Chapter 3: Towa Yukishiro (a different person inside) has noticed.

The morning classes are over and it is time for lunch.

 As soon as the teacher who had just been in charge of the class left the classroom, friends began to form groups at their desks.
As I was thinking about what I should do, I heard a woman’s voice.

“Excuse me.
Is Sasaki here?”

 The classroom, which had been noisy, became quiet as soon as the voice rang out.
I looked at the entrance of the classroom where the voice was coming from, and there she was, a person who is known to everyone in this school,……, and I exaggerate, but it was nothing special, the president of the student council.

 The student body president, Iori Honjo, is apparently looking for Shu.
Well, let’s call her Iori since she is the student council president …… for a while.
It is not uncommon for her to come calling for Shu, and I see this kind of scene at least twice a week.

Iori spots Shu, the man she is looking for, and walks straight over to him.
In the meantime, several boys try to talk to her, but Iori’s cold atmosphere overwhelms them and they are unable to talk to her.

” Can’t you just not answer me right away?”

“……No, I think it’s going to be kind of a hassle.”

“Don’t, Shu-kun.
Why don’t you just come? Bring your lunch.”

“What about my veto ……”

“No can do”


There was no veto, or so he was told.
Shu let out a sigh, stood up, and was taken directly by Iori.
The classroom, which had become quiet after Iori’s visit, is now once again in a bustle after her disappearance.
Some were eating lunch as usual, but there were also a few who were jealous of Shu talking to Iori.

Iori has a cold air about her, but she is very good looking.
Her sharp eyes may give a frightening impression to those who meet her for the first time, but she has a reputation among girls for being cool, and even some boys are perverts who say they want to be scorned.
She is often seen with her black hair, which is about the same length as Ayana’s, in a side-tail, which may be her charm point.
And to top it off, she has a style that surpasses even Ayana’s.

 I can’t say why Iori would take Shu with her since I don’t know her thoughts on the matter, but I can say one thing…..
Well, I guess you can get some idea when it comes to a woman who is involved with Shu.

(…… Iori Honjo , cuckold heroine in the senpai bracket ……)

Like Ayana, she is a heroine in the game, and she is in the senpai bracket.

I don’t remember how Iori came to like Shu, but it is clear that she recognizes him as a friend and junior whom she can open her heart to, and this feeling should sublimate into a love affair in the future.
But in the end, she is also cuckolded, so the magic of pleasure that can only be invoked in an eroge scenario, or rather in a game, is one word that describes how amazing it is.

(I’m pretty sure she went to university and joined a poor quality club.
That’s a very common one.)

It’s called Yarisisa, or something like that, and she’s supposed to join a circle.
The person enters without knowing it, gets drunk and gets laid, and in a sense, the curtain opens on the royal road to a certain point.
I don’t think she should have been more careful, or should have done some research on the circle, but basically eroge heroines tend to have a few screws removed from their heads, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

 I put the matter concerning Iori Honjo aside in the corner of my mind for the time being and spread out the lunch box that my mother made for me to eat.
When I was about to eat, I felt her eyes on me, so I looked in that direction.
I looked at Ayana and our eyes met perfectly.

 Ayana is surrounded by her friends, but she hasn’t said a word or made a move to open the lid of her lunch box.
I saw that she probably wouldn’t make a move until I took some kind of action.



 I guess we haven’t been getting along very well lately.
No choice, I’ll invite her.

I waved my hand in the air as if to tell Ayana to come over.
Then Ayana smiled and ran up to me as if she was about to skip away.

“What is it, Towa-kun!”

“No, you know the answer to that, don’t you?”

“I don’t understand unless you tell me.
I’m an idiot.”

Whoa, the number one in our grade is saying something.
If you were an idiot, this class would be a bunch of fools, including me.

 I stood up and attached the seat in front of me so that we were opposite each other.
I pull out a chair and look over at Ayana and tell her to sit down, and she sits down with a happy look on her face.
Some are looking at me with a smiling face, but they have somewhat moist eyes, which gives me a strange feeling.

“Shall we eat lunch together?”


 I’m already on the verge of sinking to a cheerful reply and a smile that charms all.
I mean, Ayana, you should make a face like that towards Shu.
He’ll be so happy that he’ll go crazy …… or maybe he’ll go insane.

While eating the bento that mom made for me, I stole a glance at Ayana’s bento.
It’s a very tasty lunch box with a nutritionally balanced distribution.
I’m sure Ayana is a very devoted girl, making these for herself as well as for Shu.

“What’s wrong?”

 Ayana tilted her head and opened her mouth.
I felt a little embarrassed and told her that her bento looked delicious, but it seems that I made the wrong choice.

“Is that so? Then…..okay”

 Ayana then grabs the omelet with her chopsticks and brings it straight to my mouth.
This is what I call an “aah” moment.
It’s a scene that all the boys in the world would love to see, but some people might say it’s bad manners.
However, it is not that.
There is no one who can refuse such a beautiful girl to do such a thing to him.
At least, it was impossible for me.


 The sweetness peculiar to eggs spreads in my mouth as I eat the omelet offered to me.
The small chopped green onions mixed into the omelet also gave it a nice flavor.
To put it mildly, it was delicious.
It may be a bit much to say that I could eat it every day and never get tired of it, but I really do believe that.

“It’s delicious.”

I’m so glad.”

 If Ayana looks happy, it’s a relief for me too.

I feel a little guilty that her smile is not directed at Shu, but I decided to enjoy it to the fullest as a privilege only available to me now.

 After we had eaten our lunches for a while, Ayana suddenly said something like this.

“I’m so happy.
Towa-kun invited me and …… well, I think I partly made him invite me.””

After all, she had that kind of intention.

 But I didn’t care anymore.
I was happy to have dinner with Ayana.

“I’m totally fine with it.
Can I continue to invite you?”

“Of course! But eating in the classroom like this is fine, but why don’t we sometimes eat together in …… a place where we can be alone and no one will bother us? I can do the “service” afterwards.”

The idea of being alone with Ayna is so tempting that I feel like forgetting my original position.
I almost instinctively nod in agreement, but wait, if I don’t make any moves, then there’s no need to follow the script, right? But, I have a question, so I decide to ask.

“What do you mean by “serving?””

I simply asked because I was curious.
But at that moment, the air Ayana was wearing changed completely.
Her eyes were more moist than before, her cheeks were red, and she let out a sigh.
In a word, Ayana was now wearing a very erotic atmosphere.
Ayana, while swaying her hips, opened her mouth so that only I could hear her.

“Serving is serving.
Master uses my body until he is satisfied.
Thinking about that… ahhh!!”

Seeing Ayana shake her body like that, I realized that it wasn’t a trivial matter.
At the same time, I think about various things from Ayana’s appearance in the morning.

 I don’t think she is kidding….

 I’m coming up with an idea here.
It’s a very scary one, and one that I just hope doesn’t come true.

 Hey Towa Yukishiro.

 You …… have already done something, haven’t you!?

 Needless to say, this is a cry from my heart that no one can hear.

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