“Young Master.
I am at your service.”


Is this what it means to be the ‘Heir to the Underworld’?

This Eugene Han Corleone seemed to have a separate professional secretary.

Perhaps a secretary who had followed me since I was young, but still, was he a member of the Corleone organization?

“Is there something you need?”


From his surveillance of his surroundings while walking down the hallway to his manner of walking, his propriety was palpable.

Even at a glance, it was clear that he was no ordinary man.

No, he was the son of the boss, so it was only natural that he had a secretary.

‘Of course, Corleone’s secretary must be exceptional as well.’

As I followed him outside the building, a black sedan was waiting for me at the entrance.

“At your service.”

The secretary opened the back door for me, and I instinctively took out my smartphone.

[City of Seoul] The windows below the main window caught my eye.

[Personnel Directory (N)]

The only people in the Personnel Directory were my father and me.

All other windows were listed as [??].

“Is this an interface I received as a special bonus?”

Since it had an intuitive design that could be seen in games, it wasn’t difficult to understand its contents.


Then a notification came through.

Since it was an N, something had been updated, and it seemed that the condition for updating the Personnel Directory was meeting a new person.

[Don Vito Corleone], [Eugene Han Corleone], [Han Seo-jun], [??], [??], [??], [??], [??], [??]

A new person named Han Seo-jun has been added to the Personnel Directory.

When I clicked on it, a brief description and a photo appeared.

[Name: Han Seo-jun]

[Affiliation: Corleone, National Intelligence Service]

[Description: He is a member of the Corleone organization and a National Intelligence Service agent.
He currently serves as the executive assistant to Eugene Han Corleone, the son of Vito Corleone and the successor to the Corleone organization.]


The National Intelligence Service? Is my executive assistant, Han Seo-jun is affiliated with the National Intelligence Service?

I rubbed my head as a sudden headache hit me.

Gradually, the pieces of the puzzle in my head began to fall into place.

Yes, if he is the successor to the Corleone organization, he must be an important figure that the country is also watching closely.

It was clear that he was someone who had infiltrated me to keep an eye on me.

“Is there a problem, sir?”

As Han Seo-jun, who was driving, fixed his gaze ahead, he asked me.

I answered him in a nonchalant voice to hide my agitation.

“No, nothing.
I just died while playing a game.”

I pressed the word “National Intelligence Service” in a different color.

[National Intelligence Service]

[An information agency operated by the government.
It is also called the National Security Agency and is an organization that operates mainly for the investigation of villains and national intelligence missions.]

It was essentially like the CIA in this world.

Anyway, the fact that the ability I received as a special reward revealed the hidden content of the setting was very satisfying, even though it seemed there were conditions to it since it didn’t appear immediately.


‘He’s affiliated with the National Intelligence Service, so… could a good picture be drawn from this?’

It was definitely a bit unusual.

Even considering the progress of the game, he had never been Eugene’s opponent even once.
Even if it was a villainous activity.

Perhaps that was because he had faithfully fulfilled his role as a personal assistant, carrying out even the most unreasonable commands.

‘For now, it’s better that only I know this fact.’

Even if he were to report his true identity to his father right away, that was just a fleeting thought.
In order to survive as Eugene Han Corleone in the City of Seoul, where numerous events were taking place, various preparations were needed, whether they were weapons or information.

And this package called the National Intelligence Service, was too valuable to waste.
Whether it was the “Event” that would happen later or not, there were various ways to use it.

“We have arrived, Young Master.”

While thinking like that, the sedan suddenly came to a smooth stop.
The numerous crowds and giant gates visible outside the window.

This was the Seoul Hero Academy, also known as the “Seo-Young Academy,” which was known for cultivating the best heroes in Asia.

“I’ll accompany you.”

Han Seo-jun opened the back door and spoke.

Surely, he’s not going to follow me inside?

Since there was a risk of attracting unnecessary attention if a personal assistant was attached and entered the exam room, I sternly said with my head held high.

“Don’t follow me right away.
There’s something I want you to do separately and come in a little later.”

“Something separately… Do you mean a separate task?”

Han Seo-jun made a puzzled expression, seemingly unaware that I would ask him to do something.

After explaining in detail what he should do from now on, I turned around towards the academy.

“Young Master, should I just do as you say?”

“Yeah, don’t worry too much because nothing will happen.”

Please be careful, Young Master.”

After shaking my hand lightly towards Han Seo-jun, who was bowing his head, I entered the area where the exam room was located.

“Please present your exam ticket.”

As I tried to enter the exam room, a man wearing a badge that said “Leader” extended his hand.

“Here it is.”

I showed him the exam ticket I had brought with me and entered the area where there were numerous people.

