are you, Mr.
Kim Dae-hoon? I contacted you all of a sudden, so thank you for accepting me so readily.”

She seemed polite, but somehow overbearing.

“Yes… Ms.
Seo Hee-eun.”

Seo-ah glanced sideways at the two hunters.
They both seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite place their faces.

Park Seo-ah here is an E-class healer, and the two of you are—let’s see… Mr.
Ahn Ji-yoo is a caster and Ms.
Seo Hee-eun is a tank.
Alright, we’re set.” Kim Dae-hoon gave up on shaking her hand, nodding as he checked his phone and glanced at the other two with a slight frown.

Even though they were D-class, they had almost no equipment.
Seo Hee-eun wore fingerless leather gloves and Ahn Ji-yoo had on a crude-looking bracelet.
Neither item looked like equipment no matter how much he looked at them.

‘They’re shockingly poor.
I heard they were D-class, so I was expecting a bit more.’

“Over there is Ms.
Kang Soo-jung, an E-class dealer.
You two are D-class, but since you applied late, you’ll be part of the backup team, okay?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Me neither.”

In the meantime, Seo-ah disappointedly watched Kim Dae-hoon walk away.

She lost her chance to increase her mission points.

‘Well, there will be another chance.’

Kim Dae-hoon’s party consisted of eight people, four in the main team and the other four in the backup team.
The first team seemed to know each other, and their gleaming equipment seemed expensive.
On the other hand, the four members of the backup team had only just met today, and they looked relatively shabby.

Only Kang Soo-jung had twin knives on her belt.
And looking at her closely, she appeared to be young enough to still have baby fat.

“How are you?” She approached them.
“Hello, My name is Kang Soo-jung.
As you may have heard, I am an E-class damage dealer.
I’ve gone on a total of four raids,” she said with an adult-like tone.

“I’m Park Seo-ah, this is my first raid.
By the way, Ms.
Kang Soo-jung, excuse my question but… How old are you?”

“Why are you asking that? I’m perfectly capable,” she snapped.

Seo Hee-eun scanned her from head to toe.
“You look like a middle-schooler, or a high-schooler at most.”

“How old are you then, ajumma? Is age important in raiding?”

“What did you say? Ajumma? This kid… Chasing gates when you should be going to school, huh? I’m not asking out of curiosity!”

Stuck in the middle of the conflict, Seo-ah felt restless.
Ahn Ji-yoo, on the other hand, seemed entirely uninterested.

In any case, Kang Soo-jung was a child even to Seo-ah, who had little experience and no skills to speak of.
She was a minor, deserving of protection.

Seo-ah casually and intentionally placed a hand on the young girl’s shoulder, speaking affectionately.

Ahn Ji-yoo and Seo Hee-eun flinched and raised their hands, but she did not notice.

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