The bodyguards looked at each other, not knowing what to say for a while.


The girl before them did not seem dangerous and was found with the President.
Perhaps she had something to do with him?


“Then please wait for a while first.
I’ll go ask the President.”


Song Ningxuan thanked the bodyguard and stood at the door waiting.


When Ou Xiuyuan heard it was Song Ningxuan, he subconsciously frowned.


“Let her in.” Ou Xiuyuan was about to ask her how this stupid woman had called the police when he had clearly said not to before he passed out.


As soon as Song Ningxuan entered the room, Ou Xiuyuan was the only one lying on the hospital bed in the entire ward.


There were already processed fruits next to him, and he could eat them if he raised his hand.


The treatment compared to her was simply heaven and earth.


“President …..
Are you okay now? Is there any discomfort anywhere?


Sure enough, another woman who admired money.


Ou Xiuyuan thought disdainfully, and his facial expression grew colder and colder.


“Secretary Song, I remember telling you not to call the police before I passed out.
What’s going on now?”


Song Ningxuan broke into tears and intermittently recounted what happened.


“So after the car accident, you didn’t call the Secretary-General.
Instead, you called Chief Gu of the design department.
Secretary Song, are you alright in the head?” Ou Xiuyuan felt like he was about to get mad.
How could there be such a stupid woman?


Apart from that face, there was nothing to look at.
If not for …..
Because of what…


Obviously, this woman was not good.
It was even said that she did not meet the requirements of the secretary department.


“I… I just …..
Didn’t think of it for a while… I’m sorry… I …..” Song Ningxuan choked while saying sorry.


Ou Xiuyuan’s doubts that had just started in his heart were gone in a flash.
He only felt that the person before him was pitiful, just like a little girl.


He also blamed himself for not making it clear before he passed out, making her call to Gu Jingyu.


“All right, this matter is not your fault.
Go back first.”


He now had to consider how to minimize the damage.
After all, this kind of thing, drunk driving, did not cause too big an incident, and there was no person injured.


At most, it involved a violation of traffic rules, and the situation could still be manipulated.




Gu Jingyu watched what happened on the main character’s side through the live stream.


When Ou Xiuyuan was sent into the ambulance, he didn’t look at it.


He woke in the morning and watched the man and woman get along through the live stream while brushing his teeth.


There was something wrong with the main characters in this world.
The female lead made a big mistake and used her weakness to screw up the male lead, but the male lead forgave so quickly.


If this was placed in the normal world, such a secretary would have been fired long ago.


What made Gu Jingyu most speechless was the two bodyguards at the door.
A professionally trained bodyguard actually believed a woman’s words so quickly.


“Sure enough, the power of plot …..”


“Is the anchor really not considering signing a contract? By becoming a contracted anchor, a lot of privileges can be granted.
They can also promote the anchor’s live room to various worlds.” The small furball, also known as the System Assistant, had pushed Gu Jingyu countless times about signing a contract.


Whether a threat or a bribe, Gu Jingyu didn’t have the heart to care about anything.


Even the live stream was used as a monitoring system to occasionally see the male and female leads’ jokes.


The System Assistant felt like the hair on his body was going bald.
Although as an AI, such things as losing hair did not exist.


If he was a person, he would want to kneel in front of the anchor and beg him to sign a contract.

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