Soon there was a murmur coming from various places.
It wasn't common, so it was fair enough.
With a gentle smile.
I looked at the young priest staring straight ahead.


He had blonde hair similar to mine, blue eyes, and soft, delicately shaped features.




I could quickly feel my heart become tumultuous.
The young priest does not have a very common look.


[Theo]: Iris.
Why do you look like that?

[Iris]: Huh?


I turned my head in bewilderment at the sound of Theo's voice coming from next to me.
Then I caught sight of him, who was looking at me with a sullen look in his eyes.


[Theo]: What are you looking at so hard?

[Iris]: Nope.


'Why am I doing this?'


I wondered for a moment, but I kept my mouth shut.
When Theo was smiling like that, it was because he wasn't in a good mood.


[Theo]: That guy….
Why are you staring him?

[Iris]: Huh?


Theo said in a hostile tone, as if he didn't like something.
I turned my head to follow Theo's gaze.
Then I made eye contact with the young priest I had just been staring at.


[Theo]: Iris?


Blue eyes that looked exactly like mine were looking at me.
When I met those eyes straight, I felt like my head was going blank for some reason.
As if I was strange.
I felt Theo waving my arm next to me.


But I couldn't answer him.
I couldn't take my eyes off him, as if I am possessed.
How much we looked at each other like that, I finally lost my mind at the shape of his mouth moving silently.


'It's you.'


He was telling me so.




'You're finally here.'


A mysterious voice tickled his ears.
His voice seemed to come from far away.


'How many times has it been repeated?'


I listened to her voice silently.


No one told me to do it, but somehow I felt comfortable with my eyes closed and listening to his voice A refreshing breeze blew in, and my hair tickled my forehead.
It was as if there was a fresh smell of grass coming from somewhere.


'You'll never give up either.'


I couldn't see anything because I closed my eyes, but I could feel someone caressing my face with a warm touch.


“Just like I did….”


The benevolent voice couldn't speak to the end and grew farther and farther away.


'But keep that in mind…….'


I tried to hear the voice getting smaller and smaller.
But in the end, I couldn't understand what it was saying.






'I think I was dreaming about something….'


It was so warm.
I couldn't remember any of it, but that one thing was certain.
I opened my eyes thinking so.


“Did you wake up?”


Rubbing his eyes, I pulled himself up when he heard Ms.
Hailey's voice from the side.


“What happened?”


I turned my head to look around, and it was a dim dawn.
I looked at Ms.
Hailey, who was yawning with a tired face.


“It's been a whole day.
I've been terribly harassed by your eccentric friend.”


I looked down and saw Theo asleep on the bed.


“I was just awake to see you open your eyes, but when I woke up, I festered.” Ms.
Hailey added wryly.


“Why did I fall?” I asked, stroking Theo's hair quietly.


I didn't remember feeling particularly sick, but it was a big deal.


Hailey]: Well.
I didn't think there was anything wrong with my body.
If you've been under extreme stress lately, that could be the cause, but…”

[Iris]: Thanks for taking care of me anyway.”

Hailey]: If he wakes up, be sure to explain that you really aren't feeling well.


Hailey shook her head.
I nodded apologetically to Theo, who must have been very surprised.
I touched Theo's hair as he slept and I was lost in thought.


A young priest who looks oddly like me.
And the strange sensation I felt after making eye contact with him.
The feeling that I couldn't define in any words remained uncomfortable.


Why was the priest looking at me? And why did I lose my mind when I saw him? Besides, the dream I had after fainting kept sticking in my mind.
I felt like I had forgotten something I shouldn't have forgotten.


[Theo]: Did you wake up?


As I continued to try to recall a dream I couldn't remember, Theo, who had been asleep, opened his eyes.


[Iris]: Theo?


As soon as Theo opened his eyes, he took me into his arms.
I carefully patted Theo on the back with a hand that had nowhere to go.


[Iris]: Theo, I'm fine.


I said with a smile, but Theo hugged me tighter.

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