A dimly lit room with only one faint light.

A man sits there, rolling a cigarette with his fingers.


The Young Master just left for the academy.”

“I see.”

His name is Vito Corleone.

As he naturally cuts the end of the cigarette and puts it in his mouth, the man standing next to him, Parnello, takes a lighter from his pocket and lights the end of the cigarette.


Smoke from Corleone’s mouth covers the pale yellow light.

“I never expected him being capable of handling Blunte alone… Did you really not give any help?”

I was surprised myself watching from the side.
The way he emitted a red aura from his body was very similar to the boss.”


At Parnello’s words, Vito Corleone’s eyes widened as if hearing unexpected news.

“Eugene emitted Red Aura?”

“Yes, it looked similar to when the boss fights.
It seems that the boss’s ability has been inherited by the Young Master.”

“My ability is inherited? Hahaha! This is truly surprising.
I never expected my ability to be a hereditary power.”

The hereditary power, said to be passed down only to second-generation awakeners, is a symbol of rarity and the legacy of the prominent family.

Upon hearing the news that his own power is inherited, Corleone bursts into laughter, quite pleased.

“Hahaha! Then most of the wounds must have healed, right?”

“Muscle soreness still seems to remain, but… all the external wounds have healed.”

“Is that so? Truly, my son is impressive! Isn’t that right, Parnello?”

“I also think so, boss.”

“Hahaha! Well then, we should prepare a new gift for our Eugene.”

Corleone brushes the cigarette against the red lump next to him.

With a sizzle, the lump of meat begins to squirm and move.

“B-boss… ple, please… spare me…”

“Hmm? Is there still some strength left in you to struggle?”

“Mercy… mercy…”

The mouth of Blunte, from which a scream came out, was crushed in an instant.


Corleone wiped the blood from his hand on the towel next to him.

Looking at Blunte, who was sobbing while clutching his injured jaw, Corleone spoke in a calm voice.

“Blunte, Blunte.
You foolish human.
Why do you not know your place?”

“Ahhhhh… Hooooo….”

Corleone grabbed Blunte’s hair, lifting his head and looking into his eyes.

“Be quiet.
Next time, I’ll crush your vocal cords.”


Very good.
Just remain silent.
Information? We don’t need that.
You just have to pay the price for tarnishing my name.”

“Um, good.
Very good.
You just need to pay the price for tarnishing my name.”

“Mmm… mmm….”


“Yes, boss.”

“Dispose of him.”


With a ‘Crack’, Parnello destroyed Blunte’s vocal cords with a whip.

Despite the shock, Blunte, who had enhanced physical abilities, couldn’t faint.


“I’m ready.
Let’s continue with the punishment then.”

Like breathing, Parnello whipped Blunte’s body as if it were nothing.

Watching from the side, Corleone sighed with a mixture of whiskey and bitterness, muttering to himself.

“I’m worried.
Maybe it’s not a good idea to push too hard just because he got a new power…”

Parnello, who briefly stopped whipping as if to relieve the boss’s worries, smiles.

“I don’t think our Young Master would do such a thing.
He is the boss’s son, after all.”

Saying that, Parnello recalls the weapons Eugene took with him in the morning.

When he mentions the weapon, he sees, Corleone’s body jerks noticeably.

“Oh really? He got the Chicago typewriter?!”

I don’t know where he got it from, but it seemed like a proper item.”

“Hahaha! If it’s just that, he wouldn’t have to worry going anywhere.
Parnello, I’m going back home, so please take care of things as usual.”

“Yes, boss.
Please rest comfortably.”

Corleone leaves the secret room with his most valued subordinate and former defector.

The corners of his mouth were still raised.




“Have a nice day, Young Master.”

As usual, Han Seo-joon parked the car in front of the academy’s main gate and opened the back door.

“Thank you.”

In the midst of the black sedans parked in front and behind, there was one thing different from yesterday.

The black bag in my hand.
It was my unique weapon that I would use at the academy.

“Other people will also come with all kinds of cheat weapons.”

It was the academy where future named individuals gathered.

Most of them had abundant support, so they would come with all sorts of bizarre weapons.

I also had to use my abilities and background to deal with them.

“I have to do this to surpass those guys.”

And I checked the reward for the hidden quest that I confirmed on my way to the academy.

【Hidden Quest Completed!】

[Traitor of the Organization]

[Carlo Blunte has realized the power of the artifact he obtained and is planning to collect artifacts to absorb Corleone.
Defeat Carlo Blunte!]

[Reward: Midas’ Gloves]

[Unbelievable Achievement!]

[You succeeded in defeating Carlo Blunte alone without anyone’s help.]

[Reward Details]

-New Trait: Executioner

Executioner: an organization that confronts enemies of the organization.
When fighting against recognized enemies of the organization, physical abilities increase by 1.2 times]

[The trait evolves as an unbelievable achievement!]

-Involved Trait: Executioner

Executioner: Those who confront the enemies of the organization.
When fighting against recognized enemies of the organization, physical abilities increase by 1.5 times]

Perhaps because I exceeded the quest, I was able to obtain a trait that evolved by one level.

It was a trait that could be useful in organizational work, and it was a trait that had never been seen in the game before.

“Just looking at it makes me full, seriously.”

I smiled and put my smartphone in my pocket, looking ahead.

The so-called CS named NPCs are mostly graduates of this academy.

And they are expected to grow significantly in future events.

I intended to gain as much profit as possible between the organization and the academy.

Then, how much stronger will I become here?

As I thought about the golden future and smiled inwardly, a disturbing voice came from beside me.

“Even gangsters come to the academy armed with weapons.
The academy is really becoming a dump, isn’t it?”

I turned my eyes for a moment and saw Jung Eui-hoon’s face, who was spinning a pure white revolver with an unpleasant smile.

“You’re an interesting one, Eugene Han Corleone.”


Perhaps because of his background as the son of the police commissioner, he seemed to have already figured out my identity.

Well, considering the fuss we caused last night, it wouldn’t be strange if he didn’t know.

“How can you shamelessly come to the academy like this? You’re the one who had a bloodbath last night, right? It’s really amazing.”

Jung Eui-hoon said that and passed me with a whistle.

He seemed to think that his words had killed my pride.

It’s a provocation to barely call that, really…

I looked at the back of his head and smiled.

“I swear these days, even the little birds talk too much.”


“Oh! Did you hear that? Sorry.
It’s just some talk from a foolish mafia.”

You little bird.

I said that and walked towards the academy, passing the guy who had stopped.

He wants to fight with someone like me, who has trained in the gorge?

“How cute.”

I wish he would stay this cute forever.

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