When I got home from a long day at the academy.

“Big brother!!!”

A creature of indescribable cuteness runs up to me and wraps her arms around my legs.

“Are you home?”

I poke my head up to see my little sister, Jiyun, looking at my face and I stroke her tiny head with a huge smile on my face.

“What were you doing?”

“Playing hide and seek!”

Jiyun giggles and spreads her arms as if she’s having a lot of fun.
At the same time, an urgent voice came from inside.

“Hurry up and find her!”

“You ran away from your homework?! Where the hell are you?”

……You were having fun.

“Yeah, you have to be careful not to get hurt.
Oh, there’s a good place to hide, behind the garden fountain.”


Jiyun runs out into the garden at a brisk pace.

Once inside the mansion, I alerted someone that Jiyun was behind the fountain and headed for my room.

No matter how cute she is……she has to do her homework.

Silently hiding my feelings of regret for Jiyun in the back of my mind, I arrived in front of my room to find Parnello standing there.

“Have you returned, Master.”

“……Parnello, what is it?”

This wasn’t his usual kindly face, but a calm and sharp Parnello.

“I have instructions from the Don.
I also have a message for you.”

“I suppose father is not at the mansion now?”

“He is.”

“Then……let’s go in.”

Entering the room with Parnello, I made a quick cup of tea using the coffee pot and tea bags, then sat down, placing them in front of Parnello and myself.

“So, what’s going on?”

I asked, sipping my tea, as Parnello stood up from his seat and handed me the item in his pocket.

“Don was very happy when he received the report of what happened at the academy today.
As much as he would have liked to give it to you himself, given the circumstances, he entrusted it to me.”

“Is this ……?”

“‘The Clock of Aegis’.
It’s part of the Don’s collection.”

Of course I recognized the item.
It was one of the hardest items to find in the game.

I cautiously accepted the watch, and the information about the Clock of Aegis flashed before my eyes.

[Name: Aegis Clock]

[Rank: Unique]

[Type: Item]

[Description : A watch that contains the magic of Aegis.
Once a day, it protects you from unnoticed attacks]

A unique rank item that has an automatic defense ability.
Its ability to protect against unexpected attacks made it an item worthy of being called an extra life.

“……It seems like it’s too precious to be given away for a job well done.”

“It must mean that Don was very pleased to hear of your accomplishments, for you are his son, not someone else’s.”

I’m his son, so he can give me something so valuable.

I looked at the back of the watch and saw the number ‘1’ engraved in the back corner.

That meant it hadn’t been used yet.

“I’d like to thank my father, but……he seems to be out on business right now, so I’ll have to put up with it.”

“Yes, and what I’m about to say will be Don’s orders.”


What Parnello has told me so far is what he told Eugene, Don’s son.

What he is about to say to me, now, is addressed to Eugene Han Corleone, a member and heir of the Family.

“First of all, based on the agenda from the last General Assembly, Don has appointed you as an enforcer, a hit man, an official ‘Executioner’ of the organization, due to your successful execution of the Blunt Family.”

As he said this, he slammed down on the table a round badge that proved to be the Sword of Corleone.
At its center is a daffodil, a symbol of virtue and mystery, pride and loneliness.

“With this, Master, you are authorized to demand from the Organization the support befitting an ‘Executioner’ prior to your mission.”

This meant that weapons, ammunition, and other equipment and personnel could be provided by the Organization.

“Next up is a directive to you as Enforcer and Hitman of Corleone.”

The directive read

[A Hong Kong triad was spotted hours ago attempting to smuggle money through the Incheon Harbor]

[An inside source tells us that one of the domestic money launderers is in trouble and is attempting to smuggle them out]

[The Don expresses his deep regret at the attempted smuggling without contacting the Corleone family.
As soon as they set foot in Incheon Harbor, which is Corleone territory, they will be killed in Corleone name]

In other words, kill them for pride.

The port of Incheon is actually under Corleone control, and they were trying to sneak in without any notice.

Even so, there was something odd about taking matters into my own hands.
I was no longer an ordinary gang member, but a Hitman.
And at the same time, I could see why my father had entrusted me with this job.

“You’ve got a point.”

“Is that so?”

Parnello smiles, intrigued by my comment.

“I practically disbanded a club at the Academy today, a group of guys called the Fund Investment Club.”

The Fund Investment Club was also a club that grew in size by accepting outside funding in-game.

In other words.

“So that’s where they laundered the Triad’s money.”


