As I trudge down, I can feel all eyes on me.
But it doesn’t matter.
Right now, the only person who poses a threat to me is the man in front of me.

Kang Seung-tae, head of the Incheon branch of the Korean Heroes Association.

“Hahahaha! Long time no see, Eugene.”

Seung-tae pats me on the back and smiles broadly as I step onto the podium.

From the way he’s talking, it seems we’ve met before so I respond to his words first.

“……It’s been a long time.”

The people around me are puzzled by my past acquaintance with Kang Seung-tae, but it’s not a big deal.
It’s not like it’s a surprise that I’m familiar with Kang Seung-tae based on my wealth.

“Okay, here are the representatives of each class.”

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, Z, all ten class representatives stood in front of Kang Seung-tae.
Jung Hoon was the representative of Class D, apparently.

After scanning our faces, Kang Seung-tae nodded once and began to explain.

“The game I’m going to play with you is arm wrestling.”

“……Arm wrestling?”

Another student questioned the idea of arm wrestling but Kang Seung-tae nodded and gestured toward the back of the podium.

Four students walked towards it, carrying heavy-looking steel desks.

“Yes, arm wrestling.
Simple and good, right?”

The desks were placed on the podium with a dull thud.

Kang Seung-tae casually sits down at the desk and prepares to arm wrestle.

“As you all know, my ability is to equalize my opponent’s physical abilities, the so-called ‘Jung Jung Dang Dang’, and I will use this ability to arm-wrestle with you from now on.”

The students begin to cheer at this.

They realize that arm wrestling with the same physical abilities would mean that victory would not be guaranteed.

“Moreover, during the arm wrestling, I promise that no matter what abilities or techniques you use, I will only defend myself.
Now that I’ve explained the rules, which kid wants to be the first to fight me?”

The first to raise his hand was the class leader of Class C, who stood out from the rest of the kids with his height and bulk.

“You’re going to have to work hard,” he said, “sit across from me and take my arm.”

The Class C representative did as he said, sitting across from him and holding his hand.

“Really, can I use any of my powers?”

“If you want to.”

As soon as Kang Seung-tae gave his permission, pure white steam began to emanate from his body.


Kang Seung-tae briefly looks intrigued as his muscles slowly begin to swell.

“I told you, physical abilities are equalized, and arm wrestling isn’t about strength alone.”

Kang Seung-tae snaps his wrist and makes a “Suck!” sound, and class C representative arm is on the table in an instant, ending the match.

“Not bad, but it would have been better if you’d swallowed your pride and gotten out of the way instead of engaging in a power struggle.”

Kang Seung-tae craned his neck from side to side and raised the corners of his mouth in amusement.

Impressed by his kind feedback, the other players challenge him one by one, but no matter how they do it, they get beaten.

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I was expecting more from the representative of the young ones, but nothing?”

It was just me and Jung Hoon now but when I was wondering if I should go next, Jung-hoon took the first step forward.

“I’ll go next.”

“Oh, right.
You’re Jung-hoon, I’m sure you can keep this old man entertained.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Jung-hoon sat up straight and grabbed Kang Seung-tae’s hand.
At the same time, he kicks the desk with his knee, trying to tip it to the side.


The desk didn’t budge and stood its ground.

“Did you try to move the desk so that the back of my arm touched the desk?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“This isn’t over yet …….”

Jung-hoon decided that it was impossible to move the desk and immediately started attacking Kang Seung-tae.

However, Kang Seung-tae only looked at Jung Hoon, yawning in a relaxed manner.

“Are you going to do more?”

“……That’s my defeat.”

He finally released his grip on Kang Seung-tae’s hand and stood up.
His head was bowed so low that I couldn’t see his expression, but I knew he must be feeling something.

“Well, then, you’re next, Eugene.
Your father says you’ve changed a lot, so why don’t you show me how much?”

“……I’ll do my best.”

Sitting down across from Kang Seung-tae, I immediately rolled up my sleeves and grabbed his arm.

Seung-tae was looking at me with a smirk on his face, as if he was waiting to see what I would try.
But I had no intention of playing along with his antics.

I take a deep breath and use my body weight and arm strength to push against his arm.

I had information about Kang Seung-tae that none of the others here know.

[Name: Kang Seung-tae]

[Affiliation: Incheon Branch of the Hero Association of Korea]

[Description: The head of the Incheon branch of the Hero Association.
Having grown up in Incheon since childhood, he has many connections to the city.
His values are “justice,” “strength,” and “power.
These factors have made him an icon of integrity]

The key words are ‘Strength’ and ‘honesty’.

Up until now, Kang Seung-tae has never lost a fight, either when others used their abilities or when he used his own.
But what if it’s just pure ‘strength’? He doesn’t use any of his abilities, just pure strength.

“Hahahaha, that’s fun, that’s fun, that’s fun!”

As if my prediction was correct, Kang Seung-tae’s arms begin to shake without using his abilities.
It was proof that he was withstanding my power with only his muscles.

“So, did you think you’d win with just your strength, without using your abilities?”

“……You never know.”

Of course, with my pure strength, it might be impossible for me to defeat Kang Seung-tae, who is at the top of the game, but…

“Hey ……can I ask you a question?”

“Haha, sure, I’ll try to accommodate you!”

“You’re here as the head of the Incheon branch of the Heroes Association, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then what would you do if you ran into my father in the course of your duties as the head of the Incheon branch of the Hero Association, instead of Kang Seung-tae?”

“I’d have to catch …….”

“Thanks for the answer.”

At the same time, Kang Seung-tae’s arm tilted slightly.

“Heh, what were you doing, I didn’t sense you using your abilities?”

