The situation on the Bailou's side was completely true, and it was not made up by Su Yunxi indiscriminately.
However, without the major premise of the 'end of the world', the Bailou side could be regarded as the hospital's brilliant rejuvenation. 


    From the dean to the team leader, they paid great attention to the situation over there.
At this stage, this hospital could be regarded as a secret base.
Whether you could make a fortune in the future depended on whether you could figured it out. 


    Now Su Yunxi kicked the matter out, and the few nurses who were on the night shift with him wanted to cover their faces. 


    However, these were no longer important.
In Su Yunxi's mind, the weight naturally inclined to the male god, cough cough, it was natural that the safety of all mankind was more important in Su Yunxi's mind. 


    Leading ten special soldiers to the back door of the inpatient department, bypassing a small garden and crossing a two-lane road before reaching the other side.
After all, Bailou used to be regarded as the first-class death house, even the people in the construction hospital in the hospital were unlucky, and the division was a bit far away.


    It was called Bailou, but it was actually a big yard.
The building inside was inhumane.
At the front was a five-story white building for housing the dying patients, and behind this building was the cremation room. 


    There were not many people in the emergency department even in the middle of the night.
Especially during the recent period, it seemed that everyone's body had become particularly healthy.
Small illness like cold and fever were almost extinct. 


    Su Yunxi led the way, and his little head turned quickly.
In the memory of the original owner, before the end of the world broke out, he had only seen Yu Bai today.
The next time he saw Yu Bai, it was already half a year later. 


    For more than half a year, it was the day when lily has been cold. 


    Still the same sentence, he didn't really care if the male god was not the male god.
What he mainly cared about was the thousands of dawn people in this world. 




    The memory of the original owner should be a period of time when he fled, and then he was found by the military and sent to the base, and then survived.
But in this part memory without Yu Bai, the novel was written. 


    In the novel, Yu Bai was such a pitiful character.
The first thing that made Su Yunxi vomitted blood and angered the most was the yupei on Yu Bai's body. 

(yupei = jade pendant)


    That was what Yu Bai's mother left behind for him, and it was said that it was an antique handed down from his mother's family.
Of course, the background description given to the portable space in the novel was almost the same.
Yu Bai's yupei was indeed a portable space, and it was also an incredible portable space. 


    Inside, the fertile soil that could nourish everything.
Although it couldn't cure the zombie virus, it could restore physical and mental power to increase the speed of cultivation.


    The area inside was wide and there were thousands of hectares.
In the later period, with the help of Yu Bai, the food grown in the space was enough to feed the millions of people in a base. 


    Just ask if you were powerful! 


    Then, this powerful yupei did not directly recognize the master at the beginning.
Even if Yu Bai resented his dad, he saved his dad's family of three after the end of the world.
At that time, the protagonist was…, he was still called pig's feet.
He (SYX) was so angry, he was even more angry to think that the man was still the protagonist with the protagonist's aura.


    As a result, Xiao Shou ran to the playground alone because of the awkwardness with Xiao Gong.
In order to highlight the danger, the author directly wrote that there were 100,000 tourists in the playground. 

(xiao shou/little receiver/uke, xiao gong/little attacker/seme)


    Then, Yu Bai went to save the pig's feet at his father's pleading.
Desperately trying to rescue people from injuries, just when Xiao Shou met Xiao Gong at the door, Xiao Shou calmly threw himself into Xiao Gong's arms and felt that Xiao Gong rescued him. 


    In the last days, zombies were rampant and there were immortal monsters everywhere.
Yu Bai's wounds and blood flow not a little, but his family including Yu Bai's father were afraid that Yu Bai would become a zombie, and then tacitly agreed to kill Yu Bai. 


    The result of course they didn't kill him.
Under a blunder, Yu Bai's yupei recognized their master's life, and Xiao Shou's family naturally discovered the magic of yupei.
In the beginning, Xiao Shou's family and Xiao Gong's subordinates all depended on Yu Bai to feed, but those people put Yu Bai under house arrest under the banner of  precaution. 


    Yu Bai's injuries never healed, and he lay on the bed for more than two months with total weakness.
How did  Xiaoshou and Xiaogong conspirators get the yupei over?, they gave Yu Bai medicine.
Yu Bai's father also knew about this.


    The Yupei space could bring people in, but Yu Bai still kept a mind so those people couldn't get in.
This was the reason why he was able to survive that period of time. 


    Later, Yu Bai finally took a chance and ran away.
Xiao Shou and Xiao Gong naturally didn't want to let the large warehouse of Yu Bai and the grain planting base go.
So they chased and killed in more than a dozen chapters, in which the miserable experience of Yu Bai was written incisively and vividly.
How miserable it was to write. 


