In front of the Corleone mansion, at the smoking area, Don Vito Corleone’s right-hand man, Parnello, and other members of the organization were gathered chatting.


Parnello let out a sigh, which was unusual for him.

One of the members asked, “Is the great Mr.
Parnello worried about the Young Master?”

Parnello lifted his head slightly at the member’s words and exhaled smoke from his cigarette.

“You can tell?”

“Isn’t that obvious? It’s written all over your face that you’re worried about the Young Master.”

The other members began to laugh at the member’s words, and Parnello joined in, caught up in the atmosphere.

“Hahaha! You’re absolutely right.
He’s grew up in our Corleone family without much outside inference, but now he’s attending the academy.
I can’t help but worry.”

Another member seemed to be comforting Parnello and said, “But he’s still the young master of our Corleone family, isn’t he? I don’t think anyone will dare to bully him.”

Parnello let out a bigger sigh after hearing the member’s words.
“Sigh, Do you think I don’t know about that.? I’m not worried about that.”

Parnello put out his cigarette and flicked the ash off of it.
His hand was wrapped in plaster.

“Even if he grew up in the Corleone family, he’s still the boss’s son.
I hope he doesn’t get into any trouble on the first day.”

For some reason, Parnello’s face had an inexplicable smile of anticipation as he spoke.


“….W-what is this…”

The person behind me muttered with a trembling voice.

Well, I can’t blame them if they react like that to this sight.



I spoke as I crushed the goblin’s head that I was holding in my right hand with brute force.

With a ‘Keeek’ sound, a unpleasant sensation filled my palm.

“They are like wormds…”

I threw the goblin’s head that I was holding in my hand at the guy and crushed it with my foot.

“I should have brought a gun.”

I wiped my hands and looked behind me.

“This should be enough, right?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah…it’s enough.”

The bodies of the 14 goblins lying around me.
All of them were broken, shattered, and blown up.

I never thought I would achieve this much.

It was my first real battle.

‘I think this is enough to pass.
I’m relieved that I won’t have to go out and get beaten up somewhere else.’

There was a time when I landed my first effective strike on Parnello, who was teaching me martial arts.

He treated me like a baby, and I barely managed to land a hit, but it was clear that his skill was superior.

Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this level with just the martial arts I learned from Parnello.
This was supported by the following.

[Name: Eugene Han Corleone]

[Gender: Male]

[Occupation: Heir of the Underground]

[Traits: Bad guy, Heir of the Underground]

[Bloodline: Corleone]

It was a bloodline ability that emerged after several bloody trainings with Parnello.

Bloodline abilities are abilities that are usually manifested in different races, monsters, or special families.

But I never even dreamed that Corleone would have a bloodline ability.

[Bloodline: Corleone]

– Weaker monsters have a high chance of feeling fear.

– The ability increases in proportion to the number of enemies around.

– The ability increases in proportion to the duration of the battle.

It was truly a warrior’s ability.
It was nothing less than an ability specialized in massacring civilians.

“Is that crazy person looking at his phone with blood on his hands right now…?”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind.

I wonder if the others see me like that too.

A vibration was felt and when I looked down, an alarm was going off.

【Main Story】

[Become the Emperor of the Underworld.
First, you must engrave your power! Make your classmates respect or fear you!]

[Target Number: 5/10]

It seems like my appearance alone has instilled fear.

‘What an unexpected harvest.’

Originally, in the story, we had to gather magic stones from the goblins and escape the island together.

But, there’s no need to do that in an exam where rankings are determined.

I planned to use a loophole.

At that moment, Kim Se-ah was saying something to the students in front of her.

“From now on, I will reverse the traces of magic and open a gateway for us to come here.
It may take some time to interpret it since it’s Instructer’s portal… but we can all go back.”

“How long will it take to interpret it?”

When the glasses asked her.
Kim Se-ah spread out her hand.

“With the magic stone we have right now, it’s five hours.
It’s currently 10 o’clock, so we can all go back until 4.”

The other guys’ expressions brightened at Kim Se-ah’s words.

But there was one thing that didn’t sit well with me.

“What about the other guys? Aren’t they doing anything?”

The guys who practically did nothing.
I asked, looking at them with a glare as they just watched from the side.

“If we have more magic stones, we can shorten the time, right?”

“Yes? Oh, yes.”

After hearing Kim Se-ah’s answer, I turned around and started walking in the direction of the dungeon.

“Wait, where are you going?”

One of the guys shouted at me.

He’s asking me that even after hearing the conversation just now?

“Then are you just going to watch and slack off until 5 hours are up?”


“At least Kill one more goblin while you’re spacing out.
You’re all still students of the Academy, aren’t you?”

I left those words behind and walked towards the dungeon again.

There was a low rumble coming from behind.

Finally, the sound of footsteps from other students walking towards this place started to be heard from behind.

“Of cource, we are also students of the Academy!”

“This is also part of the Academy’s activities, right? Let’s go!”

Except for a few students escorting Kim Se-ah and the reconstruction of spatial coordinates, most of the people followed me.

The opponent was a goblin called the weakest among monsters, but for them, it was not easy to experience killing living creatures in their first real battle.

However, violence is bound to tinge in the end.

As soon as I entered the dungeon, I grabbed the head of the goblin that was the first to be seen and slammed it against the wall.