“Maybe I was looking out for you.”

I said that, but right after Kang Seung-tae’s answer, a new interface appeared in the corner of my vision.

[Talent: 【Enforcer】 is activated].

Enforcer – Those who deal with the organization’s enemies.
Increases physical abilities by 1.5x when fighting an opponent perceived as an enemy of the organization]

【Enforcer】, my trait that can only be activated when dealing with enemies of Corleone.

This would increase Kang Seung-tae’s physical ability as well, but I gathered my strength to stamp on his arm with all my might before he could accept the sudden increase in physical ability.

However, Kang Seung-tae skillfully keeps his center of gravity low, deflecting my attack.

“Okay…….Guess I’ll have to take this more seriously than I thought.”

……Monstrous inspiration.

Kang Seung-tae pushes away my wrist as if he’s succeeded in gauging his strength in a split second.
Still, it wasn’t enough to get a passing grade from him.

“You’re not interfering or using any other abilities?”

“I don’t think the branch chief arm-wrestled with the other kids in a normal way.”


“The ‘even-handedness’ you mentioned.
Isn’t it actually about synchronizing your own magic power with your opponent’s, not equalizing your physical abilities?”

Kang Seung-tae’s eyes flicker at my words.

“Isn’t that what your father told you?”

It was information I knew from the game, but I couldn’t tell him straight out, so I put on my best relaxed face and answered.

“I felt your magic flow into my body.
You’re circulating the magic in my body to interfere with my magic power to help me pave the way.”

“If what you say is true……I’m surprised, for it would take a mage of some caliber to realize that I had interfered with his magic.”

“It must be talent, because blood doesn’t lie.”

Kang Seung-tae smiles a bloodthirsty smile at my words.

“Ha! Now that you put it that way, I have nothing to say, so do you know how to best accept this gift?”

“Isn’t it to resist my branch chief with all my might?”

“If you know……that’s enough.
Go ahead, resist with all your might, haha!”

“I will.”

After answering Kang Seung-tae like that, I immediately showed him the reason why I didn’t stand up until the end just for this moment.

With the defeat of all those who went against him, I was the only one left.
This meant that I was the last representative of the student side.

From here on out, the other students will have no choice but to cheer me on since I am now pushing Kang Seung-tae more than anyone else.

This soon becomes their last hope and a clear indication of the fact that I am different from the other kids…….and it soon turns into respect.

[Talent:【Successor of the Underworld】Triggered]

【Successor to the Underworld】

Baby Boss – Your overall abilities increase slightly in proportion to the number of creatures that fear or respect you]

If both 【Enforcer】 and 【Successor to the Underworld】 are activated at the same time, my strength will be incomparably stronger than usual.


With all my weight and strength, I gradually push against Kang Seung-tae’s arm and as his arm starts to be pushed away Kang Seung-tae’s eyes widen in panic at this unbelievable situation.


With a thunderous cheer, he snatched my arm off……in an instant.

I lost……but it wasn’t all bad since I had accomplished my goal after all.

That was dangerous, really dangerous.”

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Kang Seung-tae stood up and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Kkkkkk! You’ve really changed a lot, just like your father said.”

“……You’re right.”

Kang Seung-tae smiles broadly as I shake my wrist, which is numb from being nearly slammed into the desk.

“I’m surprised you’re not freaking out, too.
So, do you have any idea what’s happened to your body?”

Of course, I couldn’t help but notice as a new window opened before my eyes.

[An explosion of mana flows through your body]

[Your mana seems to be flowing more easily]

“I feel like I’m maneuvering my mana more smoothly.”

“Good to know! Well, the others have apparently only made subtle improvements, so this should be enough for the representative’s body.”

This is another ability that helped Kang Seung-tae rise to the position of Branch Leader.

[Mana Shower] was a skill that only he could do with his explosive mana and insane levels of mana control.

Apparently, he doesn’t use it often because of its deceptive power.

I knew that it was only used against the most talented heroes in the branch, but it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that I had gotten an unexpected gift.

“Now I’ve granted all of my friend requests but unfortunately none of you have beaten me, so I’ll have to give a lecture, hahahaha!”

At the mention of giving a lecture, the students begin to roar again but Kang Seung-tae puts his index finger to his lips.


The hall instantly falls silent as Kang Seung-tae speaks in a very cold tone, as if the ridiculousness of the whole thing was a joke.

“Now that we’re done with the brief event before the lecture, I’m going to start the lecture, and all the kids who came up front can go back to their seats.”

Kang Seung-tae, who had just changed from the image of a friendly uncle to that of a cold boss, stood in front of the whiteboard.

“You guys just saw it.
The difference between me and the others is overwhelming.
But each of the other kids tried to take me down in their own way, and……Eugene succeeded in sending chills down my spine.”

Kang Seung-tae begins his lecture by analogizing the brief arm wrestle to a battle between heroes and villains.

“But the villains you’ll meet in the future won’t treat you the way I do.
That means you’re going to have to deal with guys who laugh while slaughtering the civilians next to them instead of being cute.
And I’m going to talk about the mindset you need to have when dealing with them.”

In an instant, the mood in the convention hall changed.
As if the excitement of the previous session had been a lie, the atmosphere has cooled down, and the students look at Seung-Tae Kang with nervous eyes.

“Alright, let’s get started.”

What he said wasn’t that difficult, it was information and mindset that everyone knows.
But it’s because the speaker is Kang Seung-tae, not another hero every word that came out of his mouth looked and sounded genuine.

[Note: Your intelligence has improved!]

The increase in intelligence was an added bonus.
So, when I returned home from the third day of classes at the academy.

“Master, everything is ready for the hunt.”

Night had finally come.

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