When I returned to my room after talking with my father,

My little sister Jiyoon hugged my lap and asked, “Oppa, how was the academy? Are there really a lot of heroes?” and looked up at me with her chin raised.

Her appearance was so lovely.
How did such a child come out from under our father?

I stroked Jiyoon’s head and replied, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Jiyoon’s face brightened at my words.

“Then you’ll become a hero too, right, oppa?”

“Hmm… I guess so.”

Actually, I was more like a Dark Knight than a hero, but I didn’t need to explain that to her.

“As expected, My oppa is the best!”

Saying that, Jiyoon buried her face in mine and I stroked her hair a few more times before returning to my room.

“Well, I guess I should check it out.”

A new alarm had already popped up on my smartphone.

[Reward (N)]

[Character Encyclopedia (N)]

It seemed that a new character had been added to the encyclopedia.

[Name: Choi Kang-hyun]

[Belongs to: Republic of Korea, Academy]

[Description: A human blessed by the sea.
It is said that he becomes stronger near water such as the sea or lakes.
His home life is said to be very difficult.]

A description that seems really roughly written.

In the game, as the story of that character progresses, it will likely be improved later.

“I wonder if he’ll become useful if I grow him, as he still seems quite weak?”

The guy that I’ve seen a few times in the game.

Choi Kang-hyun, the prince of the sea.

A character who would starve to death if he didn’t receive a scholarship at the academy due to extreme poverty in his household, and who was virtually invisible.

I planned to make him my own by offering him money.

“Well, there’s no hurry for him yet… what’s most urgent is checking the reward.”

I immediately checked the reward that I couldn’t confirm from the helicopter.


[Become the Emperor of the Underworld.
First, you must engrave your power! Make your classmates respect or fear you!]

[Target number: 19 / 10 ]

[Exceeded achievement!]

[Reward content]

-New Trait: Hitman

Hitman: The sword of the organization that eliminates enemies.
Hitmen remain calm in any situation.

Proficiency in firearms is greatly increased.]

-Exceeded achievement reward: An item search ticket will be granted.

“This is insane…!”

Item Search Ticket.

It was an item that could be seen in special events or quests in the game.

This CS was a game where everything changed every time it started anew, as if following chaos theory.
Everything was always new and the locations of items were also random.

Even NPCs were always changing, so to speak.

Therefore, the significance of the item search ticket in this game could not be overstated.

“To give this at a time like this…”

The usefulness of this item was endless.

It was a chance to get a unique item that was only available in this world, or to obtain items for one’s specialty for life.

However, there was one problem…

“It only shows the ‘location’, not the item it gives… So, if you pick a weird item, you might only get the location and not be able to get it.”

In a past playthrough, I had searched for the location of the Phoenix Feather, which was the only one in the game.

And the search result was [Chronos’ Secret Warehouse], but since I didn’t know the location, I ended up just throwing away the search ticket.

“It’s better to search for items that you can easily obtain…”

Is there such an item?

If it’s a good enough item for me to covet, it’s likely to be in a difficult place to obtain.

“I’ll just save it for later.”

I rack my brain as much as possible.
It would be best to acquire it now if I want to learn combat skills at the academy starting tomorrow.

What weapon would be most suitable for me now?

Usually, when I choose a weapon, I select an item that fits the concept of maximizing the strengths of each character.

So, what weapon should I choose now?

I, Eugene Corleone, am the heir to the Mafia.
Then, what kind of weapon suits the Mafia?

“…I got it.”

A weapon that could be considered the soul of the Mafia, a weapon that cannot be taken down even if one tries to attack the Mafia.

And, the weapon that was most efficient in sweeping away the early mobs.

Having finished the calculation that it must be somewhere in Korea around this time, I immediately wrote down the name of that weapon on the item usage voucher.


The foreign area of Incheon tainted with darkness, commonly known as the lawless zone.

The dim foreign language signs and the filthy smell mixed in the fog seem to make the atmosphere of the street even darker.

An old sign written in the place where I arrived.

[Wild Gunsmith]

That was the name of the gun shop I was looking for.

“Welcome… Huh? a kid?”

The owner greeted me with a clinking sound, then frowned.

“I came to buy a gun.”

“What? Even if were living in the F**ked up world, I won’t sell it to a kid like you.
Get lost.”

“You talk too much.”

The world of CS is truly chaotic and tumultuous.

Due to the sudden appearance of dungeons, a new culture emerged in South Korea where individuals have to protect themselves.

Legalization of firearms.

Thanks to this, obtaining firearms in this world was not that difficult.

There were so many guns available in nearby gun shops and black markets.

“I’m a student of the academy.
With this, I don’t need to show my gun license, right?”

Of course, a gun license was still necessary in this world.

However, the students of the academy are future heroes who will fight on the front lines of humanity.

That is why they can buy guns with just their student ID without showing a gun license.

“Academy student ID? There shouldn’t be any problem legally, but like I said earlier, we don’t sell to kids.”

However, the owner turns his head as if it doesn’t matter even after seeing my student ID.

It’s frustrating how they sell things for money in games but refuse to sell to me like this.

Should I take the easy way out?

“Lo sarà davvero?”

(Will It work?)

The owner is momentarily surprised by my Italian that popped out of my mouth, but soon snorted.

“Ha! Do I look like someone who would care if you were a ‘real’ Italian?”



I’m not just an ordinary Italian, though.

With a grin, I gesture towards the ring with the Corleone emblem on it.

This makes the owner’s expression stiffen.

“Wait…’Family’? You’re just a kid.”

The owner’s voice changes.

It seems he didn’t realize I was the successor with just the ring, but luckily he treats me as a customer instead of a kid.

“Well, it happened.
So, can you show me the merchandise now?”

After I say that, the owner lets out a sigh and speaks.

“Ha, if it’s guns for self-defense, you can use any of the items hanging on that wall.
For beginners, I recommend a revolver if possible.”

I spoke to the owner while keeping my eyes on him.

“Not those toys you can find on the streets.
I want to see something proper.”

“What are you talking about?”

He looked at me as if I was being strange, but I smiled at him.

“Caponne’s Tommy.
Do you have it?”

Of course, if it’s the Mafia, it would be Tommy, right?

Hahaha! Mc is badass, It’s Al Capone’s Tommy Gun time.

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