The goblin screamed and was pinned to the wall.
I then forcefully slammed the head of the goblin next to it down and compressed it vertically again.

Finally, the goblin who witnessed its colleagues instantly turning into minced meat in front of It collapsed to the ground in fear.

It was evidence that it was feeling fear towards me because of my bloodline ability.

With a crunching sound, the goblin was trampled to death under my feet.

Soon, I turned my head and looked at the other students who were staring at me blankly, confirming that they were also feeling fear from behind.


Perhaps because they witnessed the brutal death of three goblins in an instant, most of them looked at me with bewildered expressions.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch?”

As I flicked the blood of the goblins off my hand and taunted them deliberately for motivation, I said, “I wonder how much more you guys are going to take a free ride.”

And with that, my words became a trigger that transformed the fear of the onlookers into anger.

“Kill them all!”

“Let’s get out of here fast!”

“Take them down!”

A moderate amount of fear can make one feel uneasy, but overwhelming fear can drive one mad.

When I finally left the dungeon, having created a situation as intense as this, a Blond-haired thug who had not entered the dungeon approached me with his arms crossed.

“You’re stronger than I thought, huh?”

Unlike the others, he had not entered the dungeon.
“Wanna hang out with me? If you have a trusty partner, it’ll be easier.

He still seemed to think that I would join him on a boat ride.

“No need.
I have to leave soon, too.”

Ignoring the guy who was doing business with me, I took out the emergency phone from my pocket.

A clunky looking phone with an antenna attached.
The thug chuckled at the sight of it.

“Will that even work? There’s no nearby base station.”

I brushed it off and made a call.
Someone answered after a brief ring.

“Yes, Young Master.”

“Where are you?”

“I’ll be arriving soon.”


After hanging up the phone, I looked up at the sky and the thug next to me asked, “What’s that? Is it a satellite phone?”

I nodded and folded the satellite phone, putting it back in my pocket.
The guy looked at me as if I was crazy.

“You’re carrying around a device that costs a fortune and can make satellite calls, but you won’t give me any money? Let’s just take the boat together.”

Pushing away the persistent thug, I pointed to the coastline in the distance.

“Thanks but I’m going to take that.”

“Huh? That?”

I heard the sound of a propeller in the distance, coming closer and closer.

Do I really need to gather magic stones and go back to the academy when I know I can just sail across the West Sea? I am the successor of the Corleone Association.
I have more money than I could ever spend.

“What? A helicopter?”

His expression froze as he saw the helicopter flying in the distance.

Did he not expect it to come all the way here? Leaving him behind, I walked slowly towards the beach where the helicopter was landing.

“I’m sorry, Young Master.
Making you wait for a long time is unacceptable.” said Han Seo-jun, extending his hand to me as he got off the helicopter.

I nodded briefly and took his hand, entering the helicopter.

“Hey, hey! Let me ride too.
Huh? We’re friends, right? Huh?”

Han Seo-jun stopped the thug who was coming into the helicopter.

“Please step back.”

“Just wait, so you know who I’m? Huh? Are you really leaving? Really?!”

The sound of the helicopter’s propeller grew louder and the thug’s blank expression became visible as the helicopter slowly lifted off.

I would have liked to take him with us if I could, but unfortunately, this was a small helicopter and there was no room.

Anyway, he could try to escape on his own even If he couldn’t ride helicopter, right?

Above all else, I thought.
‘He should be able to handle this much.’

He didn’t seem like an ordinary guy, so I wanted to confirm something.

If he was really affiliated with the Corleone family, there was a possibility that he was hiding something.

While thinking about that, I almost forgot what I was about to say, so I leaned out of the helicopter and looked down.

“Oh, I hope you’ll use the magic stones of the goblins I killed as you please.”

“What? Hey! Hey!”

With that, I smirked at the thug and took a seat.

The helicopter slowly rose.

Looking out the window, I could see the group still staring in our direction as they reconstructed the spatial coordinates.

I wonder how the main story ended up.

【Main Story Achieved!】

[To become the emperor of the nderworld, you must first imprint your power! Make your fellow students respect or fear you!]

[Target number: 19/10]

[Exceeded achievement! Rewards will be given according to the achievement.]


My phone’s alarm kept ringing.
With a satisfied smile, I entrusted myself to the helicopter flying towards the academy.


In an empty classroom, there was a woman monitoring the situation on the island with holograms floating in the air.

“Hiya, that guy is a real pain in the ass too.”

It was Jisoo-hyun who had purposely left coordinates to allow all the students to return.

They knew about the goblin dungeon on the island.

In the OT that brought everyone back together, he showed off all his abilities and then casually left the island on a helicopter, as if he had finished his job.

“He’s someone who understands monsters, knows martial arts, can use his background to his advantage, and can take over the surroundings with fear….”

The way Eugene ruthlessly tore apart the goblins was truly intelligent.

The goblins seemed to already know they were cowardly, and the way he killed them was overly cruel.

The goblins who witnessed that sight were reduced to trembling children, consumed by fear.

Next was a complete massacre.

Even in front of the students, he carried out such actions and left other students with fear, just like that man.

“As expected of that uncle’s son.”

Jisoo-yeon smirked and looked at another screen.

“Huh? Wow, this semester, all kinds of intresting students’ are overflowing.”

It was Jisoo-hyun, who laughed wickedly as she said that.

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