I Will Never Leave You

He is the best for me

A daytime in the evening, near the river a 7 year old boy (stark) and a girl(Lisa) has chasing a small dog.

”Stop Lisa!, i can run anymore ”,he gasped.

”Come after me, Ill catch it ”, she waved her hand.

Suddenly, he can run, so he stopped chase after her.

Lisa running so fast. at last, she catched the dog.

She ran to him, ”stark, i got it, see how cute is this ” she smiled innocently.

His hand shivered to touch that dog.

”Im going to raise him. ” She said and rubbed the dog head.

She named jesh to that dog, then they were moved to home.

Lisa run into her house out of excited and, she asked her dad permission to raise that dog.

But her dad and mom doesn allow to raise the dog.

Lisa cried so hardly…

Her dad acting rudely and said ”get out with that, don come into the house ”.

Lisas eyes started crying and left the house with that dog.

Stark stand in front his home, he saw her went out so, he follow her.

”I will raise him Lisa, give it to me ”, he move stretch his hand to her.

”But you have fear of dog, how can you raise him? ”, her words jerked on her nose.

”Its okay, my mom loves dog. so, don worry ”, he said.

She wipes her tears ”really? ”,she asked.

He smiled ”yeah! give it to me, ” he said.

Then,they went back to home. Lisa became happier by him. From that moment she doesn talk with her dad.

One day evening on the way of returning to home from kindergarten. On the way Lisa Saw an ice cream shop.

”Stark, i want ice cream!, Buy for me ”, she asked with cuteness on her face.

”But, I don have enough money ”, he said.

”I want that, I won come home until you buy it ” she Adamant by shaking his hand.

”Then , wait here ”, He said and leave her alone in the road.

He went to home faster, and he takes money from home and return to her.

But she was not there.

That place are darkened little by little.

He searched for her in all area near the ice cream shop.

But he couldn find her. He gets worried and scratching his hair.

He rolled his eyes with confusion.

Then, he went near to ice cream shop, ”Aunty, did you see the girl standing here just now ”, he pointed at the place where did Lisa standing.

”I think she chased after something. ” She replied.

”Do you know which direction she went? ”, he asked.

After a long thinking.

”she went to the right side ”,She said.

He thanked her, then he moved right side and saw a forest.

He heard sound of someone crying there. so, he ran faster.

”Lisa… Lisa.. ” he shouted.

”Ha! Stark, i am here ” She replied.

He founded her in the dark forest.

She sat with holding her leg together with her hand.

He kneeled in front of her ”Why are you here? ”, he asked with worried eyes.

”I chased after the rabbit then, i ended up here ”, she said and started to cry again.

”Stark, i got scared ”, She cried.

”Its alright, I am here. I will never leave you. ” he said and touches her forehead.

After that, they went back to home.

On the way back to jome he bought ice cream for her.

”here, eat it. your fear will be gone ”, He said.

She smiled with that fearful face.


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