I didn’t think he’d ever have a source inside the academy, but apparently my father was on top of everything I’d done today.

“And he thought that if the Triad came into Korea and investigated, they would find a connection to me…… and if so, he wanted me to break it?”

As if that was the correct answer, Parnello said nothing but nodded.

“What’s your estimate of their arrival, and how many?”

“Five hours from now.
We’re estimating about 20 men.”

At his words, I glance at the time on the Aegis watch in my hand.
There’s still plenty of time left.

“We’ll keep our eyes peeled for three hours and then we’ll be on our way.
For any resources you need, contact us…… and I’ll arrange for backup.”

“As you wish.”

After bowing his head and saying, “Rest well,” Parnello left the room.

The place is Incheon Harbor, the time is dawn, and the number of enemies is about 20.

They couldn’t have been ordinary members of the organization, knowing that Incheon Port was Corleone territory.
At the very least, they had to be awakened, and a mediocre response would not be acceptable by my father’s standards.

“I’m not going to be able to get a good night’s sleep with this…….'”

I organize as much information as possible in my head through the smart lens.

I recall the geography and surroundings of Incheon Harbor, the weather for tonight, and as much as I can about my immediate abilities.

After an hour of planning, I end up only getting two hours of sleep.

* * *

“What’s the big deal, they’ve been doing so well, why are they suddenly unreachable?”

Above on a violently rocking deck two cigarette smokers are talking with disgruntled expressions.

“Who cares, we’re just doing what we’re told.”

The workshop where the Hero Academy alumni could launder their money more safely than anywhere else didn’t respond and this incurred the wrath of their boss, who would risk his life for the money, and they were eventually sent to Korea to resolve the situation.

“No, but the fog is so thick today, I can’t see a thing.”

“The machine told us to go this way, but we didn’t.”

Unable to enjoy the scenery, the trio grumbled in frustration as the fog settled over the dark early morning waters, and they leaned into the rocking boat.

“Is that a lighthouse light?”

“That’s right, I think we’re almost there, wake up the boy below.”

The boat’s speed slowly slowed as the lighthouse’s light became visible through the thick fog.

Realizing that they’re close to their destination, the men stand up and look around.

“At least there’s a lot of sea fog, so it should be easy to sail through.”

“The Heavens are helping us.”

“I heard this area is the territory of the Corleone bastards, so I guess it’s all good, huh?”

For them, the Corleone organization was practically an object of fear.

To them, the Triad was merely an organization that was better left alone than exterminated.
But that was part of their pride.

It meant that if their organization gave it their all, they could at least wound Corleone.

“Enough with the chatter.
From now on, we’re going to have to do it ourselves.”

The other men in the captain’s cabin nodded and made their way to the stern.

Their next stop is the Incheon Port, which is operated under the control of Corleone.

It’s much easier to move quietly and stealthily here than to make a scene.

“Listen, we will spread out in all directions as soon as the ship docks, in case we are followed.
Lang Shen and I will head toward the North Line port, while Kao Rong and Chun Zhong will head toward Incheon Station.”


“I’ll warn you in advance, if you’re caught by Corleone……I recommend you kill yourself on the spot otherwise you’ll suffer a fate worse than dying.”

The gang members gulped and swallowed their saliva at the officer’s words.
They, too, knew of Corleone notoriety and could only nod.

“All you need to know is…….”

After looking at them and nodding, the officer finished explaining the escape route and reconnection point to each of them, and glanced out the window.

The dockside slowly took shape out of the seawater, and he straightened his bent back.

“Get ready.”

At his words, all the members of the organization gathered at the stern.
There were 20 of them.

They were the most elite members with excellent Korean language and combat skills who were specially selected for this infiltration, as any mistake could lead to war with Corleone.

“──The targets are the president and vice president of the ‘Fund Investment Club’ at the Seoul Hero Academy.
As soon as we find them, we will take them to the previously mentioned warehouse and leave Korea.”

With a rumbling sound, the ship stopped and another clunk, the dock slowly began to open.

“‘For our country and our brothers.

“For country and brothers.”

The officer’s words are echoed by the others as they rally, and the ship finally touches the dock.

The fog is still thick as they reach the dock and the members of the Triad quickly step forward to hide in his arms.

“Buona sera amico.
(Good evening, friends.)”

“Ha, it’s a trap! I, all of you, get down!”

───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───! ───.

The sound of typing on a typewriter broke through the fog’s silence, followed by a flurry of flashes.

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