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“What’s going on?”


I came to myself when Akira and Shogo called my name.



“You’ve changed since yesterday.”

I even want to shout loud that that’s what happens.

After school yesterday, I hypnotised Honma and went up to her house.

The aim was naturally to do naughty things while giggling, but I didn’t expect to find out her hidden secret, and on the contrary, I got scared.


To be honest, I wanted to punch myself in the face for what I was doing.

I hypnotised her because I wanted to do something erotic, but on top of that, her proclivities, or rather her secrets, would have to be done the other way round, me!

“…No, it’s been a day now and I’m calm.
I’ll do it today.”

In the meantime, I’m sure I was excited enough to do a lot of different things to try and imagine her naked and her sexuality on display.

For the first time, both above and below, I got a glimpse of the real thing, not through a video.

It’s imprinted in my memory that they were that color, or that they were that way.


Even if she came out with that kind of sexual characteristic, if you think about it, Honma is unmistakably a beautiful girl.

On the contrary, if you think that sexual proclivity excites you… you can go, can’t you, babe?

I was thinking of something nasty like that, but my thinking stopped when I was approached by someone I didn’t expect to be approached by.

“Masaki-kun, can I have a word?”


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Having given a dumb reply, I turned my attention to the owner of the voice.


Yes, it was Aisaka who approached me.

Since then, I have been spending my days hypnotised and healed by her ample breasts, so I was surprised to hear her call out to me without me calling out to her.

‘…No way.’

Has she found out about hypnosis? I was worried about that, but looking at her face, it didn’t seem so.

“Look, that.”


Aisaka pointed her finger in the direction of the blackboard, on which the name of today’s day of duty was written.

The name written on it was mine and Aisaka’s, so I nodded in agreement.

“I see, so you were the day duty.
Sorry Aisaka, I’ll be right there.”


At our school, you basically have to go to the staff room first thing in the morning to get your journal.

Even if I don’t go separately, the homeroom teacher will bring it to me, so there’s no particular problem, but even so, as long as there’s such a rule, I should do it.

“Isn’t this the first time we are doing day duty together with Masaki-kun?”

I nodded that it was.

I went to the staff room with a few words, received the journal from the homeroom teacher, and on the way back to the classroom, Aisaka asked me a very strange question.

“Hey, Masaki-kun.”


“Isn’t it often said that Masaki-kun’s voice is calming?”

“I don’t get told that.”

“…ahaha, I see.”

My voice calms you down? I’d like to ask, what on earth made you think that.

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When I turned my attention to Aisaka, she giggled and continued her words.

“I’m sorry for suddenly saying that.
I just thought something like that… I don’t really know why, but when I hear Masaki-kun’s voice, I feel at ease, or rather, I just had a strange feeling.”


I see, my voice has the power to calm girls down… that ain’t gonna happen.

However, the expression on Aisaka’s face as she said that with a slightly embarrassed look was very cute, and her smile reminded me of the otaku-friendly gals that are all the rage these days.

“Well, I’ll be counting on you for the whole day.”

Take care of me too.”

Aisaka is a seriously pretty girl, and I can see why she’s so popular.

But even so, she already has no way of escaping my hypnosis… kukku.
I’ll have plenty of time for you to keep me company during today’s lunch break, okay!

“…In the shortest time ..”

Time passed, it was lunchtime, and I had called Aisaka into an empty classroom again.

Being in a hypnotic state, there was no light in her eyes, and she continued to stare at me alone, without blinking.

“No, you said something like that to me in the morning, but in reality I’m doing this to you, you know? I’m already touching Aisaka’s breasts almost every day, me.”

First and with both hands I’m enjoying the feel of them.

Aisaka did not respond, but I felt a kind of indescribable sense of conquest as her body trembled from time to time.

“Isn’t it hard to do a lot of things when they’re this big? I hear women’s underwear is expensive, and I hear it stiffens your shoulders a lot.”

It costs a lot of money and my shoulders get stiff.”

“I guess so.
It’s tough being a girl.”

Yes, this hypnosis really is an excellent force.

If this had been a doll that could only give commands and listen, that would have been tasteless.

But being able to have a conversation in this way, even in a hypnotic state, is a good thing.

“…Hey Aisaka…”

“What’s wrong?”

I swallowed hard.

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I took my gaze away from Aisaka, who was staring at me intently, and looked at the clock on the wall.

“… 20 minutes to go?”

There was still plenty of time left, so I finally uttered the order to take that step.

“Aisaka, use that Breast–”

Then time passed and I firmly used a wet wipe to remove the stains on Aisaka’s breast.

Aisaka has been a puppet state for a long time, just listening to my commands, but even now she’s staring at me, waiting for my words – she won’t even remember what I did to her… no, she won’t even remember what she did to me.

“…ain’t that great?”

I felt like I had completely crossed one wall.

Moreover, the pleasure of the process of crossing that wall was tremendous, and it was really wonderful to actually be able to do something that I had only seen as a video all this time.

“That was so good, Aisaka.”


… but I still felt a little guilty.

But even so, the fact that I could make it this far reaffirmed the absoluteness of this hypnosis app, and I intend to continue to use it with confidence.

“Well, if it’s not memorable, it’s fine.”

After that, I sent Aisaka back to the classroom first.

I sit in my chair for a while, zipping around, leisurely, killing time as I think back to what just happened.

“…I’ve done it, seriously.
God, that’s the best!!!!”

That moment of being enveloped by that softness and at the same time feeling the warmth of the body was really great.

“I feel like an idiot doing it alone all this time, man.”

Well, but this is how a hypnosis app should be used.

There seemed to be no change in Aisaka’s expression, but it goes without saying that somewhere she also had a blush on her cheeks, which was a bit realistic and which also boosted my arousal.

“…….I’m kind of satisfied, aren’t I?”

I had planned to hypnotise Honma again after school, but I was a bit satisfied with what I’d just done, and it seemed like a good idea for today.

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I see this is the so-called ultimate sage time.

Then I went back to the classroom and it was business as usual for both me and Aisaka.

“Okay, I received it well.
Good work, both of you.”

Good work.”

“Thanks for your hard work, sensei.”

After the end of the school day, my work-as day duty came to an end when I returned the journal to my homeroom teacher together with Aisaka.

There were not many people left in the classrooms already, and it seemed that those who were going to club activities were heading that way, while those who had other things to do or were playing around had already left the school.

“…What was that?”

“What happened?”

As I was packing up my stuff, Aisaka muttered something in a whisper, so I was curious, and called out to her.

She tilted her head in an unexplained manner and said.

“Maybe after lunchtime.
I smelled something I’ve never smelled before.”

“Huh… heh?”

My heart thumped and I stopped moving my hand.

You could tell that she was clearly upset, but fortunately she didn’t look at me, or she wasn’t particularly bothered.

“But I guess it was kind of a reassuring scent.
I mean, perfume and stuff smells good, but it’s different from that.”


Then Aisaka, I’ll do it every time from now on, I thought with a wicked smile.

Then I went to the shoe closet with Aisaka, and from there we parted ways with her and I went home alone.

“…Seriously, this app is amazing.”

I once again launched the hypnosis app.

The screen was still spreading with eerie, or rather, bad taste colors, and if I looked at it for a long time, it seemed to bring about a visual disorder.

“Tomorrow’s Honma… just you wait!”

It may have been my imagination, but I felt as if the shackles that were standing in the way of me taking the next step had been lifted.e

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