A cup was brought in from the outside just in case it was connected underneath.
There was already a shallow layer of liquid in the previous cup.
More than sixty drops of dew were almost enough to moisturize lips. 


    Su Yunxi first took off his clothes and soaked in the hot water, and then drank all the dew in the cup in one gulp.
With a little bit of dew that wasn't enough to moisturize the throat, he felt a warm currently flowed in his body. 


    It was so comfortable that people couldn't wait to groan, the whole body was warm, and the previous fatigue was quickly wiped out.
Su Yunxi felt that he was just stretching his waist for a while, but when he opened his eyes again, he was taken aback by the scenery in front of him. 


    The originally transparent bath water had turned dark brown, and there was still a lot of black mud squeezed out of his pores on his body. 


    To be honest, this scene was not unfamiliar, after all, he was also someone who had read hundreds of novels.
But when this scene really happened to himself, he knew it, it was really disgusting. 


    Especially the smell. 


    Su Yunxi grabbed the bathtub and left the space together, and quickly flushed all the water in the bathtub into the toilet.
Opened the shower to the maximum, and quickly scrubbed his body.
First, he rubbed it with a scrubbing towel three times, then washed it twice with soap, and finally used fragrant shower gel. 


    After this tossing was over, it was afternoon.
You must know that Su Yunxi came back at ten o'clock in the morning, and then he kept planting in the space.
According to the ratio of one hour inside and one minute outside, it was only after twelve o'clock after so long toss. 


    As a result, after taking a bath, it was directly past three o'clock. 


    So, doing things outside was really a waste of time. 


    After spraying the fragrance, Su Yunxi didn't return to the space again.
Doing things in space could save time, but he still needed to do many things outside. 


    The end of the world was coming, just this month.
He now had his little cutie…
ahem, why he always couldn't correct this slip of the tongue? Su Yunxi decided to call Yu Bai cutie in the future.
After all, he had to be worthy of such a big man, right?


    Now there was a chance, even if it was not for others, but for himself, he should hoard some supplies.
Didn't think about guns/arms/ammunition/medicine, but food and daily necessities could still be operated. 


    After reading so many eschatological novels, this time he could reveal the advantages .
At least at the beginning, it wouldn't make him felt flustered. 


    Selling a house was the first choice, but the place where he lived now was not easy to sell.
This house was a staff house assigned by the hospital to Su's parents at the time.
The ownership of the house was not in Su Yunxi's hands.
It was basically impossible to sell it. 


    But fortunately, Su Yunxi still had a house of his own.
It was located in the city center.
It was bought for him by his grandparents when Su Yunxi was very young, more than 20 years ago. 


    The three generations of the Su family had a single pass, and Su Yunxi's mother Bai Ci also had a single pass of the five generations.
When it arrived at Su Yunxi, he was really the only seedlings. 


    Su Yunxi was twenty-seven, but his parents were already over sixty.
When the four old people died that year, they were all seniors in their eighties.
Before the old man left, he discussed about buying a house for Su Yunxi, afraid of the stupid bird couldn't afford to buy a house when he was able to get married. 


    After all, although Su Yunxi’s parents had strong business abilities, both of them were people who were not competitive, and their monthly salary plus subsidy was more than 10,000 yuan.
It was not possible for those high-precision people to mix to that level.


    The four old people had already seen through Su Yunxi's parents' nerd's indisputability, so they had to worry about their grandson's future. 


    It seemed impossible to marry a wife now, but the house would eventually be used for chasing his wife.
They shouldn't mind. 


    Su Yunxi found the real estate certificate from the cabinet and directly called the housing agency.
A two-hundred-square-meter house in the city center was worth tens of thousands yuan 20 years ago, but now even if you were eager to spend money and wanted to sell it quickly, you could sell it for several million. 


    After all, Haicheng was also a first-tier city, and housing prices in the city center remained high all year round.


    How about luck? The house was previously rented out for rent.
But after the Chinese New Year, the renter returned to his hometown to get married and retired the rent.
Now he saved a lot of things for Su Yunxi. 


    After handling the house's affairs, Su Yunxi searched the house again.
There were still half a million in the parents' passbook, and Su Yunxi knew the password.
He also had fifty thousand on his own card, which was considered to be saved for so many years of frugality. 


    If the money was not used, it would become waste paper and meaningless figures next month. 


    The passbook was the kind with a bank card, and you didn’t even need to go to the bank to withdraw money.
It’s nice. 


    Counting on that piece of land in the space to grow food was probably to the extent that you could guarantee that you wouldn't starve to death.
It was necessary to ensure the food and the clothing for parents, as well as the food and clothing of his family cutie.
It was impossible not to purchase in advance. 


