at me with kindness.

“Don’t mention it, you guys seem to be doing well too.”

“Yes? Did you, by any chance, see us after you left the island?”

Kim Se-ah, asked in surprise, but I just shrugged my shoulders, and sat down in the seat I had sat in yesterday.

The empty seats began to fill up one by one.

Judging by their exhausted looks, they must have had a hard time yesterday.

“You! You!”

Then, there was someone who came towards me, trembling with anger.

A guy with Blond hair and a piercing, a blond troublemaker.

“So you took the helicopter and left me behind yesterday? You traitor!”

“I did, so?.”

The guy who introduced himself as Jin-woo Bevalt.

When I checked yesterday, he had clearly escaped by boat, right?

Yesterday, it seemed that he had also used a GPS to find his way to the island, just like me.

“If you can call a helicopter to an uninhabited island, how much money do you have at home? Who the hell are you?”

Jin-woo suddenly changed his gaze and asked me about my identity.

“Golden spoon.”

I gave him a vague answer and looked at my smartphone, which was vibrating.

[(NEW) Encyclopedia Open]

[Jin-woo Bevalt]

It was an encyclopedia entry about the blond troublemaker.

“Oh, you’re still ignoring me and reading something like Wiki?”

Since it seemed that he still couldn’t see the encyclopedia entry on the screen, I felt relieved and…

[Name: Jin-woo Bevalt]

[Affiliation: Bevalt Family, under the Corleone]

[Description: The Only Son of Bevalt Family boss, Antonio Bevalt.
He has inherited his father’s exceptional hitman skills but not his calmness.
He has been struggling financially since entering the academy recently.]

I thought he was just a member of the Bevalt Family when I heard the name Bevalt, but he seems to be a direct descendant.

There are so many variables in this world of CS except for the main character, so I have to know.

How much more information do I not know about this damn world view?

Antonio Bevalt must have been an NPC who appeared as a famous hitman.

But I never thought that this punk would be his son.

I glanced at him and he was still looking at my smartphone with a stupid face.

“An egg-laying mammal? And even Dokdo? What the heck are doing seeing articles like this.

A guy who speaks naturally.

I haven’t seen his abilities yet, but it was difficult to ignore the information in the encyclopedia.

“Why do you want to be friends with me?”

When I asked him that, he put his hand on my shoulder and said.

“Well, because you look rich? The second reason is, um… Just because? Something about you seems familiar.”

The first reason seemed to be the bigger one, but it didn’t seem too bad to me.

Actually, the more greedy someone is for the money, the easier they are to use.

Well, I’ll have to give him some training.

“Then, Jin-woo Bevalt.
Do you want to spar with me at the sparring match today?”

“Spar? What, fighting with friends to get closer to each other? Isn’t that what it is? My father also said that most of his friends were made by fighting… But Isn’t that too old-fashioned?”

A look of not understanding why he had to do that.

I decided to give him a reason.

“I’m planning to create a club.
I thought it would be great if you joined us.”

“A club?”

“If you win, I’ll make you the manager, and I’ll be your subordinate.”

He looked like he couldn’t understand the sudden talk of a club.

“Why should I join a club and be a manager?”

This information was very appealing to him.

“Don’t you know? In the academy, the club manager receives a basic salary of 10 million credits per month as an activity fee.”

“10 million c-credits?”

Jin-woo Bevalt gulped with a surprised expression.

“Okay, sure.
I’m in!”

The guy who accepted the proposal eagerly as soon as money was mentioned tapped my back a few times and smiled brightly.

“Hey, don’t worry.
Do you think I would beat someone who’s joining my club to death? I’ll hit you just enough to not hurt too much.”

… What kind of confidence is this?

“Just keep in mind that if you lose, you’ll become my subordinate.”

“Why are you already worried about that? You can’t win.
I’m looking forward to it?”

Saying that, the guy laughed and went back to his seat, playing with his smartphone.

Alright, the bait is properly hooked.

Now I’m thinking about how to handle this guy when Se-ah, who was sitting in front of me, suddenly turned around.

“Are you really okay? Do you know who that guy is?”

Se-ah whispered like it was a secret, covering her mouth with her hand so he couldn’t see.

Se-ah’s expression was deadly serious.

“Hmm? Is he famous?”

“Yes! He’s a member of the Corleone organization, and there’s a rumor that even crying children stop when they hear his name.”

Crying children stop when they hear a member of the Corleone organization, where did they hear such a baseless rumor…? Well, I don’t need to mention that I am the successor of that organization.

“Jin-woo Bevalt has been famous for taking down noticeable villains since high school.
He may look like a bully, but he’s not an easy opponent.”

While whispering like that, Se-ah looked at Jin-woo Bevalt with a fleeting glance.

Soon her eyes met, and she gasped and quickly turned her body around again.

If he has taken down noticeable villains, he must have basic combat sense.

“I guess I should properly evaluate him.”

Will he be good enough to be my subordinate?

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