Then I heard the voice of a girl with her own firm wick.
That made sense.
I replied with a nod to her.


[Iris]: Good.
I'll show you the proof.


Then all the children's eyes widened.
Then, holding my breath, I focused on the evidence I was presenting.
It was time to show what we had prepared.


There was tension in the playground, as quiet as a dead rat.
Some children were so focused that they swallowed so hard that they could not make a noise.
I turned to Theo with a sullen face.
He nodded.


'Are you ready?'


At my signal, Theo winked lightly.
The answer was affirmative.
I held out a hand to Theo.
I said in a firm voice.


[Iris]: Theo, hands!


With a light sound, Theo's left hand landed on top of mine.
I smiled and moved on to the next step.


[Iris]: Good.
Now, this hand!


Once again, Theo calmly raised his hand.
I patted Theo on the head and praised him.


[Iris]: Well done!


I turned my head towards the children and smiled triumphantly.


How's that?! There are no demons in the world who do this, right?


[Children]: …


A strange silence flowed through the air.
The children were all watching us as if they were

I tilted my head and looked at Theo again.


'What? Why is there no response?'


Then someone shouted.


[Random Child]: Iris tamed the devil!


As if the sound had signaled a signal, the voices of children screaming for the playground to leave broke out.


“It's great!”

“How did you do it?”

“Oh my God! Iris must really be an angel!”


What the heck is this? Why is the reaction like this? This isn't it?


I looked back at Theo with my eyes wide open.
But Theo just looked at me with a puzzled face.


He sighed and furrowed his forehead.



'Iris tamed the devil.'

'A demon named Theo became Iris' pet.'

'Iris made the devil good.
She even changed his face.'




What the hell, everyone refused to listen to me.
It was all a rumor that arose after I showed off Theo in front of the children in the nursery.
At first, it was absurd.
They were childish rumors that could only appear in a fantasy novel.


Therefore, I tried several times to correct the rumors.
No matter how much I say he's not tamed, they know that's the mindset of a zookeeper!


“Iris, there was a reason you read that! I'm sorry.
I don't even know the subject!”


“I'm going to tell this beautiful story!”


Moreover, due to Evelyn's spontaneous actions in the library, rumors were spreading like wildfire.


Hailey]: He got hurt like that.
In the end, you did something big, didn't you? Great job.

[Iris]: Even Mrs.


Even Ms.
Haley was making fun of me, so I guess this is a bad thing.


[Iris]: I'm sorry Theo.
I didn't mean to do this…


I hung on to Theo and apologized.
I didn't even have any desire to look at Theo, who had officially become a demon.


[Theo]: I'm fine.


But Theo maintained a calm face for several days.
I was scared of Theo like that.


Why, isn't it said that quiet anger is more frightening?


Later, I wondered if Theo would assassinate me for demonizing him.


[Iris]: Nope! I'd rather that you be mad at me now! Please, please.


I don't want to die cruelly!


[Theo]: I'm not angry, how can I be angry?


Theo looked at me eagerly and made a puzzled face.
He said with that characteristic look in his eyes that looked pathetic to me.


[Theo]: I knew it was going to fail from the time I heard about it anyway.

[Iris]: What? Then you should have told me!

[Theo]: It didn't matter if I failed.


Theo looked very relaxed, unlike me, who was stomping his feet.
He said that calmly whilst sitting cross-legged.


[Theo]: They wouldn't have believed anything anyway.
And I….I told you.
You're good enough for a friend.


Is it because the soft voice sounds friendly at first glance? I felt like my heart was pounding in my chest for some reason.


[Theo]: And your plan, maybe it worked.

[Iris]: Huh?

[Theo]: No one is scared of me anymore.


Having said that, Theo smiled.
It wasn't a fake laugh we practiced day and night.
It was a friendly smile that he sometimes gave me.

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