“There are a lot of people here.”

The examinees and adults who looked like parents filled the area where the exam room was located.

Of course, that’s because this is the best academy in Asia, as per the setting.

“This is too much.”

Since the path was crowded with people, I had no choice but to move along with them.

Most of them were probably people who came to take the exam, like me.

And fortunately, my prediction was correct.
As I walked along with them, the gymnasium where the exam marker was standing came into view.

The gymnasium was truly massive.

It was the size that reminded me of a huge dome soccer stadium.

Once I entered the gymnasium, I looked around for about 10 minutes until the exam started.

I felt a strange emotion when I saw things in person after just looking at them as polygons on a monitor.

There was a weird guy who only took the academy route.
I wonder if he’d be jealous of my situation if he knew?

“From now on, we will begin the entrance exam for the Seoul Hero Academy! Students, please move to your designated areas according to the number on your exam ticket!”

A voice echoed through the speaker.

I confirmed that my group was group B and headed in that direction.

10 people per group.

A total of 21 groups were formed in an instant.

There were people who looked like instructors standing at the front of each group, and the instructor for our group was a woman wearing sunglasses.

“From now on, we will begin the B group’s exam.”

After saying that, the woman smirked and sat down in her chair.

“Show your abilities to the instructor.”

Is this really how it’s going to go? Honestly, I thought I was lucky.

I currently don’t have any special abilities.

At best, I have slightly stronger physical abilities than a civilian.

However, this was not an academy where you could pass with just that.

-Wow, a pyromancer.

-That’s an easy pass.

The first person in group B started showing off by spewing flames from his body.

He seemed to know how to control his abilities already, as the flames moved freely all over his body.

“Okay, next.”

The instructor, who witnessed the spectacle, jotted something down on the paper she was holding and called out the next person in a business-like tone.

“Hmm, your hair color is unusual?”

The instructor, who had been expressionless until now, smiled lightly upon seeing the second girl appear.

In fact, I know why the instructor is smiling.

The girl has light aquamarine hair.

It was obvious that it was Choi Yeon, the only granddaughter of the greatest swordsman and head of the Korean representative swordsmanship clan, Sword Saint – Choi Seon-ho, with her hair color and the sword she was holding.

“Well, then let’s start…”

As soon as the instructor opened her mouth, Choi Yeon’s hand moved quickly.

And in the moment when he was about to blink…


Sparks burst before his eyes.

It was because of the lightning-fast footwork.
Sparks erupted between the girl, who had rushed forward and clashed with the instructor’s dagger.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Attacking the instructor even before the start of the test, and that too, while speaking.

The instructor, who blocked the sword with one hand, asked the girl as if she was curious.

“…Didn’t you ask me to show you my abilities?”

Choi Yeon replied calmly, as if it was obvious, putting her sword back in its sheath.

Then she returned to her place, standing in the same posture with a blank expression, as if waiting for the result.


And the instructor, who saw that scene, not only didn’t get angry, but smiled cheerfully, and wrote something on the paper before shouting, “Okay, next!”

If someone saw this, they would wonder what kind of test this was.
The sudden attack on the instructor and the way she easily brushed it off was definitely not “Normal.”

But it might be different in other places.

Here, it was a perfectly feasible action at ‘Seo-Young Academy.’

Above all, if the person in charge is that instructor, they might even get extra points for it.

Instructor Joo Soo-hyun.

The NPC that you will inevitably encounter if you take the Academy route is a famous demon instructor.

Moreover, the hero she pursues is one who uses everything at their disposal to win.

In other words, a winning hero.

I remember being shocked when I saw her favorability go up, when I challenged her to a duel during the game and took the initiative.

“Okay, next.”

As soon as the instructor said that, a loud noise came from the right.

Several students startled at the sudden sound.

Looking at the source of the noise, there was a man exchanging punches with the instructor.

“That guy is also starting school today?”

I muttered unconsciously at the sight.

The son of the Chief of the Korean National Police Agency and the future named NPC.

Jeong Ji-hoon.

“There are a lot of strange people in this Academy’s batch.”

She said so, raising the corners of her mouth as if it was amusing, and then looked at me.

“Well, what can you show me?”

I was still just an ordinary person without any special abilities.

But still, there was a unique ability that only I could demonstrate.

I approached the instructor slowly and took out my hand from my pocket, holding it out to her.


My action was not particularly impressive.

I just spread my thumb and index finger to make a gun shape and aimed it at the instructor.

That was all.

The instructor frowned at the sight, but I remained calm and spoke with a relaxed expression.

[La famiglia lavora per la famiglia.]

“Wait, that’s–”

At the same time, the instructor’s eyes widened.


