Chapter 1: Sometimes the impossible happens.

[I was robbed of everything.]

 Do you know a game with this title?

 As you may have guessed from the name, this game is what is called an erotic game for 18-year-olds.

The story centers around an ordinary protagonist, and the women who gather around him are all stolen by different men in a scenario that is indescribably surreal.

In most games, there is usually only one heroine in such a scenario, but in this game, there are five heroines.

 The lineup includes a childhood friend, a younger sister, a junior, a senior, and a mother.
…… It is no exaggeration to say that the game is aimed at various types of people.

 In the beginning of the game, the heroines seem to be getting along well and happily, and then a dark cloud slowly begins to loom over them, and the promise of cuckolding begins to unfold with dignity.

 The beautiful illustrations, the performances of the famous voice actors, and the way the beautiful women fall into a state of degradation are quite popular and even became a topic of conversation on SNS for a while.

 In particular, the scene in which the main heroine, Ayana Otonashi, a childhood friend, falls broke the hearts of many players.

 The reason for this is that, unlike the other heroines, Ayana has only one sex scene.

 How many of them have been there only once?

While the other heroines were being cuckolded, Ayana had no such scenes and stayed by the protagonist’s side the whole time.

 Ayana is depicted in the center of the package, and although she is a childhood friend, which is a standard position in a cuckold story, there was no such scenario for her.

 The players must have wondered if Ayana was not the heroine from the beginning, or if she was a redeeming character who would bring a new twist to the cuckold genre.

 Naturally, however, such impressions will be erased by the end of the story.

 Ayana has already fallen into a state of degradation in the aforementioned one-time sex scene, even though it was only one scene.
And it is with a man who has been very close to her since she was a little girl, and who is also her best friend.

She always made him lunch, and he was always there when she went to school and when she left school.

This is the girl he was so close to that he would go out with her on weekends and holidays, and the girl he was in love with and was even thinking about confessing his feelings to.

It is not hard to imagine how the protagonist felt at that time when he realized that the girl he liked was already in another man’s possession.

 The game ends with Ayana’s appearance, just as the protagonist’s mental health is in shambles from the sight of girls disappearing all around him, and the game heads towards its ending, which is completely unhelpful for the protagonist, and broke the hearts of many players just like him.

Although it is a common genre, “netorare” works do not usually show the complete downfall of the protagonist, and end up with their beautiful childhood friend being taken away.
Nevertheless, the character named Ayana achieved an unexpected popularity, even winning first place in a popularity poll, despite being a one-time heroine who eventually gets stolen away.
Even artists who have no particular association with erotic games have drawn her, demonstrating her widespread popularity.


I don’t mean to tell anyone, but after I finished telling the story in my head, I let out a sigh of relief.

 I was on my way to school, where I was waiting for a certain pair of people.

 While I was killing time playing with my phone, I saw a pair of men and women out of the corner of my eye.

 When they saw me, they ran up to me.

When they were close enough to touch me, they called out to me.

“I’m sorry for making you wait.”

The first one to call out to me was an unattractive guy named Shu Sasaki.
And then…

“I’m late.
I’m sorry, Towa-kun.”

The next person t

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