I Will Never Leave You

My worried and playful friend kenyan

After 10 years later, a young girl who has messy long hair, charming eyes and also having clear skin, stretches her arms above her head and yawning.

”Lisa get ready to go to school ” her mother calling from kitchen.

She walks towards bathroom.

Her steps on the floor makes her moms face wrinkled.

”Don you know how to walk? ” Her mom yelling at her while arranging foods on the table.

After finished bathing, she comes to the hall.

Her dad looks at her with a long face.

She ate without talking to them, her unexpressed face makes them uncomfortable. Then she gets ready to the school.

She went in room to take schoolbag, and opened the table drawer takes the chain which was made by small diamond like things. It was a gift from stark when she was in elementary school.

”Lisa!… Lisa!… ”, Her classmate xi ye who is a lovable girl and joyful attitude girl clapping in front of her home.

”Coming… ” Lisa said and locked the room.

They went to the school together by bicycle. Xiye gives ride to her.

While they ride along the road, a dog catches Lisas eyes.

She stopped the bicycle as soon as she noticed the dog. She left the cycle to xi ye and chased after the dog in the middle of the road.

Xi ye struggling to stand the cycle and looks at Lisa.

”Watch out, Lisa! ” Xiye closed her eyes and shouted.

Lisa turns head to the side where the Horn sound came from. A car comes towards her. She freezes at the spot when she noticed the danger.

That car stopped unexpectedly near to her with a one inches cape.

A young boy, an aunty, and a dog also in the car gets hit on the head by the sudden break.

The driver came out of the car.

he asked sorry after seeing her whole body trembling.

she couldn come out of this fear, she kept silent for a second.

”Are you okay? ” The driver try to approach her.

Before that, xi ye runs to her with the water bottle and gives her to drink. ”Its okay ”, xi ye said, takes her from there.

”Is she ok? ” The anty asked the driver.

”Yes, mam ” he said and started the engine. A young boy seeing her drinking water while passing by them.

Few minutes late, she comes to her sense. Then they went to the school together.

At the school campus,

”Xiye!, Lisa! ” Kenyan shouted, he is a young boy who has lovely face, and funny attitude.

They looked back at the campus door. He ran fast to them, ”why are you two came so early today? ”, he asked without takes breath.

Then, he exhales in front of them continuously.

Lisa and xi ye looks each other furiously.

”We have some work to do, so we came early ”, Lisa said.

He raised one of his eyebrows and asked ”Work?, what kind of work do you have?, smiled himself.

While he smiled at them, Lisa and xi yes face and ears gets burning.

His confused face turns to a fearful face.

They hit him badly with their bags.

He yelled, ”why are you hitting me?, ah!!! Ah!!, stop it ”, and he ran away from them.

They stared furiously at him.

Meanwhile, they smiled at each other.

In the classroom. At the interval time, Lisa and her friends squatted on their place and does their works.

At the time, a friend of larzhy(larzhy was a beauty of school, and she had two assistance named zhenji and wazhirio) enter into the classroom with noisy steps.

Suddenly, She walked rapidly to the larzhy desk, silently.

”Larshy!, do you know something about our transfer student? ” zhenji whispered in her ear.

Wazhirio also came near to larzhy.

”Is it boy or girl? ” larzhy upright her head towards her.

”Do you want to know? ” zhenji lift her one eyebrow and smirks.

”What?, transfer student? ” wazhirio asked.

Larzhy glazed her and blinked.

Then, zhenji pulled larzhy hand and run from the classroom, larzhy pulled wazhirio hand.

They have reached the staff room.

They are all staring from the door, to class.

”There is the file of that student? ” Zhenji said.

Her teacher was drinking the water, at the time, zhenji recovers on her kneesandd tries to pick it up.

Then, zhenji took the form slowly and silently.

Suddenly, the teacher put the bottle on the table.

At the time, ”may I come in? ”, Kenyan came there to submit the homework.

”Yes! ” the teacher allowed him.

He stared zhenji. Zhenji gestured him by put index finger on her lip. ” Come on! ” Teacher said.

He ignored zhenji.

While he submitted the homework, zhenji was creeping to escape from there. Then, they escaped.

Teacher searched for something on her table. ”Where did I put? ” Teacher murmured.

Thereafter, ”A new student will come tomorrow so, you go and buy a new uniform for him. Shopkeeper already backed them, so don need to worry about the size ”, teacher said.

”Okay, teacher ”, he worshiped his head then leave from there.

”Where?, where is the photo? ” larzhy pounced out of excitement.

After saw his photo, they surprised as their jaw touched the bottom because of his handsome look.

”Wow!, what a handsome boy ”, larzhy imitated them by shaking her head weirdly.

”Why?, ”, they are asked her with confused eyes.

She went in the classroom without replay to them.

”Hey!, stop! ” her friends followed her.

In the evening, Lisa and xi ye went back to the home by saying bye to the Kenyan.

Thereupon they reached the Lisa home and Lisa said bye to her.

She opened the door, her mom, and dad stopped her at the door.

”Do you know who came to the opposite house? ” her mom asked her with a weird look.

”Who? ” she inclined her head to one side.

They smiled with each other, then they said, stark and his mom ”, and their head slowly waved down from top to top.

Lisa glaring at them. She was unable to stand.

She directly went to her room and washed her face then, she tries out the different outfits.

Her dad and mom laughed at her then, she came out of the room with wore the beautiful short sleeve gown dress.

Lisa grinned at her mom, then she was staring at her dad and twisted her lips.

Lisa knocked her neighborhood door and adjusted her dress.

”Stark, go and see who is that ”, her mom said to him with leaning on the sofa.

He went near to the door, his dog also followed him, then he opened.

He kept looking at her.

His dog shakes his tail and licked her.

Meanwhile, ”jesh, don go near to an unknown person ”, he pulled his dog into home.

Lisa saw him with shocked eyes.

”Who was that ”, his mom asked.

He went to the room without saying anything.

Lisa moved into the home,

”Oh!, Lisa, how are you? ” his mom asked her.

”Hi! Aunty, I am fine, How are you? ” she was nervous to speak with her.

”Is he stark? ” Lisa questions her.

”Yes! ” his mom smiled.

”Then, why didn he speak to me ”, she squeezed his leg fist.

His mom stumbled to replay. He also squeezed her hand.

After a few minutes, later, his mom started to replay her.

”Few months ago, when we are in abroad his dad died in accident so, he likes this ”

”Don worry, he will recover sooner ”, she said with worried.

After hearing that, Lisa stand up immediately and said, ”Sorry, aunty! ”.

”Its okay ”, his mom said.

”Okay. Aunty, Ill come later ”, she went back with long face.

Lisa opened her home door. At the home, after saw her face, her dad pushed her mom to ask her.

”What happened ”, her mom asked.

She went into her room quickly and shut the door immediately.

Her dad and mom gets confused and seeing each other.

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