With the clear sound of gunshots ringing in my ears, time seemed to slow down, like a scene from a movie.

My senses were heightened to an extreme degree, making me acutely aware of everything around me.

The spent shells falling to the ground in slow motion.

The sniper rifle emitting white smoke through the tiny hole like pitch darkness.

And the slight recoil of the instructor’s head.

As instructed, Han Seo-jun had aimed and shot at Joo Soo-hyun’s head as soon as he received the signal.

Fortunately, she didn’t die.

The bullet had stopped in mid-air, right in front of her head, as if time had frozen.

Everyone was in shock, except for one person – me.
I calmly walked forward, my footsteps echoing throughout the gymnasium, and stood in front of the instructor.

“My ability is Famiglia.”

“What…? Your ability is family?” Joo Soo-hyun looked at me incredulously.

“Well, what can I do? It’s the family motto.
You know that too, right, instructor?”

If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t know.

There is only one family in this world who uses this motto.

And this phrase is what a man who wrote a legend in the past shouted out to the world.

[La famiglia lavora per la famiglia.]

The family works for the family.

Then, I respectfully bowed to her and greeted her in a voice that only she could hear.

“Eugene Han Corleone.
The ability I brought to today’s academy exam is none other than Famiglia, my family motto”

The greatest ability I can show right now.

It was to display the power of my family.

It was a power that could extinguish any event with inexhaustible wealth and authority that could move anywhere like an arsenal.

It was an action only possible in Corleone.
A privilege that could be inherited as a successor to Corleone.

And the result is what unfolded here and now.

So, what do you think, Academy instructor Joo Soo-hyun? You must have given a high pass rate to those who oppose you.

Then, how do you evaluate me?

An inexperienced youth who has taken his family’s power on his shoulders? A clueless fool?

No, I guarantee you’ll know.
An ordinary fool could never do this.

What an ordinary person couldn’t even imagine.

I could feel the instructor’s eyes trembling behind her sunglasses.

Then, she lowered her head.

“Heheh… Hahaha! Hahahaha!”

The instructor’s body shook with laughter.

She couldn’t control herself and laughed until her stomach hurt.

“Hahaha! You, you, you! You know, don’t you? If I hadn’t stopped the bullet, it would have hit my temple?”

Joo Soo-hyun, wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at me.

I smiled at her, as relaxed as possible.

“Well, even if it hit, it would only leave a bruise, wouldn’t it? If it ended that easily, I would have been disappointed.”

“Heheh… You’re crazy, aren’t you? Just by listening to you, it sounds like you’re the one who ordered someone to shoot me.”

“Thank you.”

“Hahah! You’re really insane.”

Joo Soo-hyun, approached me and put her hand on my shoulder, trying to suppress her laughter.

“Okay, go back.
The results will be sent by mail within three days.
Wait comfortably.”

“I’ll do that.”


Saying so, the she wrote something on the paper and pointed to the exit where my previous students had walked out.

“I’ll see you at the academy.
A young master of darkness.”

I gave a short nod towards Joo Soo-hyun, and walked towards the door that her finger was pointing to.

Did I pass the big hurdle now?

Thinking that, when I stepped out of the door, I saw Han Seo-joon waiting for me near the entrance.

“… As I said, nothing happened, right?”

Approaching him and asking as he stood still with an expressionless face, Han Seo-joon nodded his head.

“Yes, the security guards around here didn’t even pay attention.”

“Because it’s the entrance exam for the Academy.”

“… Excuse me?”

“The Academy’s exam allows for all kinds of weapons, including helpers.”

Of course, it was because I had confidence that I could deal with any trouble or incidents that occurred within the Academy quickly.
but there were also monsters who could stop bullets fired from a sniper rifle that did not even reach 300m.

However, I got in the car, raising my head as Han Seo-joon still didn’t seem to understand my explanation.

“Then let’s go.
I’m tired.”

“Yes, Young Master.
But… before you go home, there’s a place you need to stop by separately.”

“… A separate place to stop by?”

If Han Seo-joon said this, something must have fallen from a higher place than me.

Where on earth is he going?

“Yes, Don is waiting for you.”

Excuse me?

Just a moment ago, I was excited because I did well on the exam, but now my mood deflated in an instant.

My father is here at the academy?

“…Where is my father now?”

“He is waiting in the shopping mall parking lot outside the academy.”


“I will take you there.”

I followed Han Seo-jun to the car and headed to the parking lot where my father was waiting.

It was an underground parking lot in a shopping mall not far from the academy.
There was a black sedan parked there that seemed out of place.

And in front of it stood a man, alone, with his cigar in his mouth, as if he didn’t need any security.

Don Vito Corleone.

My father was there.

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