Carlo Blunte.

He was an Irish-American immigrant who also fled to South Korea to avoid the dungeon.

His ability is to make what he’s holding four times ‘Harder.’

Through this ability, he joined the Corleone family and created his own family, but…

“You violated Corleone’s rules.”

One of the things you should never do if you belong to Corleone.

It was ‘Drugs’.

Distribution, consumption, sale, purchase.

All of these were strictly prohibited in Corleone.

“You instructed children to sell drugs, you yourself became addicted to drugs, and even went so far as to make them.”

It was a different level of behavior than simply having a dirty personality or causing damage to the surroundings.

Because of the act of selling drugs to obtain artifacts or items with new powers, Vito Corleone, my father, personally intervened in the game.

It was something that could have been easily resolved by just sending an executioner.

“Drugs? You killed my family like this for such a petty reason? Just for that?”

“…Yes, today you’re going to die for that petty reason.”

If it were in his prime, I might not be able to defeat him, but now he was a drug addict.

And I alone was enough for such a drug addict like him.

“You damn punk! Yes, today I’ll tear Corleone’s only heir to shreds and see how that damn b**tard reacts!”

The aluminum bat he was holding was engulfed in a faint light.

It must have been his ability manifesting.

“That kind of stick.
It’s not scary at all.”

I was already familiar with information about Blunte.

I built the optimal situation, even preparing for this situation.

First, I chose today, when he was having a party with drugs.

Second, I had already prepared the s**mbags around me and gained strength with the [Skill: Baby Boss].

Third, my newly acquired [Skill: Hitman] kept me calm even though it was my first battle.



[Bloodline: Corleone]

– Has a high chance of instilling fear in weaker monsters.

– Ability increases proportionally to the number of nearby enemies.

– Ability increases proportionally to the duration of the battle.


Corleone’s blood still recognized the surrounding trash mobs as enemies, and the battle had already begun since arriving at this mansion.

Everything was going according to plan.

As our fists collided, there was a ‘Clang’ as the metal hit each other.

“Let me show you the skills of a Corleone executive.”

At the same time, I rushed towards him and he also ran towards me, swinging his bat.


His bat drew a large arc and flew towards my head.

I quickly grabbed his arms to limit his movements and struck him with all my might.


“It doesn’t end in one hit.”

As he tried to back away, I grabbed him by the neck and punched his chin twice.

Blunte, who had hit my hand, pushed me away with his foot and yelled.

After the distance widened, I finally saw his face.

Blood was dripping from his smashed nose.

“YOU dog-like b**tard! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

Once again, he swung his bat and rushed towards me.

I quickly raised my left arm to block it, but a strong pain hit me.

His lips twisted into a smile as he saw my pained expression.

“Block? With that arm of yours?”

Blunte’s attacks kept pouring down in succession.

Right now, I was using my arms to protect my head, but if I kept enduring, it felt like my arm would break.

“Go ahead, block! Let’s see how long you can keep blocking!”

He widened the trajectory of his arm as if he was planning to finish me off.

That was the perfect moment.

Without missing that opportunity, I lowered my guard and punched him in the jaw.

His body fell backward.

“Going down already? I haven’t even started yet.”

“You little s*it.”

For some reason, the longer the fight dragged on, the more I felt like laughing.

No, I was already laughing.

The reason I stepped forward to start the fight before Blunte was because of the overflow of my bloodline ability throughout my body.

One of the effects of [Bloodline: Corleone].

– The ability increases in proportion to the duration of the fight.

It felt like adrenaline was rushing through my whole body, but I calmly breathed to calm my excitement.

“I want to thoroughly beat you down the traitor but… We should finish soon, as the police will be here soon.
Get up quickly.”

Blunte started to step back, slowly, trying to escape, as he felt the change in my momentum.

Now he’s starting to get scared.

However, it was too late for Blunte to feel fear.

Just wait a minute! Let me meet the boss! P-please! S-save me!”

Blunte cried with his hands clasped together and tears streaming down his face as I approached him slowly.

Ignoring his begging for his life, I tightened my fist, leaving no space in it, and declared to him in a cold voice.

“In the name of Corleone.
Executioner Eugene Han Corleone.
I will execute Carlo Blunte.”


The puddle of water that splashed down heavily turned red.




The loud sound of sirens filled the foreign area.

A patrol car raced through the rain, emitting red and blue lights.

The report was about gunshots and unidentified noises coming from the Blunte family mansion.

“On a rainy night like this, gunshots? Are the Blunte family members out of their minds?”

Detective Gang Cheol-ha, who was smoking inside the patrol car, spoke as he flicked his cigarette butt out of the window.

“Senior, even though they’re under Corleone’s subordinates, isn’t this case serious? Can we handle it ourselves?”

Another detective, Han Jong-soo, who was driving, asked anxiously, wiping his sweat off.

“Of course it’s serious! Gunshots in South Korea? If it wasn’t Corleone, the Tactical Strike Force would have been here!”

In the Korean government, Corleone was such an existence.

People who didn’t cause trouble for no reason.

Enemies to worry about the collapse of the government.

In fact, because of that, they were opponents who didn’t fight each other.

“At least we can communicate with them, luckily.”

Thanks to the existence of Don Vito Corleone, the Emperor of the Underworld, this was possible as well.

With a screech, the two people stopped the patrol car and stared blankly at the scene outside the window.

The Blunte mansion was in chaos.

There were numerous bullet holes at the entrance, and the fallen members of the Blunte family’s organization could be seen.

“What the hell happened….”

Gang Cheol-ha’s mind began to spin.

“Corleone’s family under attack? Who are the crazy b**tards doing this?”

No matter how much trash like ‘Blute’ bunch were, they were still Corleone’s family.
Who would dare to touch them?

With that thought in mind, Gang Cheol-ha and Han Jong-soo got out of the car, holding their revolvers carefully, and stepped into the mansion.

“So, senior.
Don’t you think this is really messed up? Shouldn’t we call for backup?”

As the corporal realized that the situation was not good, he replied cautiously to Kang Cheol-ha, tousling his hair to express his complex emotions.

“We need to know the situation first!… Let’s just assess the situation first.”

Hearing Kang Cheol-ha’s words, Han Jong-soo nodded his head.

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