=”I will see you.
Young master.”

My assistant, Han Seo-jun, said while handing over the school bag.

It was the day of the academy’s entrance ceremony.

The past week of successor training was nothing short of hell.

Rolling, studying, sparring, studying, and repeating endlessly.

But I was grateful for the new abilities I had gained.

[Name: Eugene Han Corleone]

[Gender: Male]

[Occupation: Heir to the Underworld]

[Traits: Bad Boy, Heir to the Underworld (N)]


[Heir to the Underworld]

An Offer You Can’t Refuse – Negotiation skills slightly increased.
Negotiation skills increase significantly for subjects who feel fear.]

Baby Boss – Overall abilities increase slightly in proportion to living beings who fear or respect you.]


And there it was, the new ability “Baby Boss.”

The more people feared or respected me, the stronger I became.

It was a growth trait, and if it were a game, I would have bragged about it in the community as a jackpot.

“Young master?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

I put the smartphone I was looking at in my pocket.

“I see you’re looking at something interesting.”


Wait, did he see what was on my smartphone screen?

“When I was young and bored, I used to look at all sorts of things on Seedling Wiki.
Even so, quantum mechanics – do you understand what you’re looking at?”

Seedling Wiki? Do other people see it that way?

“Just, I was bored and ended up scrolling all the way here.”

“I see…I’ve had moments like that too.”

He smirked as if understanding, then turned away.

I was relieved to confirm that no information related to CS had been leaked.

“Let’s go.”

As I followed Han Seo Joon out of the mansion, I saw two black sedans and a limousine waiting for me.

“What’s this?”

“Your father prepared this.
He said to maintain the dignity of the Corleone name.”

It seemed like he got worked up for his son to attend the academy.

No matter how much I try to hide the name Corleone and use the name of my mother’s family to enter, this is a bit excessive…

This happened five days before I entered the academy.

The academy’s principal called my father directly.

[We’ve received information that the government has obtained information that your son is entering the academy.]

At first, when my father received the principal’s call, he was furious and cursed him out.

After hearing the principal’s repeated apologies and excuses, however, my father eventually forgave him, considering it was an inevitable event, and received various privileges as compensation.

Ensure that there is a dedicated lane for school vehicles to drop off students in front of the school gate.

Take strict measures to prevent information about Eugene Corleone from spreading.

Immediately report any incidents involving Eugene Han Corleone in the future.

Was that not enough? My father called me separately and said these words.

‘If you encounter any trouble, don’t hesitate to tell me.
Show the power of Corleone… ‘ he said.

“But isn’t that too much?” I replied as I got into the car.
Han Seo-joon, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, responded.

“It’s the boss’s order to ensure strict security…”

Then what… do you think I don’t like expensive cars?

“Well then.
We’ll depart,” Han Seo-joon said, and then he spoke into the radio, “The young master is departing.”

And at the same time, the cars began to move.

I never thought I would receive a convoy of cars like in the movies.

It didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would.

“I will turn left, young master.”

No, it feels too good.

* * *

Three cars parked in front of the Academy gate.

The attention of those around me instantly turned in my direction.

Han Seo-joon got out of the driver’s seat and opened the door for me.

I couldn’t see Corleone’s badge, which he always wore around his collar.


I said and stepped out of the car.

Honestly, all eyes were on me without exaggeration.

“Wow, what’s the scale?”

“Is he the son of a chaebol?”

“Did he come during the entrance exam?”

“Who is he?”

I could hear the surrounding murmurs, and my physical abilities seemed to change slightly in response.

If this level of reaction is elicited just by my arrival, how much stronger can I become in the future?

While I was thinking that, Han Seo-joon bowed his head and smoothly returned to the car.

As the cars disappeared, the sound of sirens echoed from a distance.

“…police sirens?”

Were the police dispatched just for my arrival at school?

Fortunately, my worries were unfounded.

A white sedan was parked in front of the gate, escorted by police cars.

A young boy got out of the car, opened the door himself, and stepped out.

It was Jeong Ji-hoon, whom I had seen during the entrance exam.

Did his dad also get worked up for his first day of school?

What’s so special about the first day of school anyway…

The gazes that used to focus on me are now directed at Jeong Ji-hoon.

He accepts those gazes as if they were natural, and then he looks at me and smiles mischievously.

It bothers me.

Ignoring Jeong Ji-hoon, I went to the academy and easily found Class A, which was written on my certificate of admission, with the help of the academy staff.

As I opened the door, I felt the gazes of those around me.

There were still some empty seats visible here and there, but I ignored those gazes and sat in the vacant seat at the back.

“Isn’t he the guy?”

“The one who shot the gun at the instructor during the entrance exam?”

“What? Was that for real?”

“Looks like he’s in our class.”

I heard some whispers while I was looking at my phone, but fortunately, the fact that I was a member of the Corleone family had not spread beyond my family, so it didn’t become a big deal.

Not long after, a blond man with piercing eyes came into class after me.

He had a fierce look in his eyes, and his appearance was like a typical blond delinquent.

After looking around the entire class, he immediately leaned over and started to nap right next to me.

I couldn’t believe that there was a blond delinquent with piercings in the academy.
Was he a character with a delinquent concept?

While I was thinking such thoughts.

“Hey everyone.
Nice to meet you.
I remember some of your faces.”

A woman with an evil smile entered the room.

She wore a white cap on her black hair and had an X-shaped scar on her cheek.

It was Joo Soo-hyun, the supervisor from the entrance exam.

Could it be…?

“My name is Joo Soo-hyun.
I will be your homeroom instructor for the next year.”

A genius of spatial magic.

A moving wormhole.

A crazy spatial magician.

She had many names, but the most fitting one in this situation was undoubtedly “Mad Instructor.”

Ah, I can already imagine what the first semester at the academy will be like.

“From the expressions on some of your faces, it seems that some of you know who I am.
So, I won’t waste any more time.”

She said that with an evil laugh.

“A day at the academy is entirely at the discretion of the homeroom instructor.
Whether you introduce yourselves or finish early, it’s up to me.”

With that, she snapped her fingers.

Oh, that pose, could it be…?

I sighed as I guessed the situation, roughly, having seen that motion many times in games.

“From now on, you will be transported to a deserted island somewhere.
The goal is simple.
Come to the classroom by 4-pm when today’s class ends.”

As the surrounding space began to disappear as if tearing it apart, I felt an intense sense of nausea enveloping me.

Watching us bend over to suppress the urge to vomit, Joo Soo-hyun laughed and then smiled at us.

“Introduce yourselves there.”

A devil.
She certainly deserved the title of “Mad Instructor.”

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