    What happened to when he was seriously injured by senior zombie? What bloody smell caused by all kinds of leech blood-sucking worms to get into the flesh? made anyone shrunk their shoulders in constant rotation. 


    Because it was so miserable, he got goose bumps. 


    After chasing more than a dozen chapters without success, Xiao Gong and Xiao Shou did nothing but directly declared that Yu Bai had a space for planting.
Then, Yu Bai once again ushered in his 30-chapter of nationwide chasing time period. 


    During this period of time, it was naturally how miserable he became.
Some comrades who were truly close like brothers finally died for him.
The death was so miserable that the whole body was right in front of him.
What kind of being betrayed and framed by others.
Let Yu Bai not be a human being inside and outside, and there were the things you couldn't think of, and no author couldn't even write anything that splashed dirty water and smeared. 


    It was light to say that it was a rat crossing the street and everyone shouted and fought. 


    Su Yunxi wiped his face fiercely, and the male god was standing in front of him intact now, depending on whether he wanted to fight.
Fight hard, maybe the male god could get to the pinnacle of life without breaking away from the miserable world. 


    Without fighting, the world continued on its original trajectory, and Yu Bai faced those miserable futures once again. 


    could you do it? 


    wasn't this nonsense? He had obtained the author's authorization to write Yu Bai as a best-chosen son! It was said that 30 tons of honey would sweetened to death the original author.
How could he shrink at this time? 


    “Hmm!~” Su Yunxi pressed his head with one hand and almost knelt on the ground.
Fortunately, Yu Bai, who was next to him, reacted quickly and grabbed his other hand so that he didn't let anyone go straight on the ground.


    Su Yunxi yelled for the perfection in his heart, and grasped Yu bai's hand harder.
Tut tut, take a look, take a look, as long as you are kind to the world, God will give you benefits! 


    “Doctor Su?” Yu Bai's low voice rang in his ears, and Su Yunxi bit his tongue so hard that he didn't let his mood ripple.
Tsk tsk, he really didn't want a house if he went on like this. 


    After entering the white building, the ten special forces investigated separately, and Su Yunxi did not follow along but stood downstairs with Yu Bai.
Su Yunxi bit the tip of his tongue, and then the look in his eyes turned into panic and dazed. 


    He stood up and screamed with regret in his heart while throwing away Yu Bai's hand, with a slightly horrified expression, he stepped back several steps until his back leaned against the wall before stopping. 


    Yu Bai frowned and looked at Su Yunxi.
“Doctor Su?” 


    Su Yunxi looked around blankly, his gaze turned back again under Yu Bai's call.
He felt that he could use the acting skills of a golden man, and first looked at Yu Bai blankly, then slowly widened his eyes and finally came to surprise.
“Yu Bai?” 


    Although the person on the other side did not speak, the eyes became extremely sharp at that moment.
They were not like a doctor who wears the nameplate on their chest.
If it weren't for politeness, Yu Bai had taken off his mask, and now he was half-faced like the other nine. 


    Yu Bai's hometown was not in Haicheng, nor did he go to school in Haicheng.
The probability of meeting acquaintances here was basically zero.
Moreover, a minute ago, this Doctor Su obviously didn't recognize himself. 


    Yu Bai calmly raised his vigilance, and quickly looked at Su Yunxi.
The figure was well-proportioned and looked a little muscular, but it should had been trained in the gym.
Walking with an unstable bottom, weak waist and loose hands, the whole body was squeezed because of tension.
For such a person, he could hit ten. 


    “Yu Bai, are you okay, have those zombie kings left? Are you not injured?”


    It was a pity that the person on the other side played the cards completely unreasonably.
In the next second, he rushed over with a nervous face, ignoring his black face and moving his hands on him.
And because of the information revealed in the other party's words, Yu Bai didn't throw the person out for the first time. 


    “Zombie King?” The virus was still in a state of confidentiality at this stage.
Even the director of this hospital didn't necessarily know.
Does this Dr.
Su already know anything? Moreover, the zombie king? 


    Yu Bai's voice was very deep, and Su Yunxi also accepted it after he had some addiction.
After raising his head to look at Yu Bai's face, the originally nervous expression brought a trace of doubt. 


    Without restraining his pervert hand, he poked the opponent's face with his index finger.
It was hot, a bit soft, and easy to touch! 


    “Yu Bai, why are you become younger?” Su Yunxi's doubts about his true feelings, the next moment the movie emperor possessed again opened his eyes in shock.
After looking up and down Yu Bai several times, he turned his head and looked around. 


    After looking around, his face was three-point surprise, three-point surprise, and four-point bewilderment. 


    “Aren't we the last to intercept the Zombie King? Why, how come this is like the hospital in Haicheng five years ago?”

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