    Su Yunxi accepted the parents of the original owner very well.
After all, he had taken the body of other people’s sons.
Isn’t it a matter of course to provide for the parents? 


    What's more, the Su family's parents were also noble people, and they didn't have any attributes of superb quality.
For such a person, Su Yunxi still liked it very much. 


    Collect all the cash at home, and there was a full 20,000 yuan.
Su Yunxi carried the cash and bank cards, went straight to the vegetable market without delay. 


    The Hatchback car from the Su family that was purchased for 70,000 yuan was now also in a great use.
Because the Su family grew tall, when buying a car, it was mainly about height and spaciousness. 


    Behind the hospital’s staff house was the vegetable market, which was older than Su Yunxi.
Fruits, vegetables, seafood, river fishes, fresh chickens, ducks, geese and pork, as long as they could enter the kitchen.


    Su Yunxi parked his car in the parking lot of the vegetable market, and started buying things.
The first one he bought  all the seeds of edible fruits and vegetables. 


    After all, the things planted in that magical space seemed to be automatically reserved for seeds, which immediately saved Su Yunxi a lot of money.
He bought a lot of things to prepare for the future, and the things he ate right now were also the ones you could see and buy. 


    After all, like these, tofu, spicy rice noodles, soy milk, spicy soup, chive box, beef patties, steamed buns, steamed buns, rice noodles, pork buns, etc.
He didn’t know how long it would take to eat again after the end of the world. 


    There were so many delicious foods, Su Yunxi had the heart to buy it all, but he didn't have the money to buy it all.
So, like pizza, french fries, burgers, etc., he bought manufacturing tools directly.
A single dog in 27 years said that he still had this basic cooking skill. 


    Han banquets couldn’t be done, but he could still serve the dishes for the Chinese New Year. 


    He (YB) was really blessed to meet someone like him, such an all-round helper like him. 


    Su Yunxi could only rely on buying rapeseed oil, which was too troublesome to use a pressing tool.
Eighteen seasonings for the kitchen were also purchased in boxes. 


    Fortunately, this vegetable market was really big, and it was also a channel for purchasing goods in the surrounding area.
So don't talk about Su Yunxi's small amount of things, even if they use trucks directly to pull the goods, it can. 


    Su Yunxi's purchasing power really couldn't make any waves. 


    Within a few hours, all the cash in Su Yunxi's body and the money in his card were all spent.
You could enter the space by yourself, and you could also bring people in.
It was no problem to come and live. 


    As a precaution, Su Yunxi first purchased three pairs of chickens, ducks and geese, and put them in the space, first to test the survival of the animals inside. 


    Putting the living creature in, Su Yunxi also built a 'luxury apartment' from grass for them and a huge glass fish tank.


    Things went far smoother than Su Yunxi thought.
After a few more hours of strolling, the chickens in the space lay eggs. 


    Eggs are laid…
It's great… 


The garlic sprouts left in the space before had almost been eaten. 


    Su Yunxi wiped his face and quickly opened the bags of wheat and rice that he had bought before and put them into the space.
The poor six chickens were already hungry and thin! 


    It seemed that in the future, raising animals in the space need to plant pastures.
Why does it feel so difficult? 


    There was also good news in this way, it proved that the space could breed the living creatures.
However, Su Yunxi didn't buy too many living animals at the vegetable market.
After all, the problem of pasture nedeed to be solved before the problem of breeding.


    Su Yunxi bought a few more fruit tree saplings, and it was time for dinner. 


    From the vegetable market to the east, there was a food street less than two hundred meters away.
There were hundreds of restaurants and hotels in this food street.
As long as it was not for winter and summer vacations, visitors were always coming, and the daily output of people had never fallen below five digits. 


    Why? This was almost the same as the reason why the hospital where Su Yunxi was located was the most dangerous after the end of the world eruption-across the road, it was a university. 


    The economic development of Haicheng was fast, and the universities that were originally located in various parts of the city were obviously not enough with the increase in the number of enrollment each year.
So five years ago, the government took the lead in establishing the university city, so the university in this city no less than 20 universities.
The vast area occupied almost all of this area. 


    The number of college students here alone was millions, you dared to believe.
Coupled with other groups attracted by the special environment of the 'university', the number of people in this area could be imagined. 


    Su Yunxi ate an ice cream while walking towards the food street.
He didn't know how many times he could eat this kind of good material.
Naturally, he couldn't wrong himself to go back to eat instant noodles at this time. 


    Oh yes, when it came to instant noodles, you could buy a few boxes later, so no need to be anxious if something happened.

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