After school, my options for spending time are generally limited.

I either hang out with friends, go out on my own, go home and relax, or make out with my hypnotised girlfriends.

These days I spend far more time with them, and today was no different.

“…Oh no, that’s nice.”


“Kuh, it tickles a bit, Aika.”

In front of my eyes, there were two beautiful women, Sasaki, and Someya, who were entwining their bodies together.

In the first place, I had no plans to meet these girls today, but Sasaki had contacted me to ask if I would like to have tea with them again.

After a short conversation at the coffee shop where we had talked before, I hypnotised the girls and rolled into Someya’s house like this.

“A beautiful lily garden… it’s nice to see beautiful girls intertwine in real life.”

Both Sasaki and Someya have a great fear of men, so great that they forget and they are a yuri couple who are dating each other.

So I want them to show me how they spend their time when they’re alone together, and they’re doing a great demonstration right in front of me when I suggested this.

“Wait, you’re going to go as far as that?”

“What are you talking about? It’s too late for this.”

Someya is accepting Sasaki’s hand with some embarrassment, perhaps because of my gaze.

Sasaki’s slender fingers sink into Someya’s breasts, and Someya’s body trembles, which arouses me.

I’m not touching them myself, but it’s not bad to be able to see an actual yuri couple making out like this.

“It’s something like… the saying that a man is not allowed to get between a yuri is reaffirmed for me.” – Masaki

“That’s what they say all the time on the internet and stuff, isn’t it?”

“Nn… your fingers are cold…”

Unlike Sasaki, who answered calmly, Someya’s troubled voice is rather sexy.

I want you to show me more of this.
That’s why I’m very curious about the two of them making love, but watching any more of it was going to be unbearable for me, so I asked her to stop.

“Aika, you’re so flirtatious, you’re rubbing me.”

“Isn’t it good? Because this is what Masaki-kun was expecting too.”

I nodded in agreement.

But… it’s true that their lovemaking was great, and it even looked like an artistic beauty that made me want to watch it all the time.

But I also felt sad to think that the basis of their same-sex connection was their fear of men, and the result was to make up for that fear.

“What’s wrong? You look kind of unhappy.”

I wonder if you’re worried about something?”

I guess I made them worry because I was thinking about something that was making me feel down.

I shook my head that it was nothing, put the sweets I had prepared in my mouth, and enjoyed the taste of them.

Neither of the two girls seemed to have any further intention of fixing their exposed clothes, and they sat down on either side of me and stared at me with their eyes in an uncomfortable state.

“…It’s not so bad, after all.”

However, being sandwiched between the yuri couple who were making out just a few minutes ago is not a bad feeling after all.

The two of them are not family members, but they have a good relationship with each other, and they are not afraid of each other.

“You two have a good family relationship, right?”

It’s totally fine?”

My mum and dad are both very sweet, you know?”

“I see.
That’s good to know.”

Two of the three girls I got to know had family problems, so I was obviously wary of them as well.

Now they can’t lie to me, so it proves that they don’t have family troubles.

“What else? Anything else?”

“I don’t have any problems.”

“If I had to say… the only thing is that I still don’t know how to treat Masaki-kun.”

As for that, all I could say was get used to it.

That being said, the girls in a hypnotic state do not show any intention of rejection towards me, and it can be said that the fact that they are only a little embarrassed when I stare at their breasts and other embarrassing places is a big leap forward.

“But… hmmm, Masaki-kun is a kind person after all.”

With a pop, Sasaki put her hand on my shoulder.


Because you were worried about the two of us when you just asked us that, weren’t you?”

“…That’s true, but… But that doesn’t make me kind.
I’m doing very scum like this right now to make up for that.”

Well, it’s getting to the point where I feel like I’m not going to hold anything back anymore.

“Even so, both of you are being awfully honest.
It was the same with Mari and the others.”


“Who’s that name?”

I shook my head again, saying it was nothing.

Both of them are staring at me, as if they were curious, but Someya’s gaze in particular is somewhat oppressive.

Even so, they let out a small sigh, as if they realized I wouldn’t say anything, and drank the juice that was on the desk.

“…Huh, well, but I wonder if I can understand somehow.
I guess it’s like the name of the woman who received Masaki-kun’s kindness?”

“That’s why there’s no such thing as kindness.”

Please don’t use the word kindness so many times, because you’ll end up misunderstanding that everything I’ve done so far is because I’m kind.

Sasaki, who chuckled next to me at my reaction, continued to speak.

In a way, the words that followed were a little disturbing to me.

“Masaki-kun said that we are honest, but I simply can’t doubt you.
Because you, who are right in front of us, never do terrible things to us, and on the contrary, you make us think that you have something in you that can wrap us up.”

“…What do you mean?”

Sasaki continued speaking.

“I can’t put it into words well, but I feel like now we are seeing the essence of what Masaki-kun has.
Normally you can’t read people’s minds and you don’t know what they’re thinking, but for some reason, just now I can understand what kind of person Masaki-kun is.”


“I’m sorry.
I don’t know what I’m talking about either.
But, you know, something whispers to me that I can trust this person wholeheartedly.
That’s why we are now putting all our trust in you like this.”

I thought that was too convenient a way of thinking… but from my point of view, it didn’t have a particularly negative meaning, so I was just embarrassed.

In other words, the girls in their current state somehow have total trust in me and think they can forgive me no matter what I do to them… is that how you interpret it?

“Is it the effect of hypnosis? It’s almost like brainwashing… but I guess it’s better than having bad feelings.”

It was a word that he had thought about.

However, Sasaki shook her head in response to that one comment, and strongly said the words in regards to Someya.

“Don’t say you’re brainwashing me.
I don’t want you to put such a cheap word to something I trust with all my heart.”


“As Aika said, we don’t know much either.
But I know that Masaki-kun in front of me is not telling a lie and that he really cares about us from the bottom of his heart.
That’s enough for now, isn’t it?”

“…In other words, don’t think about difficult things?”

“That’s what I mean.”

I wonder if that’s good enough, but as I’m swept away by the sweet smells coming from the two of them, it really doesn’t matter.


I just noticed that the phone I had in my pocket was getting extremely hot.

I’m used to my phone getting hot, so what I should be concerned about is the amount of battery power remaining, but at 12 per cent, the end is near.

“It’s time to go home -”

I was about to continue when I heard a whisper in both my ears.

“Hey, Masaki-kun, let’s do it now, shall we?”

“I want you to do something to get us used to men as soon as possible, okay?”

At their words, I decided to stay here until the last minute.

After getting all sorts of things done at high speed, I quickly left Someya’s house.


Well, I had a very good time.

A man who fits between lilies is unforgivable, but if you force yourself to be convinced that I am forgivable, there is nothing to think about.

I can say that I don’t have a choice, since they both came at me in the first place.

“It looks like it’s still too early to ask them to serve me further, but… why are they both so erotic, I love them so much…”

I was going home with a smug look on my face as I thought back to what had just happened.

Needless to say, my sister gave me the creeps, wondering what was wrong.

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